Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

This Pakistani based company manufactures batteries that come in various sizes and can be used in motorcycles, cars, UPS, and other vehicles. What’s great about these batteries is they are maintenance free, lead acid with tubular technology which gives them long life. They are also dry charged so you don’t have to worry about filling it up with electrolyte solution like traditional batteries. In this blog post we’ll take a look at the Volta Battery prices in Pakistan so that you can compare it to similar brands on the market and make an educated decision when purchasing yours.

Volta Battery Price in Pakistan

As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources, the demand for sustainable and affordable energy solutions continues to increase. This is especially true in Pakistan, where the cost of electricity can be prohibitively high for many households and businesses. The Volta battery offers a promising solution for energy storage, allowing users to store excess energy generated by renewable sources like solar panels. However, many people are left wondering about the Volta battery price in Pakistan. While prices may vary depending on a number of factors, including battery capacity and retailer markups, the company has stated that their goal is to make the battery affordable for as many people as possible.


As the popularity of motorcycles continues to soar in Pakistan, the demand for reliable, high-quality batteries has never been greater. That’s where Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited comes in. Volta commitment to quality and longevity has made them a leading manufacturer of motorcycle batteries in the region. Volta VRLA AGM versions, available in sizes ranging from 3 AH to 9 AH, are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a durable, high-performance battery. Whether you’re a weekend warrior cruising the open road or a busy landscaper relying on heavy utility equipment like lawn mowers.

1Volta SUPER4Rs.1,50012V3 AH(10HR)0.80
2Volta SUPER6Rs.250012V5 AH(10HR)1.70
3Volta SUPER6.5Rs.350012V6.5 AH(10HR)1.40
4Volta SUPER8Rs.450012V7 AH(10HR)2.10
5Volta SUPER10Rs.550012V9 AH(10HR)2.40
6Volta SUPREME4Rs.170012V3 AH(10HR)1.30
7Volta SUPREME6Rs.280012V5 AH(10HR)2.10
8Volta SUPREME8Rs.380012V7 AH(10HR)2.80
9Volta SUPREME10Rs.450012V9 AH(10HR)3.50


Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, this leading manufacturer in Pakistan has been creating conventional lead acid dry charged batteries to meet all your needs. Whether you require shallow cycle or deep cycle batteries, their JIS standard models are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Plus, their popular models of DIN only add to their impressive offerings.

1Volta 12GEN-MR35Rs.7,500512V20 AH(20 HR)5.08
2Volta 12GEN-MR45Rs.9,500712V25 AH(20 HR)6.22
3Volta S50 PLUS/L PLUSRs.13,000912V34 AH(20 HR)7
4Volta CR 65 L PLUSRs 14,5001112V40 AH(20 HR)8.25
5Volta S65-VR/VL (V-TECH)Rs.15,0001112V40 AH(20 HR)8.50
6Volta S70L PLUSRs.15,5001212V50 AH(20 HR)9.20
7Volta S75 PLUSRs.15,000912V50 AH(20 HR)10.04
8Volta S85Z PLUS/ ZL PLUSRs.17,5001112V60 AH(20 HR)11.60
9Volta NS95L PLUSRs.19,8001312V70 AH(20 HR)13.35
10Volta SR100ARs.16,500912V55 AH(20 HR)10.9
11Volta S100A PLUSRs.19,2001112V72 AH(20 HR)12.13
12Volta S105 PLUS/L PLUSRs.20,2501312V80 AH(20 HR)13.60
13Volta V110Z PLUS/L PLUSRs.23,3001512V85 AH(20 HR)15.07
14Volta T-125 SRs.24,3001512V100 AH(20 HR)16.25
15Volta P-135 SRs.26,1001712V105 AH(20 HR)17.95
16Volta P-140 SRs.27,5001712V110 AH(20 HR)18.16
17Volta P-150 SRs.29,1001912V115 AH(20 HR)20.06
18Volta 6-LT 190Rs.37,8002512V130 AH(20 HR)21.80
19Volta 6-LT 200Rs.43,0002912V145 AH(20 HR)26.00
20Volta P-175 SRs.32,8001912V120 AH(20 HR)22.76
21Volta P-180 SRs.33,5002112V130 AH(20 HR)24.33
22Volta P-190 SRs.39,0002312V145 AH(20 HR)24.34
23Volta P-200 SRs.43,3002112V130 AH(20 HR)24.85
24Volta P-210 SRs.43,7502312V155 AH(20 HR)27.00
25Volta P-250 SRs.46,0002712V180 AH(20 HR)28.60
26Volta P-260 SRs.54,6002712V180 AH(20 HR)29.64
27Volta P-270 SRs.56,5003112V200 AH(20 HR)32.97
28Volta P-290 ZRs.61,0003312V215 AH(20 HR)35.06
29Volta IPS 1200-DRs.48,2001912V120 AH(20 HR)24.20
30Volta IPS 1300-DRs.51,5002112V130 AH(20 HR)26.90
31Volta IPS 1600-DRs.53,4002312V160 AH(20 HR)30.00
32Volta IPS 2000-DRs.55,5002512V170 AH(20 HR)32.60
33Volta DIN44Rs.17,500912V44 AH(20 HR)9.95
34Volta DIN55Rs.27,3001112V55 AH(20 HR)11.80
35Volta DIN66Rs.30,5001312V66 AH(20 HR)13.55
36Volta DIN72Rs.31,3001212V72 AH(20 HR)15.35
37Volta DIN88Rs.35,5001712V88 AH(20 HR)17.45
38Volta DIN92Rs.39,3001912V92 AH(20 HR)19.30


Volta Maintenance Free Batteries, available now in Pakistan from Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited. This innovative battery solution is designed to eliminate the need for water addition throughout the entire battery life, making it an ideal option for those who want a reliable and easy-to-use power source. Plus, with a range of different sizes and models available, there is sure to be a Volta Maintenance Free Battery to suit your needs and budget.

1Volta MF 40GENRs.7,100512V20 AH(20 HR)7.50
2Volta MF 50Rs.11,400912V38 AH(20 HR)10.00
3Volta MF 60Rs.12,9001112V40 AH(20 HR)11.00
4Volta MF 70Rs.13,7001112V48 AH(20 HR)12.20
5Volta MF 72LRs.15,0001212V48 AH(20 HR)13.20
6Volta MF 75Rs.14,800912V50 AH(20 HR)14.75
7Volta MF 55D23LRs.16,0001112V55 AH(20 HR)15.80
8Volta MF 80Rs.17,2501112V75 AH(20 HR)17.00
9Volta MF 80D23LRs.24,5961112V75 AH(20 HR)18.93
10Volta MF 95Rs.26,5001312V78 AH(20 HR)19.25
11Volta MF-90D31R/LRs.25,0001212V75 AH(20 HR)18.93
12Volta MF 100Rs.20,0001312V80 AH(20 HR)19.80
13Volta MF 110Rs.22,7501512V90 AH(20 HR)20.85
14Volta MF-6×15-(SLI)Rs.23,5001512V100 AH(20 HR)24.53
15Volta MF-N100-(SLI)Rs.25,5001712V100 AH(20 HR)25.5
16Volta MF-N120-(SLI)Rs.29,5002112V120 AH(20 HR)34.5
17Volta MF-N150-(SLI)Rs.33,0002512V150 AH(20 HR)42.0
18Volta MF DIN 55Rs.24,0001112V55 AH(20 HR)15.75
19Volta MF DIN 66Rs.27,7501312V66 AH(20 HR)18.35
20Volta MF DIN 88Rs.40,4131712V88 AH(20 HR)23.50


Tubular Plate Flooded Lead Acid Batteries. As the first company in Pakistan to manufacture this type of battery, they come with unique features that set them apart from SLI and UPS batteries. These batteries feature a Tubular Plate for positive charges and a thick negative plate to enhance their overall performance. Whether you’re using them in deep cycle, solar or UPS applications, these batteries are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With the durability and longevity they offer, they are definitely worth considering.

1Volta TA-600Rs.7,500 – 20,000312V45 AH(20 HR)14.9
2Volta TA-700Rs. N/A512V75 AH(20 HR)20.1
3Volta TA-1000Rs. 14,635512V80 AH(20 HR)30.5
4Volta TA-1200Rs. 50,500712V125 AH(20 HR)37.7
5Volta TA-1100Rs. 15,813512V90 AH(20 HR)41.0
6Volta TA-1300Rs. N/A712V110 AH(20 HR)45.90
7Volta TA-1400Rs. N/A712V135 AH(20 HR)47.60
8Volta TA-1500Rs. 20,216512V140 AH(20 HR)46.9
9Volta TA-1600Rs. 52,750912V150 AH(20 HR)48.9
10Volta TA-1700Rs. 26,851712V170 AH(20 HR)53.50
11Volta TA-2000Rs. 72,250912V230 AH(20 HR)61.5
12Volta TA-1800Rs. 54,000512V185 AH(20 HR)54.9
13Volta TA-2500Rs. 69,400712V230 AH(20 HR)63.5
14Volta TA-3000Rs. 79,800912V260 AH(20 HR)72.7


Volta Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA). Specifically designed for high-performance needs, this battery series boasts a longer deep cycle life and better discharge performance due to its unique multi-element alloy grid. The front access and top access design allows for easy connection with external circuits, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. While the price of these batteries in Pakistan may vary, their durability and high-quality performance make them a smart investment for anyone seeking a trustworthy and long lasting power source.

1Volta NP5-12Rs.1,70012V5 AH(20 HR)1.65
2Volta NP7-12Rs.3,94012V7.2 AH(20 HR)2.5
3Volta NP12-12Rs. N/A12V12 AH(20 HR)3.6
4Volta 6-GFM-18Rs. N/A12V18 AH(20 HR)5.7
5Volta 6-GFMJ-20Rs. N/A12V20 AH(20 HR)8.0
6Volta 6-GFMJ-28Rs. N/A12V28 AH(20 HR)9.8
7Volta 6-GFMJ-45Rs. N/A12V45 AH(20 HR)14.30
8Volta 6-FMX 75 BRs. N/A12V75 AH(20 HR)26.00
9Volta 6-FMX 100 BRs. N/A12V100 AH(20 HR)32.00
10Volta 6-FMX 120 BRs. N/A12V120 AH(20 HR)40.00
11Volta 6-FMX 150 BRs. N/A12V150 AH(20 HR)48.00
12Volta 6-FMX 180 BRs. N/A12V180 AH(20 HR)60.00
13Volta 6-GFM 80Rs. N/A12V80 AH(20 HR)25.00
14Volta 6-GFM 200Rs. N/A12V200 AH(20 HR)68.00
15Volta GFM 200Rs. N/A12V200 AH(20 HR)15.00
16Volta GFM 300Rs. N/A12V300 AH(20 HR)21.00
17Volta GFM 400Rs. N/A12V400 AH(20 HR)28.00
18Volta GFM 500Rs. N/A12V500 AH(20 HR)35.00
19Volta GFM 600Rs. N/A12V600 AH(20 HR)42.00
20Volta GFM 800Rs. N/A12V800 AH(20 HR)56.00
21Volta GFM 1000Rs. N/A12V1000 AH(20 HR)69.00
22Volta GFM 1500Rs. N/A12V1500 AH(20 HR)102.00
23Volta GFM 2000Rs. N/A12V2000 AH(20 HR)135.00
24Volta GFM 3000Rs. N/A12V3000 AH(20 HR)199.00