Top 10 Best Solar AC Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that experiences extreme temperatures year round from searing hot summers to cold winters, the demand for air conditioning has never been higher. With climate change increasing temperatures worldwide, looking into efficient and sustainable ways of cooling homes is becoming increasingly important. One such option is solar air conditioners (ACs), which are powered by energy produced directly from solar panels as opposed to conventional electricity sources. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what solar AC brands and prices are available in Pakistan, their features, benefits and added advantages giving you all of the information you need about solar ACs before making an informed decision for your home or office.

Solar AC Brands & Price in Pakistan

When it comes to staying cool during the sweltering heat of the summers in Pakistan, having a reliable and efficient air conditioner is an absolute must. And with the increasing cost of electricity, many homeowners are opting to make the switch to solar powered AC units. With so many brands to choose from including Inverex, Haier, Gree, Kenwood, Dawlance, LG, Orient, TCL, Changhong Ruba, Mitsubishi, Samsung, and PEL finding the right one that will fit your budget and meet your cooling needs can seem overwhelming. However, taking the time to research and compare features and prices can help you make an informed choice that will keep you comfortable throughout the hottest months of the year.

Solar AC Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NamePrice
1Haier 1.5 Ton Split AC HSU-18HFAA/012US-DC Inverter (A-PAM Technology)PKR 161100
2Haier White Dc Inverter 2.0 Ton-HSU-24HFCD/012USDCPKR 212,000
3Gree GS-12VITH1 Viola G10 Inverter 1.0 Ton Air ConditionerPKR 357,888
4Orient -18G Venus Bright White 1.5 Ton DC Inverter ACPKR 162 500
5Dawlance 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Chrome Plus 30PKR 172,000
6TCL Elite TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton Solar ACPKR 169,900
7KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245S – 75% Energy Saving – Solar ACPKR 145,999
8Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC 97% SavingPKR 165,000
9PEL Inverter AC (1.0 Ton) InverterOn FIT T3 12K – 65% Saving + Heat & Cool PKR 142,499

Haier 1.5 Ton Split AC (DC Inverter) Solar AC

This Haier 1.5 Ton Split AC HSU-18HFAA/012US-DC Inverter (A-PAM Technology) is a powerful air conditioning unit that can cool or heat the room up to 18000 BTU with ease. It has a DC inverter system which makes it energy efficient and ensures quiet operation. This AC also features 900 m3/h air circulation, power input cooling of 320 to 1682 W and power input heating of 320 to 1667 W. The running current for cooling is 1.5 to 7.5 A and for heating it is also 1.5 to 7.5 A while the power supply is 1,220,50 Ph/V/Hz. This AC has a beautiful Golden, Black, Silver color and hidden LED display. Its refrigerant is R410A with liquid side pipe of 6.35 mm and gas side pipe of 12.7mm capacity wise it is 1.5-Ton DC inverter. This AC has a flaxes series-NA type appearance which makes it look stylish as well as elegant in your room or office. All these features make it an ideal choice for cooling or heating your room as per your needs.

Haier White Dc Inverter 2.0 Ton Solar AC

The Haier HSU-24HFCD/012USDC (W) Inverter Heat and Cool 2 Ton model is an advanced air conditioning system designed to provide maximum comfort for your home. With features such as 24000BTU, Turbo Cool and Strong Airflow, the unit can cool faster than ever before while maintaining maximum efficiency. It also provides comfortable sleep with its 46◦C Full BTU and UPS Enabled* features. Additionally, it also includes a DC Inverter that ensures a strong airflow for both heating and cooling, as well as WiFi Smart technology for easy remote access to the unit’s settings. As an added bonus, this model is made with 100% Cooper for greater durability and longevity. Invest in the Haier HSU-24HFCD/012USDC (W) Inverter Heat and Cool 2 Ton today for an efficient and comfortable cooling experience.

Gree Viola G10 Inverter 1.0 Ton AC

The Gree GS-12VITH1 Viola G10 Inverter 1.0 Ton Air Conditioner is an advanced cooling and heating solution for any home or office environment. Featuring a powerful capacity of 12000 BTU, this device is compliant with European standards and provides unbeatable energy efficiency with its A+ rating. The unit also features the latest G-10 Inverter technology, Ultra Low Frequency Torque Control and a State of the Art High Speed DSP Chip to ensure precise temperature control. It also features faster cooling and heating, eco-friendly refrigerant R410A, wide frequency precise control, power factor correction of 99%, ultra low noise control, computer simulation control, auto voltage adaptation (150-260 V), high reliability, ultra high frequency control and ceiling cool. With all these features combined, the Gree GS-12VITH1 Viola G10 Inverter 1.0 Ton Air Conditioner is the perfect choice for any home or office environment where energy efficiency and performance are a priority. Enjoy powerful cooling and heating with outstanding energy efficiency thanks to this innovative air conditioning unit from Gree.

Orient -18G Venus Bright White 1.5 Ton DC Inverter AC

The Venus Bright White 1.5 Ton DC Inverter AC comes with a Japanese PCB Kit that gives you an advanced 4D air throw for improved cooling. The Turbo mode allows you to cool the room faster by increasing the speed of the fan and compressor. It not only works in extreme voltage fluctuation, but also offers low noise operation even at full power.

This air conditioner is specially designed for all weathers Heat & Cool and is equipped with Catechin filters that protect your family from allergies, pollen, smoke, dust mites and other hazardous particles. For better performance and maximum efficiency, it has a 100 % Pure copper condenser and a gold fin evaporator with anti rust coating to prevent corrosion.

Dawlance 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Chrome Plus 30

The Dawlance 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Chrome Plus 30 also offers a range of other features that save you money on energy costs, as well as provide extra comfort for the user. It has an auto-restart function which allows the system to resume operation after a power outage without needing manual intervention. Additionally, it has advanced temperature mode monitoring so your AC can adjust the temperature to provide maximum comfort without consuming too much energy.

Furthermore, this model also features a four-way auto swing, which allows for efficient air circulation throughout the room and ensures that all areas receive equal cooling. Additionally, it comes with an anti-corrosion indoor unit which makes it resistant to dust and other particles while still providing optimal performance.

TCL Elite TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton Solar AC

The TCL Elite TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton Solar AC also comes with a 4D air flow feature, which ensures that the entire room is evenly cooled & heated. Moreover, it has an auto restart function, so you don’t have to worry about manually resetting after power-cuts. The dust filter provides clean and fresh air, while its dehumidifier removes moisture from your surroundings in monsoon season. This AC works perfectly even without stabilizer due to its wide voltage range of 150V-265V. You can also control it remotely using a smartphone app as it is Wi-Fi enabled. Plus, it lasts for many years with low maintenance cost due to its long lasting compressor. All these features & benefits make the TCL Elite TAC-18HEG 1.5 Ton Solar AC an ideal choice for your home or office. Enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings all year round with this amazing product.

KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245S – 75% Energy Saving – Solar AC

KENWOOD 1 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEE-1245S is designed to offer maximum energy efficiency and performance. Its DC inverter compressor runs on R410a gas, with a low voltage operation range of 145V-260V, allowing it to save up to 75% energy compared to conventional air conditioners. To ensure its longevity and reliability, this Solar AC also comes with 10 years compressor warranty and 4 years card warranty.

Besides that, the Turbo Operation feature helps boost cooling performance when needed while the Long Throw feature provides better air circulation in big rooms. Additionally, this product uses 100% copper pipes for rapid heat transfer as well as Heat & Cool Function which allows you to switch between heating and cooling mode in an instant. Best of all, it also does not require a stabilizer, saving you more money and hassle.

Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC 97% Saving

The Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC 97% Saving is an incredible device that offers a saving of up to 97% in electricity consumption. The product requires only 4 solar plates and possesses a full 5DC inverter AC with Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)/Coefficient of Performance (COP) levels reaching 3.6/3.45 respectively, as well as built-in Solar Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) inverter for increased performance. It has a unique T3 compressor, which allows it to function even at temperatures as high as 55 degrees Celsius, something most other models do not offer. Further, it features the ability to connect via your wifi network and comes with heat and cool options so you can enjoy maximum comfort in all weathers. The turbo cooling feature adds to its effectiveness and, with the use of 100% copper tubing, there is no need to worry about rust or corrosion ensuring longevity for your investment.

PEL Inverter AC (1.0 Ton) InverterOn FIT T3 12K – 65% Saving + Heat & Cool + R410a

The PEL Inverter AC (1.0 Ton) is designed to provide powerful cooling even in extreme temperatures up to 50°C. It has a 4D Air Flow for providing homogeneous cooling throughout the room. This inverter air conditioner also offers great flexibility when it comes to electricity consumption, allowing you to save on your energy bills while enjoying unbeatable performance.

This smartly designed inverter AC sports a black glass panel and golden fin condensers for superior cooling performance and longer life span. With its 60% Outstanding Efficiency & Electricity Savings and starting from 2.5A, this AC unit ensures that you get optimal coolness with minimum power consumption. Thanks to features like Auto Restart, Sleep Mode and Memory Function, you can take full control of your AC’s settings. The Self Diagnosis function helps alert you to any issues with the unit and the Turbo Mode boosts cooling performance when needed. Finally, the removable/washable panel aids in easy cleaning while eliminating moisture from within the unit itself.

Other Solar AC’s Comapnies And Their Prices

1Haier Solar 1 Ton DC InverterRs. 1,52,900
2Dawlance Air Conditioner Sprinter 30 DC Inverter 1.5 TonRs. 1,69,500
3Dawlance 1.5 Ton AC Avante Inverter 30 Dark MaroonRs. 1,65,600
4LG Solar ACRs. 1,49,990
5Changhong Ruba Solar ACRs. 1,73,999
6Mitsubishi Solar ACRs. 1,19,000
7Samsung Solar ACRs. 1,49,990
8Panasonic 1.5 Ton Split ACRs. 1,10,000