Charging Fan Price in Pakistan

Are you looking for a fan that is both affordable and rechargeable? Are you tired of having to constantly buy new batteries every month when your current fan runs out? Finding the perfect rechargeable fan in Pakistan can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. This blog post will outline some of the different types of fans available, their approximate prices in Pakistan, and how they can fit into your budget. Whether you’re after a regular desk fan or something more ornate like a ceiling fan, we’ll help guide you through the process of finding just what you need.

Best Rechargeable Fan in Pakistan with prices

For those days when the heat threatens to make you run for cover, choosing the right fan is essential. The best rechargeable fan for Pakistan is one that can provide relief without much expense. Rechargeable fans offer a chance at greater mobility and don’t require frequent trips to the store for new batteries. While price tags vary from brand to brand, with an array of options available in the market, it’s easy to find a model that fits your budget. Whether you are looking for something highly portable or more powerful with grander airflow, there is a perfect rechargeable fan ready to help beat the heat this summer.

Product NameBuy OnlinePrice
Universal Rechargeable Fan & Power BankHome AppliancesRs. 599
Sogo Rechargeable Hand Fan With Rotation JPN-405Home AppliancesRs. 605
Sogo Small Rechargeable Fan JPN-406Home AppliancesRs. 680
Sogo Rechargeable Fans JPN-404Home AppliancesRs. 1,310
Mini USB Rechargeable Neck Held Colar Fan PortableIdeal ancyRs. 1,099
Audionic AIRWAVES – USB Rechargeable FANDarazRs. 1,499

Small & Low Prices Top Charging Fan in Pakistan

In Pakistan, small and low prices charging fan is a great innovation for areas that suffer from regular power outages. Not only does it allow people to remain cool during summer’s hot days but also helps them stay connected with the world. Its small and light design makes it convenient for carrying around and makes sure that no one is left without the comfort of a fan. The rechargeable battery lets people save money by ignoring disposable sources of electricity, such as batteries or generators. With the availability of such an efficient product, Pakistanis can beat the heat in even the most trying circumstances.

1.Universal Rechargeable Fan & Power Bank

The Universal Rechargeable Fan & Power Bank is the perfect companion for your travels. With its lightweight and portable design, you can easily take it with you anywhere. The fan features three speed levels so you can adjust the air flow to your preference. Additionally, the power bank feature boasts 2600mAh of capacity that is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. It also comes with a bright white LED light on one side for nighttime illumination use. This innovative product is powered by premium cell lithium battery, making it safe and efficient. And at just Rs. 599.

2.Sogo Rechargeable Hand Fan With Rotation JPN-405

The Sogo Rechargeable Hand Fan With Rotation JPN-405 is the perfect companion to keep you cool during hot summers. Its mini size and lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you go. It comes with an AC/DC adapter for charging, so you can remain powered up no matter where you are. The rotatable design allows for adjusting the angle of the fan, providing cooling to any direction. For added convenience, it is equipped with a 3.7V 2000mAH rechargeable lithium battery that can provide up to 4 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Plus, it has three speed functions that you can use depending on your needs and preferences. Get the Sogo Rechargeable Hand Fan At Rs.605

3.Sogo Small Rechargeable Fan JPN-406

The Sogo Small Rechargeable Fan JPN-406 is an ideal cooling solution for your home or office. It comes at an affordable price of Rs. 680 and has a mini table fan, AC/DC operation, 3.7V 2000mAH rechargeable lithium battery, and three speed functions that provide you with complete control over the fan’s speed.

4.Sogo Rechargeable Fans JPN-404

The Sogo Rechargeable Fan JPN-404 is a convenient and practical fan that can be used in any setting, indoors or outdoors. With its AC/DC operated motor, 11W LED light, 4V 3000mAH rechargeable lithium battery and 3 speed function, it is ideal for those who want to remain cool and comfortable in any environment. At a very reasonable price of Rs 1,310, this fan is a great value

5.Mini USB Rechargeable Neck Held Colar Fan Portable

This Mini USB Rechargeable Neck held Collar Fan Portable is perfect for summer days. It’s USB rechargeable and has 3 adjustable speed levels, so you can choose the right speed for your needs. Its hand free design and adjustable angle make it easy to use, and with its dual wind head, you can cool down twice as fast. Made out of safe materials such as ABS and silicone, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it’s a great size and is offered at an affordable price of Rs. 1,099. It’s the perfect accessory to stay cool this summer.

6.Audionic AIRWAVES – USB Rechargeable FAN

This Audionic AIRWAVES USB Rechargeable FAN is a great way to beat the heat this summer. It is an easy to use fan that comes with a USB cable for recharging and is lightweight, making it easy to carry around. It has a speed control button and a light indicator to show the battery status. The fan has a small size of 4-5 inches and an affordable price tag of Rs 1,499, making it a great choice.

7.Sogo USB Rechargeable Mini Portable Table Fan (JPN-405)

The Sogo USB Rechargeable Mini Portable Table Fan (JPN-405) is a great choice for those who need the convenience of portability. It’s powered by a 3.71200mAhrechargeable lithium Battery and takes 4-6 hours to fully charge, resulting in battery backup durations ranging from 2.2 hours (Fan medium speed) to 3.5 hours (Fan low speed) and 1.1 hours (Fan high speed). The fan has a compact size of 105x37x122mm, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Get yours today for just Rs. 1,199.

Large & High Rates Top Charging Fan Prince in Pakistan

Fans are an essential part of life in Pakistan, especially during the searing summers. Unfortunately, though, the fan industry in Pakistan is plagued by large and high rate charges. Not only does this mean that fans are unaffordable for the lower sectors of society but it also has residual effects on those who can afford them. Quality is nearly non-existent, as prices go up but workmanship goes down. Moreover, local producers are unable to compete with multinationals due to lack of resources and technology. Therefore, it is crucial for the government to take measures that restructure the fan industry in Pakistan so that citizens have access to affordable yet quality fans.

Product NameBuy OnlinePrice
Rechargeable Fan Light With RadioCybermartRs. 3,999
Sogo Rechargeable Fan JPN-670Electronics.qeemat Rs. 3000
Sogo Rechargeable Wall Mounted Bracket Fan (JPN-696)SogohomestoreRs. 9,999
Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-630)SogohomestoreRs. 11,999
Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-631)SogohomestoreRs. 16,599
Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-633)SogohomestoreRs. 19,499
Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-634)SogohomestoreRs. 21,499
Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-650R)SogohomestoreRs. 21,499
Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-651R)SogohomestoreRs. 22,499

1.Rechargeable Fan Light With Radio

The rechargeable fan light with radio offers a multifunctional solution that is both practical and economical. Its ac/dc 10 oscillating 2-speed fan has two 8W fluorescent tubes that can be adjusted to different angles, making it easy to direct the air in any direction you need. The analog clock adds convenience while its AM/FM radio allows you to listen to your favorite music and news. Moreover, the rechargeable fan also comes with a mosquito repeller that helps keep pests away. The red LED indicates charging while the green LED indicates power, The Price of Rs. 3,999 is also very affordable.

2.Sogo Rechargeable Fan JPN-670

The Sogo Rechargeable Fan JPN-670 is an innovative device that combines advanced technologies and convenience. This fan is designed with a 180° oscillation feature, meaning it can cover a wide area of the room to keep you cool even in the hottest summer days.

This fantastic fan runs on both AC and DC power sources, giving you the flexibility to use it anywhere. It also includes two LED night lights for added safety and convenience.

The fan is powered by a powerful 6V 4500mAH rechargeable battery that can keep the fan running up to 10 hours on low speed settings. Moreover, its 3-speed function allows you to set the fan speed depending on the level of comfort you need. The Price of this fan is Rs 3000.

3.Sogo Rechargeable Wall Mounted Bracket Fan (JPN-696)

Featuring a durable, wall-mounted design and advanced rechargeable battery technology, the Sogo Rechargeable Wall Mounted Bracket Fan (JPN-696) offers powerful cooling for both home and commercial settings. The fan features two speed settings, allowing you to customize the air flow. It also features four bright LED night lights that provide added illumination during the night. Additionally, it is equipped with over charge and over discharge protection functions, making it safe and reliable. The fan runs on AC/DC power and is easy to carry and repair. It also comes with a rechargeable 6V7Ah sealed lead acid battery that can be charged in 6-7 hours for first time use and 12-15 hours for subsequent charges. With a duration of 3.5 hours, high, 5 hours, low, and 120 hours LED, you can enjoy long lasting air cooling performance with this fan. Get the Sogo Rechargeable Wall Mounted Bracket Fan (JPN-696) today for Rs. 9,999

4.Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-630)

The Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-630) is the perfect solution for keeping cool indoors, especially during those hot and humid summer days. This fan is powered by a 220-240V 50/60Hz power source and comes with a 6V4.5Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, giving you up to 3.5 hours of high speed air circulation and 10 hours medium speed. The fan also features 4 bright LED lights, allowing you to use it as an energy efficient light source for up to 30 hours while providing a comfortable breeze at the same time. With its compact design measuring only 280 x 280 x 590 mm, this fan is perfect for tight spaces and can be easily moved from one place to another. Plus, it charges in just 12-15 hours with the first use requiring at least 15 hours of charging. The Price for this amazing fan is just Rs. 11,999.

5.Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-631)

The Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-631) is an incredibly convenient fan that runs on a 12V 4.5Ah Sealed lead acid Rechargeable Battery, as well as 220-240 V 50/60 Hz power source. This fan has three different speed settings which allows for maximum comfort and convenience. It also has an LED light feature, allowing you to use it as a light source even when the battery is running low. With a charging time of 12-15 hours and duration of 2.5 hours on high speed, 6.5 hours on medium speed, 30 hours on low speed and 45 hours in LED mode, this fan is perfect for any situation. With a dimension of 420 x 206 x 650 cm, this fan is sure to fit into any space with ease. The Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan (JPN-631) will be worth every penny at Rs. 11,999.

6.Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-633)

The Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-633) is an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful and efficient fan. With an 80 degree oscillation, 6ft airwind, AC/DC operation and 4PCS bright LED light it provides superior performance. For added convenience, it comes with DC 12V input and USB 5V output, and an LCD display. It also includes a 220-240V power source, 12V 4.5Ah sealed acid rechargeable battery and light source with 4PCs bright LED lights. Its charge time is 12-15 hours while its duration on high speed is 2.5 hours, medium speed 6 hours and low speed 30 hours and LED light 45 hours. All this at an amazing price of just Rs. 19,499.

7.Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-634)

The Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-634) is an invaluable addition to your home. It has a powerful motor with 80 degree oscillation, providing a 6ft wind circulation that lasts for up to 30 hours. The fan also features four bright LED lights and a LCD display for convenience and ease of use. Its rechargeable battery takes 12-15 hours to fully charge and can power the fan for up to 2.5 hours on high speed or up to 45 hours on LED light. With a price tag of just Rs. 21,499, this amazing floor fan is an ideal choice for your home.

8.Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-650R)

The Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-650R) is a great choice for those looking for an AC/DC operated fan. It comes with 4 bright LED night light, DC 12v input USB 5v output, LCD display modes selection and a remote control. Additionally, it has a battery capacity indicator with a charge time of 6-7 hours for first use and a duration time of 2.5 hours to 50 hours depending on the mode used. With a 220-240v supply voltage and two 6v 4.5m lead acid rechargeable battery, the Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-650R) is a great choice for any home. It is available for Rs. 21,499.

9.Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-651R)

The Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-651R) is a feature packed and powerful fan that offers unbeatable value for money. This AC/DC operated fan comes with 4 bright LED night lights and a DC 12v input USB 5v output, allowing it to be charged quickly and easily. It also boasts an LCD display and mode selection button for easy operation and a battery capacity indicator with remote control to give you better control over your fan usage. With its 220-240v supply voltage, 2x6v 4.5m lead acid rechargeable battery and 6-7 hour charge time (12-15 hours for first time use), this fan provides a great duration time of 2 hours on DC high speed, 6 hours on DC middle speed and 50 hours on both DC low speed and LED light. The Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan (JPN-651R) is a great choice for home or office use. The price of this fan is just Rs. 22,499.