Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is renowned for its hot summers, but keeping cool often feels like a luxury. Many people across the country rely on fans to stay comfortable and save electricity. But, do you know what kind of effect the rising costs of these fans have had on their availability and affordability in Pakistan? In this blog post, we’ll explore fan prices in Pakistan and how they’ve changed over time. We’ll also discuss strategies that can help lower your electric bills while still keeping cool inside your home during those hot summer months.

Royal Fans Price in Pakistan

Royal Fans, Pakistan’s leading fan manufacturer, has been providing its customers with high quality fans for almost 35 years. Their fans are made from durable materials, allowing them to withstand years of heavy use. Royal Fans claims to have mastered the art of manufacturing and assembling a variety of fans for every need. The company manufactures wall fans, table and desk fans as well as ceiling mounted models for varying budgets. Plus, Royal Fan prices in Pakistan are incredibly reasonable given the quality of their products. Whether you’re looking for an efficient and long term cooling solution or a reliable atmosphere maker in your home, Royal Fans has it all.

Royal Ceiling Fan Price

Model NamesPrice
Royal Hi-Standard Ceiling FanRs 5,995
Royal Deluxe Ceiling FanRs. 6,500
Royal Garnet Hi-Standard Ceiling FanRs. 8,045
Royal Valor Ceiling FanRs. 8,195
Royal Opal Ceiling FanRs. 8,995
Royal Platinum Ceiling FanRs. 8,995
Royal Water Proof Ceiling Fan EmperorRs. 9,095
Royal Passion Ceiling Fan – FLORARs. 9,165
Royal Passion Ceiling Fan – GRACERs. 9,195
Passion Ceiling Fan – CUSHIONRs. 9,195
Royal Crescent Hi-Speed Ceiling FanRs. 9,195
Royal 3-Star Enercon Ceiling FanRs. 9,195
Royal Regency Ceiling Fan – CRYSTALRs. 9,215
Royal Deluxe Regent Ceiling FanRs. 9,265
Royal Regal Ceiling FanRs. 9,295
Royal Energy Saver Ceiling FanRs. 9,395
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRs. 9,395
Royal Deluxe Jem TrinityRs. 9,395
Royal Galant Ceiling Fan – CHARMRs. 9,595
Royal Galant Ceiling FanRs. 9,595
Royal Noble Ceiling FanRs. 9,595
Royal Deluxe Imperial Ceiling FanRs. 9,595
Royal Deluxe Imperial Ceiling Fan – 4 BladeRs. 9,795
Royal LifeStyle Ceiling Fans RL-050 – RevolveRs. 10,695
Royal LifeStyle Ceiling Fans RL-055 – RevolveRs. 10,695
Royal Emerald Hi-Speed Ceiling FanRs. 15,795

Royal AC/DC Ceiling Fans Price in Pakistan

Royal Smart Expo Economy AC/DC Ceiling FanRs. 8,795
Royal Smart Crescent AC/DC Ceiling FanRs. 9,395
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC Ceiling Fan – GRACERs. 9,395
Royal Smart Regency AC/DC Ceiling Fan – CRYSTALRs. 9,395
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC Ceiling Fans – FLORARs. 9,395

Royal Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan

Royal Smart Pedestal DC FanRs. 5,600
Royal Louver Pedestal FansRs. 8,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs. 8,995
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs. 9,495
Royal Magnum Black Pedestal FanRs. 9,595
Royal Deluxe Pedestal FanRs.13,395

Royal Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan

Royal Exhaust Window RoundRs. 2,495
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan GrillRs. 3,995
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan PanelRs. 4,045
Royal Metal Exhaust FanRs. 4,395
Royal Plastic Exhaust Fan (2-Way)Rs. 4,555
Royal Metal Exhaust High-SpeedRs. 11,695

Royal Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan

Royal Petite Bracket FanRs. 6,045
Royal Louver Bracket FanRs. 6,945
Royal Elegant Bracket FanRs. 7,795
Royal Deluxe Circo FanRs. 7,695
Royal Magnum Bracket FanRs. 11,995