Samosa Patti & Frozen Samosa Prices in Pakistan

Samosas are a popular snack enjoyed by people of all ages in Pakistan. From street vendors to restaurant kitchens, these delicious savory pastries filled with meat or vegetables can be found almost anywhere and in a variety of sizes and shapes. But what makes samosas so appealing is the patti and today we are talking about the latest prices, the crisp flaky pastry encasing their delectable fillings that keeps them together. Understanding just how much you’re paying for your samosa can help you determine whether it’s worth your money or not.

Samosa Patti Brands & Prices in Pakistan

When it comes to comfort food, the samosa is always a popular choice in Pakistan. Finding a brand and price that fits one’s fancy, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Traditional brands can often fetch a high price, while more affordable options have become much more widely available. Fortunately, Pakistani consumers now have the option to select from an ever growing variety of samosa patti brands and prices that meet individual needs whether its quick snacks for school lunches or feast worthy platters for family gatherings.

Samosa Patti Price in Pakistan

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1Frizzle Samosa Patti 50 Pack450 GMRs. 160 – 200
2Khatir Tawaza Samosa Patti400 GMRs. 240
3PK SAMOSA PATTI 50 SheetsRs. 350
4Samosa Patti – سموسہ پٹی300 GMRs. 140
5Crispy Samosa SheetsRs. 250
6Samosa Patti1 KGRs. 220

Frozen Samosa Price in Pakistan

S.NoBrand NameQuantityPrice
1Mon Salwa Chicken Samosa 1 KGRs. 1,681
2K&N’s Samosa420 GMRs. 794
3Simply Sufi Punjabi Samosa 400 GMRs. 490
4Simply Sufi Potato Samosa 420 GMRs. 496
5Mon Salwa Aaloo Samosa 12 PCSRs. 660
6Menu Chicken Samosa Poly Pack1000 GMRs. 950
7Metro Chef Chicken Samosa1 KGRs. 819
8Simply Sufi Vegetable Samosa 420 GMRs. 490
9Fine Life Chicken Samosa 240 GMRs. 271
10Menu Chicken Samosa 24 PCSRs. 796
11Fine Life Chicken Vegetable Samosa240 GMRs. 256
12Simply Sufi Chicken Samosa 420 GMRs. 756
13Fine Life Chicken Samosa1000 GMRs. 760
14PK Beef Samosa24 PCSRs. 856
15Dawn Chicken Samosa480 GMRs. 1,075
16Fine Life Chicken Vegetable Samosa1000 GMRs. 709
17Mon Salwa Chicken Samosa30 PCRs. 805
18Sabroso Chicken Samosa500 GMRs. 860
19Dawn Aaloo SamosaRs. 179
20Dawn Vegetable SamosaRs. 185
21Dawn Aloo Samosa480 GMRs. 651
22Chicken Samosa240 GMRs. 596
23Punjabi Samosa400 GMRs. 451
24Dawn Chicken Samosa 1000 GMRs. 1,321
25Dawn PP Chicken Samosa18 PCSRs. 400
26Dawn Chicken Samosa30 Pieces (600g)Rs. 1075