Walls Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

The tantalizing world of ice creams has always been a familiar part of our culture and the irresistible variety at Walls Ice Cream takes it to another level. Whether it is summer or winter, these cool treats are perfect for any time of year and give people a chance to indulge in something delicious and unique. Here we will discuss what type of ice cream flavors you can find from Walls in Pakistan, as well as explore their prices so that you know how much money would be needed for a tub of your favorite flavor. now everyone can enjoy some creamy goodness whenever they choose with Walls premium range.

Walls Ice Cream flavors prices All in Pakistan

Walls Ice Cream offers a wide array of delectable flavors guaranteed to tantalize any taste buds. From “King Kulfa” and “Walls Cornetto Cones” to their classic varieties like Vanilla, chocolate and Pista, there is something for everyone. Now, Walls is the top choice for many looking for a dessert treat young or old, there’s a flavor for everyone The best part. All products are made from dairy products in Pakistan. So Try Walls Ice Cream today and cool off this hot summer with your favorite flavor.

Walls Ice Cream Price List in Pakistan

S.NoFlavors Name450 ML1 Liter1.4Ltr1.8Ltr4.5 Liter10 Liter
1KulfaRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
2ChocolateRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
3MangoRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
4VanillaRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
5StrawberryRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
6PistaRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
7Tutti FruityRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
8Almond CrunchRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
9Caramel VanillaRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500
10King KulfaRs.220Rs. 370 – 400Rs.500 – 699Rs.815Rs.1,499Rs.3500 – 4500

Walls Cornetto Ice Cream

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Walls Cornetto Pop Cone St/Van Ice Cream1 PieceRs. 50 – 100
2Walls Cornetto Popcone Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream95mlRs. 50 – 100
3Walls Cornetto Caramel Vanilla Cone Ice Cream1 PieceRs. 50 – 100
4Walls Cornetto Brownie Ice Cream1 PieceRs. 80 – 150
5Walls Cornetto Flirty Berry Ice Cream1 PieceRs. 65 – 100
6Walls Cornetto Double Chocolate Ice Cream100mlRs. 120 – 150
7Walls Cornetto Hazelnut Ice Cream100mlRs. 130
8Wall’s Cornetto Classico Ice Cream100 mlRs. 120 – 150
9Wall’s Cornetto Vanilla Caramel Dics Ice Cream1 PcsRs. 130
10Wall’s Cornetto Brownie Disc Ice Cream105mlRs. 150
11Walls Cornetto Disk Cookies & Cream Ice Cream100mlRs. 130
12Cornetto Strawberry 6MP540mlRs. 502
13Cornetto Mint Single120mlRs. 351
14Cornetto Mint 6MP540mlRs. 502
15Cornetto Tips 5MP80 gRs. 754
16Cornetto Miniature Chocolate & Vanilla 10MP280mlRs. 754
17Cornetto Made with Soy and Gluten-Free 4MP360mlRs. 603

Walls Feast Ice Cream Price

1Walls Magnum Almond80mlRs. 260
2Magnum Ice Cream Classic90mlRs. 199
3Magnum Double Honey Comb Ice Cream88mlRs. 624
4Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime 6MP 480mlRs. 553
5Walls Feast Chocolate80mlRs. 80
6Wall’s Choc Bar50mlRs. 80
7Calippo Cola 5MPRs. 477

Walls Guuud Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Guuud Passion Fruit Greek Yoghurt 4MP320mlRs. 628
2Guuud Salted Caramel Greek Yoghurt 4MP320mlRs. 917
3Guuud Raspberry Greek Yoghurt 4MP320mlRs. 917
4Guuud Blueberry Greek Yoghurt 4MP320mlRs. 628

Walls Ice Cream Cup Price in Pakistan 2024

S.NoIce Cream CupWeightPrice
1Mango60 mlRs. 70
2Vanilla60 mlRs. 70
3Strawberry60 mlRs. 70
4Chocolate60 mlRs. 70
5Pista60 mlRs. 70

Walls Soft Scoop Ice Cream Prices

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Wall’s Soft Scoop Rainbow Road1800ml502
2Wall’s Soft Scoop Chocolate Factory1800ml502
3Wall’s Mini Bites Vanilla and Milk Chocolate 10MP502
4Wall’s Mini Bites Strawberry and White Chocolate 10MP502
5Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla1800ml502
6Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla Light1800ml502
7Wall’s Cream of Cornish Vanilla1Ltr754

Walls Solero Ice Cream

S.NoProduct NameItems
1Solero Exotic Single276 (Includes tax)
2Solero Exotic 3MP440 (Includes tax)
3Solero Red Berries 3MP440 (Includes tax)

Walls Viennetta Ice Cream

S.NoProductsItems (Tax Includes)
1Viennetta Birthday Cake 650ml414
2Viennetta Vanilla XXL 1L414
3Viennetta Vanilla 650ml314
4Viennetta Mint 650ml314

Walls Kids Ice Cream

S.NoProductsItems (Tax Includes)
1Wall’s Birthday Rocket 9MP440
2Twister 3ster 5MP477
3Twister Pineapple Single 80 ml301
4Twister Mini Pineapple 8MP 400 ml477
5Mini Milk 12MP 420 ml552
6Twister Peek-A-Blue 5MP 350 ml477

Wall’s Carte D’Or Ice Cream Prices

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Carte D’Or Madagascan Vanilla & Brownies900ml627
2Carte D’Or Indulgent Chocolate900ml627
3Carte D’Or Delightful Strawberry900ml627
4Carte D’Or Rich Salted Caramel900ml627
5Carte D’Or Refreshing Mint Choc Chip900ml627
6Carte D’Or Madagascan Vanilla Light900ml627
7Carte D’Or Madagascan Vanilla900ml627
8Carte D’Or Classic Rum & Raisin900ml627

Enjoy Special Ice Cream From Walls

Gluten-freeVegetarianVeganResponsibly Made for Kids
Twister 3sterTwister Peek-A-Blue 5MPNice By Nature Mango & Banana 6MPWall’s Birthday Rocket 9MP
Twister Pineapple SingleGuuud Blueberry Greek Yoghurt 4MPNice By Nature Strawberry & Raspberry 6MPTwister 3ster 5MP
Twister Mini Pineapple 8MPGuuud Raspberry Greek Yoghurt 4MPTwister Pineapple Single
Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime 6MPGuuud Salted Caramel Greek Yoghurt 4MPTwister Mini Pineapple 8MP
Mini Milk 12MPNice By Nature Mango & Banana 6MPMini Milk 12MP
Cornetto Made with Soy and Gluten Free 4MPNice By Nature Strawberry & Raspberry 6MPNice By Nature Strawberry & Raspberry 6MP
Solero Exotic SingleCalippo Cola 5MPNice By Nature Mango & Banana 6MP
Solero Exotic 3MPTwister Mini Pineapple 8MPTwister Peek-A-Blue 5MP
Solero Red Berries 3MPTwister 3ster 5MP
Twister Peek-A-Blue 5MP
Calippo Cola 5MP