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As a concerned Pakistani citizen, it is important to be aware of the prices and rate list set by our local karyana store. With economy continuing to fluctuate and food prices at an all time high, being aware of what your basic commodities are costing is essential. Knowing the Karyana Rate List Today can help us fullfill our grocery shopping needs in a more budget friendly way. In this blog post we will explore the current price list of various goods available at karyana stores so that you can calculate your grocery bill accordingly to your budget.

Karyana Rate List Today – Check Online

Shopping for groceries can be one of life’s most tedious tasks, however, with the right information you can make it a smoother experience. The karyana rate list today provides all the necessary information about prices of different items available in a grocery or karyana store. Knowing and understanding these rates is essential because it enables you to compare products and determine which ones offer the best value for money. With such detailed knowledge, you can create your shopping list more efficiently, quickly determine what’s within your budget, and find great deals on your usual staples. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the karyana rate list today can help you maximize convenience and save money.

RATIONING CONTROLLER PESHAWAR                                                                                   

1WheatPer kg10741GuavaPer kg
2Wheat(Atta)Per kg12442MelonPer kg75
3MaidaPer kg14043Water MelonPer kg60
4SujiPer kg17044FruiterPer Dozen
5Maize AttaPer kg45GrapesPer kg
6Rice SuperiorPer kg35046Shama Ghee Tin16 kg8200
7White GramPer kg30047Other Brand Tin16 kg7200
8Black GramPer kg28048PotatoPer kg70-80
9Gram plusesPer kg26049KachaloPer kg170
10MashPer kg43050ArviPer kg220
11Masoor    Per kg20051PumpkinPer kg50
12MoongPer kg48052Bitter GourdPer kg70-80
13BeanPer kg53Lady  FingerPer kg90
14KorkhaPer kg36054ToriPer kg60
15Dal ChannaPer kg26055TandaPer kg70-80
16Besan (SO)Per kg28056SpinachPer bundle
17Black TeaPer kg180057GarlicPer kg200-380
18Green TeaPer kg155058TomatoPer kg40-50
19Brazilian TeaPer kg160059OnionPer kg40-50
20Green Tea DusPer kg80060PeasPer kg220
21Sugar of marketPer kg13061ChillyPer kg80
22Sugar U/storePer kg62KashmiriPer kg70
23CurdPer kg18063CucumberPer kg70
 24`ShakerPer kg17064TurinpPer kg60
25Fresh MilkPer kg18065CabbagePer kg30
26Powder MilkPre kg155066Flower CabbagePer kg110
27GurPer kg48067GingerPer kg800
28Lose GheePer kg200068BingilPer kg60-90
29Desi GheePer kg55069LemonPer kg150
30Edible oilPer kg55070Rice SuperiorPer bag350
31BeefPer kg70071Wheat100 kg10700
32MuttonPer kg140072 Sugar50 kg4750
33HenPer kg45073Local wheat Atta80 kg
34EggsPer Dozen26074Local Atta20 kg2480
35BananaPer Dozen160-24075Local Atta (Fine)20 kg2510
36MaltaDozen76Punjab Atta20 kg
37KinoPer kg77Punjab Atta (Fine)20 kg
38ApplePer kg150-43078Punjab Atta (fine)85 kg
39MangoPer kg150-22079Punjab Atta80  kg
40ApricotPer kg80U.S.C Atta20  kg

Karyana Rate List Today in Lahore 2023 – Check Online

When it comes in Lahore, having the most up to date karyana rate list is essential for anyone and everyone. Not only will having a clear understanding of prices help with budgeting, but can avoid any future pricing confusion. Today’s karyana rate list in Lahore provides excellent detail, which makes shopping easier and faster by giving customers an accurate idea of what their purchases will cost. What was once an incomprehensible task filled with mystery is now easily solved with just a glance at the updated rate lists no more overspending on everyday items.

Karyana Rate List Today in Karachi 2023 – Check Online

Are you a resident of Karachi looking for up to date karyana rate lists? Well, now it’s easier than ever to access the latest and greatest karyana prices right from your own computer.


The Karyana Rate List Today in Pakistan provides a detailed list of the latest prices for karyana items. This will help shoppers to know how much they need to budget for their karyana shopping. It is important to check the list regularly so that you are aware of the changes in price.