Vermicelli / Seviyan Price in Pakistan

Seviyan, also known as vermicelli in English, is a traditional sweet delicacy that has charmed the hearts of foodies all over Pakistan for centuries. This deliciously treat comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes and is consumed during festive occasions such as Eid or other special events. In recent years seviyan packet price in Pakistan has seen a considerable jump due to factors such as inflation, increased commodity prices and inconsistency in supply. Despite this trend however, people still crave these delectable Dish when they want something sweet on any occaution.

Best Seviyan Brands in Pakistan with Prices

Seviyan, also known as vermicelli, is an essential ingredient in Pakistan’s cuisine. It’s easy to prepare and perfect for sweet and savory dishes alike. That’s why it’s essential to find the best quality seviyan available in the market. Luckily, Pakistan has several incredible brands that offer excellent quality seviyan at reasonable prices. One of the most popular brands is National Vermicelli, known for producing high quality seviyan that easily absorb flavors. Another brand that Pakistanis swear by is Jazaa Vermicelli, which has a fantastic taste and texture. Moreover, Lazzat Vermicelli Pack is another great option for a delicious and affordable option. Lastly, Kolson Vermicelli U Shape has gained a reputation for its outstanding seviyan quality that is a delightful addition to any dish. So, whether you’re planning to make seviyan kheer or sheer khurma, you’re sure to enjoy the taste of these fantastic Pakistani brands.

Vermicelli Price in Pakistan

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Kolson Vermicelli U Shape150GMRs. 53
2Bake Parlor Roasted Vermicelli425GMRs. 95
3Cut Vermicelli Plain375GMRs. 90
4Bake Parlor Colored & Flavoured Vermicelli400GMRs. 100
5Kolson Pasta Vermicelli – Sawaiyan375GMRs. 100
6Jazaa Vermicelli150GMRs. 65
7Suree Rice Vermicelli400GMRs. 600
8Desi Food Industries Vermicelli – Pack of 5150GMRs. 244
9Lazzat Vermicelli Pack – Eid Special150GMRs. 66
10Hand Made Vermicelli Box Pack500GMRs. 447
11Kolson Dhanak Colorful Vermicelli400GMRs. 199
12National Vermicelli150GMRs. 90