1 Liter Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

Cooking oil is an important item of kitchen in Pakistan, used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes. Have you ever browsed the cooking oil section of your local grocery store and noticed that prices seem to be going up? If so, you’re not alone. Cooking oil prices in Pakistan have been on an upward trend for a while now, as growing demand and limited supplies have pushed up their prices. In this blog post we will discuss why this is happening, what effects it has had on the cost of living in Pakistan, and how its citizens can save money by buying cooking oils responsibly.

Best Cooking Oil Brand in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are a multitude of cooking oils available and each one is popular amongst households for a range of reasons. Dalda, Habib, Sufi, Mezan, Eva, Soya Supreme, Kisan, Seasons Canola, Tullo, Kashmir and CanOlive are all rated highly in the Pakistani kitchen. But when it comes to cooking with the purest ingredients and getting the most flavor out of all your dishes some brands stand out above the others. Dalda is by far the most popular one because it ensures great taste and aroma at an affordable price. It’s also enriched with Vitamin A which makes it a healthier option among these competing brands.

1 Liter Cooking Oil Prices in Pakistan 2023

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1Mezan Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 599
2Dalda Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 615
3Soya Supreme Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 620
4Olivola Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 650
5Habib Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 599
6Kashmir Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 599
7Tullo Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 570
8Sufi Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 580
9Eva Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 650
10Kisan Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 650
11CanOlive Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 650
12Naturelle Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 680
13OK Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 808
14Seasons Canola Oil1 LitreRs. 618
15Mezan Canola Oil1 LitreRs. 599
16Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 590
17Eva Canola Oil Standup Pouch1 LitreRs. 585
18Dalda Canola Oil1 LitreRs. 599
19Kisan Sunflower Oil1 LitreRs. 650
20Golden Sun Cooking Oil1 LitreRs. 570
21Kausar Canola Oil1 LitreRs. 590

5 Liter Cooking Oil Prices in Pakistan 2023

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1Mezan Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 2,935
2Dalda Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,475
3Soya Supreme Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,125
4Olivola Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,231
5Habib Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 2,975
6Kashmir Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 2,800
7Tullo Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 2,850
8Sufi Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,430
9Eva Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 2,875
10Kisan Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,300
11CanOlive Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,470
12Naturelle Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,025
13OK Cooking Oil5 LitreRs. 3,070