Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Air coolers are a must have item for many households in Pakistan who experience hot summers with temperatures that can sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Air coolers offer relief from the hot weather, giving people an escape from the sweltering heat outside and providing welcome respite for everyone at home or office. Plus, these cooling machines come in different sizes, models and prices to suit any budget so you can find something that works for your pocket too. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at air cooler prices in Pakistan to help you make an informed buying decision when it comes time to purchase one of these cooling devices. Keep reading to learn more about how much you should expect to pay and what features are available within certain price ranges all while saving yourself some money.

Best Air Coolers in Pakistan with Prices

When temperatures are soaring, a quality air cooler can be a lifesaver making hot days more bearable and easy to sleep through. Fortunately, Pakistan is blessed with an array of top notch air cooler brands such as Lahori, Royal, Super Asia, Haier, Dawlance, Kenwood, PEL, Boss, and Sogo to choose from. Each offering a range of sizes that are efficiently designed for personal or larger spaces such as small offices or classrooms. Depending on the brand and size you shop for, prices may range up to 40 thousand rupees for the most advanced models that are feature packed with climate control and make use of powerful pumps to cycle the cool breeze around any given space. Air coolers in Pakistan remain the go to cooling solution for those who prefer a simple yet effective way to beat the heat.

Lahori Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Lahori air coolers are a great way to beat the summer heat in any room. This energy efficient device is made from Metal and does not require complicated installation or maintenance. It is easy to use and lets you adjust the intensity of the cooling, making it suitable for any place. Not to mention that one does not have to worry about its bills as it only uses a fraction of power compared to other cooling units, so running it all day won’t cost you much either. Overall, Lahori air cooler could be an excellent addition to your home this upcoming summer season.

PicturesModelPrice (Min-Max)
Asia Lahori Air Cooler Price in PakistanLahori Air-CoolerPKR 8000
Lahori Air Cooler Big Size in PakistanJumbo Air Cooler 32inchPKR 18,000 to PKR 22,500
Lahori Air Cooler Medium Size in PakistanLahori Air Cooler in Medium SizePKR 15,000 to PKR 22,500
Lahori Air Cooler Small Size in PakistanSmall-Size Air CoolerPKR 6000 to PKR 11,000
Lahori Air Cooler Full Size Price in PakistanFull size air coolerPKR 17,000

Royal Room Cooler Price in Pakistan

The Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 is a powerful and efficient air cooling unit. It features a 450mm fan size, runs on 220 – 240 volts at 50Hz frequency, and has a gross weight of 28.550 KG with a net weight of 25 KG. The main motor powered by 260 watts and the water pump is powered by 25 watts. It is suitable for a variety of cooling needs, from large areas to small spaces. The Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700 is available at a competitive price of Rs. 22,500, making it an excellent choice for any budget.

Royal Room Cooler RAC-4700Rs. 22,500

Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

For a cool and comfortable room in warm weather, the Super Asia Air Coolers is the perfect solution. Boasting powerful airflow and built-in temperature control, this air cooler keeps your room cool without using too much electricity. Some other useful features include an automatic water level regulator, two speed fan motor, an adjustable humidification system, and an ice compartment for extra chill. Simply put, if you want to escape the heat but don’t want to spend too much on air conditioning costs, then a Super Asia Air Cooler is definitely a smart option.

1.Super Asia ECM-3500 DC Smart CoolECM-3500 DC Smart CoolRs. 14,500
2.Super Asia ECM-3500 Smart Cool
ECM-3500 Smart CoolRs. 16,500
3.ECM-4500 DC Super Cool
ECM-4500 DC Super CoolRs. 19,200
4.ECM-4500 Plus DC Super CoolECM-4500 Plus DC Super CoolRs. 20,500
5.ECM-4800 Plus DC Rapid Cool
ECM-4800 Plus DC Rapid CoolRs. 21,000
6.ECM-4500 Super Cool
ECM-4500 Super CoolRs. 22,400
7.JC-777 Auto Super Sonic
JC-777 Auto Super SonicRs. 23,300
8.ECM-4500 Plus Super Cool
ECM-4500 Plus Super CoolRs. 23,500
9.ECM-4800 Plus Rapid Cool
ECM-4800 Plus Rapid CoolRs. 24,300
10.ECM 4600 Plus Easy Cool
ECM 4600 Plus Easy CoolRs. 24,400
11.ECM 4900 Plus Quick Cool
ECM 4900 Plus Quick CoolRs. 24,700
12.ECM-4500 Auto Super Cool
ECM-4500 Auto Super CoolRs. 25,400
13.JC-777 Plus Super SonicJC-777 Plus Super SonicRs. 25,500
14.ECM-6000 Fresh Cool
ECM-6000 Fresh CoolRs. 25,700
15.ECM-5000 Auto Cool starECM-5000 Auto Cool StarRs. 25,900
16.ECM-5000 Cool Star
ECM-5000 Cool StarRs. 26,700
17.ECM-6500 Fast Cool
ECM-6500 Fast CoolRs. 27,000
18.ECM 4600 Plus Easy Cool (Inverter)ECM 4600 Plus Easy Cool (Inverter)Rs. 27,200
19.ECM-5000 Plus Super CoolECM-5000 Plus Super CoolRs. 27,600
20.ECM 6500 Plus Fast CoolECM 6500 Plus Fast CoolRs. 28,700
21.ECM 9000 Plus Thunder Cool (Inverter)
ECM 9000 Plus Thunder Cool (Inverter)Rs. 37,200

Sogo Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Bring cooling relief home with Sogo Rechargeable Air Coolers. This model ensures your room temperature always stays comfortable during the peak summer season, and offers easy portability to move around in any area of your house or office environment. The air cooler is ideal for small areas up to 15 liters with a price point of Rs 17,999, while the 8 liters model is available at Rs 19,000. For larger areas the 35 liter high velocity Evaporative Air Cooler offers powerful performance and comes in handy at a low cost of Rs 24,599. Now make sure your family stays cool and healthy with Sogo Rechargeable Air Coolers.

1.Sogo Rechargeable Air Cooler 15 Liter (JPN-698)Sogo Rechargeable Air Cooler 15 Liter (JPN-698)Rs. 19,000
2.Sogo Rechargeable Air Cooler 8 Liter (JPN-699)
Sogo Rechargeable Air Cooler 8 Liter (JPN-699)Rs. 17,999
3.Sogo Evaporative Air Cooler (35 Liter)
Sogo Evaporative Air Cooler (35 Liter)Rs. 24,599

E-Lite Air Coolers Price in Pakistan

E-Lite air coolers are an efficient way to keep your room at the perfect temperature. Using up to 70% less energy than some other air conditioners, these energy star rated appliances allow you to stay cool without costs. Not only are E-Lite coolers eco friendly, but their unique evaporative cooling technology can provide fresh and pure indoor atmosphere. Additionally, these coolers contain water reservoirs, which makes them easier to refill and maintain. With such an advanced design, it has never been easier, cheaper or more fulfilling to make your home comfortable during the hot summer months.

S NoPictureModelPrice
1E-Lite Mini Air Cooler EAC-20E-Lite Mini Air Cooler EAC-20Rs. 3,888

Orient Room Cooler Price in Pakistan

Staying cool in the summer heat can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. But with an Orient Room cooler, it’s no problem at all. This efficient yet powerfully cooling device comes fully equipped with premium multi directional cooling technology and adjustable speed settings, and The four way cooling system ensures that there will not be any uncomfortable hot spots in your room while the natural air purifier filters out bad odor and pollutants, giving you clean, fresh air. With an Orient Room Cooler at home, you won’t need to worry about dealing with stuffy indoor air ever again.

1.OR-1100 Super Cool White Blue
OR-1100 Super Cool White BlueRs. 12,800
2.OR-006 High Cool
OR-006 High CoolRs. 15,500
3.OR-660 Perfect Cool
OR-660 Perfect CoolRs. 15,500
4.OR-525 Tower White BlueOR-525 Tower White BlueRs. 16,000
5.OR-1500+ Pearl CoolOR-1500+ Pearl CoolRs. 17,500
6.OR-1500 Plus Room Air Cooler-Offwhite
OR-1500 Plus Room Air Cooler-OffwhiteRs. 17,500
7.OR-007 Premium CoolOR-007 Premium CoolRs. 21,000
8.OR-2600 Plus Room Air Cooler with Ice Box - 90 Liters
OR-2600 Plus Room Air Cooler with Ice Box – 90 LitersRs. 21,500
9.OR-5000+ Master CoolOR-5000+ Master CoolRs. 21,800

Boss Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

The Boss Air Cooler is perfect for anyone looking to beat the summer heat in an energy efficient way. Featuring an incredibly efficient evaporative cooling system, this cooler allows for large amounts of air to be cooled quickly with very little energy consumed. An anti dust filter helps to keep the air quality pure and refreshing, so you really feel the difference. Its modern design also fits perfectly into any room, regardless of its décor or size. On top of all that, it’s incredibly easy to maintain so that you can enjoy long lasting comfort without having to put forth much effort.

1.Air Cooler ECM 5200 (Solar)Air Cooler ECM 5200 (Solar)Rs. 13,250
2.Air Cooler ECM 6000 FANAir Cooler ECM 6000 FANRs. 18,100
3.Air Cooler ECM 6000 ICE BoxAir Cooler ECM 6000 ICE BoxRs. 19,400
4.Air Cooler ECM-6000 Black FanAir Cooler ECM-6000 Black FanRs. 19,600
5.Air Cooler ECM 6500Air Cooler ECM 6500Rs. 20,750
6.Air Cooler ECM 7000Air Cooler ECM 7000Rs. 22,300
7.Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed ExcelAir Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed ExcelRs. 22,500
8.Air Cooler ECM 6500 ICE BoxAir Cooler ECM 6500 ICE BoxRs. 22,750
9.Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL (Black)Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL (Black)Rs. 24,100
10.Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL ICE BOX (Invertor Series)Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL+Rs. 24,700
11.Air Cooler ECM 7000 ICE BoxAir Cooler ECM 7000 ICE BoxRs. 24,950
12.Air Cooler ECM 8000 ICE BoxAir Cooler ECM 8000 ICE BoxRs. 26,950
13.Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL ICE BOX (Invertor Series)Air Cooler ECM 7000 High Speed XL ICE BOX (Invertor Series)Rs. 27,450
14.Air Cooler ECM 7000 Excel Plus Ice boxAir Cooler ECM 7000 Excel Plus Ice boxRs. 29,100
15.Air Cooler ECM 8000 Excel Ice BoxAir Cooler ECM 8000 Excel Ice BoxRs. 30,150
16.Air Cooler ECM 10000Air Cooler ECM 10000Rs. 33,450
17.Air Cooler ECTR 10000Air Cooler ECTR 10000Rs. 35,950