Lahore To Karachi Train Ticket Price

If you planning a trip and wondering what the fare ticket prices are for traveling through the Pakistan Railway? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this blog, we’ll give you all the information that you need when it comes to purchasing fare tickets for your voyage. From Lahore to Karachi, find out about booking times, train classes, availability of seats and more as we take a look at all your options when boarding Pakistan’s railway system. Avoid any surprises or delays by taking advantage of our helpful guide before hopping on board for an unforgettable journey.

Pakistan Railway Lahore To Karachi Fare Ticket Price & Time

Those planning a trip from Lahore to Karachi have a surprisingly affordable option: Taking the train. Ticket prices for the train journey from Lahore to Karachi start at only Rs.2300, a fraction of the cost of other travel options such as flying or driving. This has made the train an attractive choice for both tourists and locals looking for an enjoyable and economical way to get between the two cities. Passengers will also benefit from spectacular views along the way, as well as access to food and drinks at convenient prices, making this historic railway route a must do experience in Pakistan.

Train NameDeparture TimeEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Allama Iqbal Exp12:00 PMRs.3250/-Rs.3400/-
Awam Express6:55 PMRs.4100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.9350/-
Green Line8:30 PMRs.4650/-Rs.4650/-Rs.11450/-Rs.9150/-
Jinnah Express2:30 PMRs.4650/-Rs.4650/-Rs.11450/-
Karachi Express5:10 PMRs.4100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.9150/-Rs.6550/-Rs.11750/-
Karakoram Express4:00 PMRs.4100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.9150/-Rs.7250/-
Khyber Mail7:50 AMRs.3250/-Rs.3350/-Rs.8650/-Rs.6200/-Rs.11150/-
Shah Hussain Exp7:00 PMRs.3250/-Rs.3350/-Rs.8650/-Rs.6200/-Rs.11150/-
Pak Business Exp3:30 PMRs.4100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.9150/-Rs.6550/-Rs.11750/-
Shalimar Express06:00 AMRs.3250/-Rs.3350/-Rs.8650/-Rs.6550/-Rs.11500/-
Tezgam1:55 PMRs.4100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.9150/-Rs.6550/-Rs.11750/-
FAREED EXPRESSRs.4000/-Rs.4100/-Rs.6550/-

Trains Timing From Lahore to Karachi

Train NameDepartureArrivalDuration
Green Line20:40 PM15:05 PM18:25
Khyber Mail7:35 AM 6:25 AM 20:50
Allama Iqbal Express12:40 AM10:00 AM 21:20
Tezgam13:35 PM11:05 AM21:30
Pak Business Express16:00 PM11:20 AM19:20
Karachi Express18:00 PM13:50 AM19:50
Karakoram Express15:00 PM10:25 AM19:25
Shalimar Express6:00 AM2: 45 AM20:45

How to Book Train Tickets?

Booking train tickets is a simple process and there are several different ways you can do it. You can book online, by dialing the Railway helpline 117, or even in person at the station. or for E-Ticket Visit:

Once you have dialed the helpline or visited the website, you will be asked to provide certain information, such as your name, contact details, destination and date of travel. The next step is to select a train ticket type. There are several types available such as; Normal Economy Tickets which are cheaper than other options but cannot be changed or cancelled, Business Class Tickets which are more expensive but provide extra concessions such as meals, and Executive Class Tickets which offer the highest level of luxury. After you have selected your ticket type, you will be asked to pay for the ticket either directly at the station or by an online payment service. Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation of the ticket purchase. You will also receive a printed ticket if you have chosen to pay at the station. This is your proof of purchase and must be presented when traveling.

Lahore To Karachi Train Distance

Travelling from Lahore to Karachi might seem intimidating because of the distance, but taking a train can make this experience fun and enjoyable. Imagine gazing out the window for hours on end admiring the beautiful Pakistani scenery. Watching changing terrain, majestically towering mountains, lush valleys with their vibrant shades of green, quaint rural settlements and bustling cities all pass by without having to worry about traffic. Not to mention snacking on great local food in between you are sure to have a pleasant journey. With its great views, economical pricing and efficient travel time, travelling by train is definitely more attractive than other forms of transport when it comes to covering the 1,225 kilometers that separate these two major cities.