PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

If you looking for the perfect fan to suit your home needs? Then Pak Fans is a Good Option With their wide selection of ceiling fans, AC-DC/Solar Powered fans, bracket and pedestal fans, exhaust and louvre fans, you are sure to find the right product for any room in your house. Not only do they have high quality products but also some great prices too, so read for all the details about PAK Fan’s offered products as well as their amazing prices in Pakistan.

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

PAKFans provide a unique blend of reliable performance and quality craftsmanship. The company has established itself as a leading provider of high quality fans for all environments, including both ceiling and AC-DC/solar powered models. PAK Fans also offers an impressive line of brackets and pedestals designed to mount each fan safely and securely. And when it comes to air circulation, the efficient louvre design provides optimal movement while the built-in exhaust ensures necessary air flow. Offering an extensive selection at affordable prices, PAK Fans have become the go to solution for customers looking for superior strength and dependable operation throughout Pakistan.

PAK Fan: Ceiling Fans(Classic Series) Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan DeluxeRs. 6,995 – 8,395
Pak Fan JazzRs. 7,395 – 7,495
Pak Fan Classic SuperRs. 7,495
Pak Fan ClassicRs. 7,495
Pak Fan Classic GoldRs. 7,595
Pak Fan Classic SilverRs. 7,595
Pak Fan HiluxRs. 7,595
Pak Fan Golden EyeRs. 7,695
Pak Fan Galaxy GoldRs. 7,695
Pak Fan VIPRs. 8,395
Pak Fan Galaxy BigRs. 8,445
Pak Fan Super DeluxeRs. 8,495
Pak Fan SmartRs. 8,495
Pak Fan UFORs. 8,495
Pak Fan Premio BigRs. 8,495
Pak Fan VIP DecorationRs. 8,495
Pak Fan EliteRs. 8,495
Pak Fan DynastyRs. 8,595
Pak Fan WaterproofRs. 8,595
Pak Fan Decora ClassicRs. 8,795
Pak Fan FloralRs. 8,795
Pak Fan MagicRs. 8,795
Pak Fan FavouriteRs. 8,895
Pak Fan DiamondRs. 9,095
Pak Fan Floral KidsRs. 9,395
Pak Fan Floral BlessRs. 9,395
Pak Fan Floral FlowersRs. 9,395
Pak Fan Diamond PlusRs. 9,395
Pak Fan AntiqueRs. 10,795
Pak Fan EmeraldRs. 10,795

PAK Fan Ceiling Fans(Executive Series) Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Decora DeluxeRs. 9,445
Pak Fan PrideRs. 9,445
Pak Fan AspireRs. 9,645
Pak Fan Floral Class LightRs. 10,945
Pak Fan MajesticRs. 12,845
Pak Fan EleganceRs. 12,945
Pak Fan Elegance PlusRs. 15,395

PAK Fan AC-DC/Solar Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Crystal AC/DCRs. 8,345
Pak Fan Deluxe AC/DCRs. 8,645
Pak Fan Floral AC/DC FanRs. 8,845
Pak Fan Pedestal AC/DC InverterRs. 8,945 – 12,395
Pak Fan Diamond AC/DCRs. 9,195
Pak Fan Pride AC/DCRs. 9,345
Pak Fan Aspire AC/DCRs. 9,695
Pak Fan Antique AC/DCRs. 10,945

PAK Fan Bracket Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Super KingRs. 5,295
Pak Fan Circo IndustrialRs. 7,595
Pak Fan Circo StandardRs. 7,595
Pak Fan Deluxe IndustrialRs. 7,795
Pak Fan Super King NewRs. 8,095
Pak Fan Deluxe NewRs. 8,095
Pak Fan Super King VIPRs. 8,195
Pak Fan Mega BracketRs. 8,445
Pak Fan Bracket Auto RemoteRs. 8,695
Pak Fan BracketRs. 11,595

PAK Fan Pedestal Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan NTCPRs. 8,895
Pak Fan Pedestal IndustrialRs. 9,195
Pak Fan NTCP RemoteRs. 9,995
Pak Fan Pedestal Industrial NewRs. 12,045
Pak Fan Pedestal StandardRs. 12,445
Pak Fan Pedestal Industrial New 3BRs. 12,595
Pak Fan Pedestal Industrial 3BRs. 16,895
Pak Fan Pedestal MistRs. 21,795

Pak Fan Exhaust Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Window ExhaustRs. 2,245
Pak Fan Exhaust False CeilingRs. 3,295
Pak Fan Exhaust False Ceiling NewRs. 3,495
Pak Fan Exhaust Metal SquareRs. 4,195
Pak Fan Exhaust Metal BlackRs. 4,645
Pak Fan Exhaust Metal RoundRs. 4,745
Pak Fan Exhaust Double ActionRs. 4,795
Pak Fan Exhuast Single ActionRs. 4,795

Pak Fan Louvre Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Circo LCRRs. 6,895
Pak Fan Louvre BracketRs. 6,895
Pak Fan Louvre BoxRs. 7,495
Pak Fan Louvre BasketRs. 7,495
Pak Fan Louvre Bracket RemoteRs. 7,895
Pak Fan Louvre PedestalRs. 7,995
Pak Fan Louvre Pedestal RemoteRs. 8,795
Pak Fan False Ceiling LouvreRs. 9,045

Pak Fan Table Fans Price In Pakistan

Pak Fan Table Fan Band SwitchRs. 5,645
Pak Fan Table Fan Rotary SwitchRs. 7,795
Pak Fan MTCPRs. 7,895
Pak Fan TCPRs. 7,945
Pak Fan Meeran modelRs. 8,895