Imtiaz Super Market Price List Today

Do you ever wandered into a chaotic, bustling grocery store and thought to yourself, What an overwhelming shopping experience If so, then you know the feeling many people have when going to Imtiaz Super Market. Not only is this grocery store full of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables from around the world but it’s also known for having some of the best prices in town. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Imtiaz Super Market special by taking a look at their current price list. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable their shelves can be.

Imtiaz Super Store Price List 2024

The Imtiaz Super Store Price List is sure to make anyone’s shopping experience an affordable one. Every item in the store from groceries and other household supplies comes with reduced prices unparalleled to any other place in town. The list of discounted items changes weekly, so be sure to stay updated if you want to take full advantage of what Imtiaz Super Store has to offer. Don’t settle for expensive prices elsewhere when you could save more money at Imtiaz Super Store.

Imtiaz Super Market Cooking & Canola Oil Price List 2024

Brand NameWeightPrice
Mezan Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Canolive Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 670
Olivola Oil1 LtrRs. 575
Soya Supreme Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 589
Eva Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 575
Eva Cooking Oil Pillow1 LtrRs. 555
Dalda Cooking Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Meezan Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Dalda Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Canolive Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 599
Eva Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 585
Golden Sun Canola Oil1 LtrRs. 574

Imtiaz Super Market Ghee Price List 2024

Brand NameWeightPrice
Kisan Ghee1000gRs. 600
Eva Vegetable Ghee1000gRs. 515
Tullo Ghee1000gRs. 520
Dalda Ghee1000gRs. 549
Golden Sun Ghee1000gRs. 545
Soya Supreme Ghee1000gRs. 535
Mezan Ghee1000gRs. 599
Haleeb Desi Ghee Tin1000gRs. 1300
Pak Pure Desi Ghee Tin500gRs. 699
Pak Pure Desi Ghee Tin1000gRs. 1,379

Imtiaz Super Market Sugar Prices 2024

Item NameWeightPrice
Ponam Sugar1 KgRs. 96
Sugarie Powdered Brown Sugar500gRs. 117
Sugarie Granulated Brown Sugar500gRs. 117
Sugarie Granulated Brown Sugar1000gRs. 217
Ponam Gurr500gRs. 85
Sugarie Powdered Brown Sugar1000gRs. 217
Chashnik Granulated Brown Sugar500gRs. 90
Ponam Gurr Shakar500gRs. 79

Imtiaz Super Market Pulses & Grains Prices 2024

Brand NameWeightPrice
Ponam Black Eyed Beans (White Lobia)500GmRs. 129
Ponam Masoor Whole1000GmRs. 239
Ponam Black Chana1000GmRs. 205
Ponam White Chana500GmRs. 179
Ponam Black Chana500GmRs. 107
Ponam Daal Mash500GmRs. 195
Ponam Masoor Whole500GmRs. 125
Ponam Red Kidney Beans (Lobia)500GmRs. 225
Ponam Daal Masoor1000GmRs. 249
Ponam Daal Moong1000GmRs. 259
Ponam Chana White Supreme500GmRs. 225
Ponam Chana White Supreme1000GmRs. 439
Ponam Daal Masoor500GmRs. 127
Ponam Daal Chana Supreme1000GmRs. 259
Ponam Daal Chana Supreme500GmRs. 132
Ponam Daal Moong500GmRs. 132
Ponam Moong Whole500GmRs. 119
Ponam Daal Moong Chilka500GmRs. 129
Ponam Daal Mix500GmRs. 179
Ponam Gandum500GmRs. 70
Ponam Dal Mash1000GmRs. 389
Ponam Daal Mash Chilka Black500GmRs. 195
Ponam Daal Mash Whole500GmRs. 185

Imtiaz Super Market Flour Atta Price 2024

Brands NameWeightPrice
Ponam Super Fina Atta5 KgRs. 579
Ponam Atta Chakki5 KgRs. 579
Ponam Baisan500GmRs. 140
Ponam Baisan1 KgRs. 279
Ponam Corn flour500GmRs. 115
Ponam Makai Flour500GmRs. 85
Ponam Maida500GmRs. 85
Ponam Maida1 KgRs. 165
Ponam Suji500GmRs. 89
Dal Mash Powder200GmRs. 85
Dal Mong Powder200GmRs. 75
Ponam Rice Flour500GmRs. 75
Ponam Bajra Flour500GmRs. 59

Imtiaz Super Market Rice Price List 2024

Brands NameWeightPrice
Ponam Super Kernel Basmati Rice1 KgRs. 345
Ponam Supreme Sella Rice1 KgRs. 355
Ponam Basmati Rice Kifayat1 KgRs. 210
Ponam Supreme Kainat Basmat Rice1 KgRs. 375

Imtiaz Super Market Vegetable Price Today 2024

Items NameWeightPrice
Tomato500GmRs. 29
Green Chillies (sindh)250GmRs. 19
Potato WhiteRs. 49
Onion500GmRs. 89
Garlic (desi)250GmRs. 99
Garlic (China)250GmRs. 115
Cabbage500GmRs. 29
Cucumber (desi)500GmRs. 49
Ginger250GmRs. 139
Carrot (Red)250GmRs. 15
Cauliflower500GmRs. 39
Turnip500GmRs. 35
Capsicum (Shimla Mirch)250GmRs. 29

Imtiaz Super Store Mutton Price List Today 2024

Items NameWeightPrice
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)500GRs. 785
Veal Boneless (Prepack)500GRs. 485
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)500GRs. 389
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,569
Veal Boneless (Prepack)1 KgRs. 969
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)1 KgRs. 769
Mutton Whole (Mix) (Prepack)2 KgRs. 3,129
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,489
Beef Boneless Boti (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,529
Veal Boneless (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,929
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)1 KgRs. 749
Veal Whole Mix (Prepack)500GRs. 375

Imtiaz Super Store Chicken Price List Today 2024

Items NameWeightPrice
Chicken Boneless (Prepack)500gRs. 625
Chicken Boti Cut (Prepack)1 KgRs. 788
Chicken Boti Cut (Prepack)2 KgRs. 1,577
Chicken Boneless (Prepack)2 KgRs. 2,501
Chicken Boti Cut (Prepack)500gRs. 394
Chicken Boneless (Prepack)1 KgRs. 1,250

Imtiaz Super Market Contact Number

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Phone Number(021) 111-468-429
Timings9:00 am to 9:00 pm
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