1KG Khajoor Price in Pakistan

Ramadan is a period of spiritual reflection and fasting, one which many Muslims all around the world observe each year. It is also a time for families to come together and partake in special dishes like Samosa, Kachori as well as sweets such as Jalebi or Khajoor. But what about prices? How do these traditional favourites fare when it comes to purchasing them during this holy month? In this blog post we will look at the various offerings from vendors across Pakistan, focusing on Khajoor & its costs so you can make an informed decision while adhering to the spirit of Ramadan.

khajoor Brands in Pakistan With Prices

If you’re craving something sweet and delicious, why not try one of the many khajoor (date) brands available in Pakistan? With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your taste buds. Some of the popular brands include Mazafati, Ajwa, and Safawi, each with their own unique flavor and texture. with prices ranging from as low as 500 rupees to around 5000 rupees per pack

Per Kg Khajoor Prices in Pakistan 2023

S.NoTypes Of DatesWeightPrice
1Irani Khajoor price1 KGRs. 750 – 1000
2Ajwa Date price1 KGRs. 5500 – 7000
3Chuwara Dry Date price1 KGRs. 300 – 700
4Mabroom Dates price1 KGRs. 1400 – 2000
5Aseel Khajoor price1 KGRs. 1000 – 1500
6Sukri Dates Madina price1 KGRs. 2000 – 2500
7Medjool Dates price1 KGRs. 2275 – 3000
8Saudi Ambar Khajoor price1 KGRs. 3000 – 3500
9Himalayan Dates price1 KGRs. 1200 – 1800
10Rabbi Khajoor price1 KGRs. 1200 – 1800
11Khairpur Dates price1 KGRs. 1150 – 1900
12Al Hilal Qalmi Dates price1 KGRs. 2350 – 3000
13Saghai Dates price1 KGRs. NA
14Khudri Dates price1 KGRs. NA
15Deglet Noor Dates price1 KGRs. NA