Ghee Price in Pakistan Today

Are you looking to buy Banaspati Ghee in Pakistan? Banaspati Ghee has been an important ingredient of Pakistani cuisine for a long time and its versatility makes it one of the most sought after oils in the market. But with different brands available, how do you know which is right for you? Fret not. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current prices for Banaspati Ghee in Pakistan and help you make an informed decision on which product best suits your needs. Undertaking a comparative analysis of various brands present in KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Sindh (Karachi) Baluchistan and Punjab regions, we have all necessary information to equip you with reliable knowledge about what brand to purchase according to your budget constraints. With our insightful guide, shopping for your favorite ghee just got easier, So let’s get started.

1KG Banaspati Ghee Rate List all Brands in Pakistan

The prices of banaspati ghee in Pakistan have been increasing steadily over the years and it has become an important factor to consider when budgeting and planning consumption levels. The unstable market economy and lack of proper regulation have given rise to many unethical traders who manipulate the prices of goods including banaspati ghee. Making matters worse, citizens are sometimes unable to find the product they need in either quality or quantity, leading to even higher costs for consumers. As a result of this trend, it is essential for citizens of Pakistan to monitor prices carefully and understand their options if they hope to ensure that their money does not go to waste.

Ghee Price in Pakistan Today

S.NOBanaspati Ghee BrandWeightPrice
1Habib Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 550 to 600
2Kisan Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 560 to 600
3Sufi Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 630 to 700
4Dalda Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 585 to 600
5Shan Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 535 to 600
6Kausar Banaspati Pouch1 KGRs. 575 to 600
7Tullo Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 550 to 600
8Areej Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 550 to 600
9Dilawar Banaspati Pouch1 KGRs. 510 to 600
10Manpasand Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 510 to 600
11Sharjah Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 525 to 600
12Eva Vtf Banaspati Pouch1 KGRs. 525 to 600
13Family Ghee16 KGRs. 9901 to 10,000
14GCP Ghee1 KGRs.650 to 700
15Khyber Ghee907GRs 10,089
16Shahbaz Ghee1 KGRs. 230
17Awaz Ghee2.5 KGRs. 570
18Gharana Ghee1 KGRs. 430
19Umda Ghee1 KGRs. 350
20Yadgar Ghee1 KGRs. 187
21Dil Dil Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 520
22OK Banaspati Ghee1 KGRs. 545
23Golden Sun Banaspati1 KGRs. 520


In conclusion, Ghee prices in Pakistan vary depending on the quality, brand and quantity purchased. Consumers should always compare different brands of Ghee to find the best value for money and make an informed decision. It is important to note that while certain premium brands may cost more, they may be higher in quality and nutritional value than lower priced alternatives