Top 10 Best Indoor & Rooftop Cricket In Lahore Pakistan

Cricket, the heartbeat of Pakistan, has a rich culture in Lahore, with indoor and rooftop venues that offer enthusiasts an opportunity to play their favorite sport all year round. These venues, with their top notch facilities and convenient locations, have created a safe haven for cricket lovers to enjoy the game regardless of weather conditions.

One of the top indoor cricket facilities in Lahore is The Pavilion End Club. This club has a state of the art indoor cricket stadium, which provides a professional environment for players. With well maintained pitches, excellent lighting, and high quality equipment, the club takes the indoor cricket experience to a whole new level.

If you’re a fan of rooftop cricket, The Royal Rodale Club should be on your list. Known for its beautiful rooftop cricket ground, the club brings together fun, fitness, and a spectacular view of the city. The ground is well maintained and offers adequate equipment for an exciting game.

Another noteworthy mention is The Defence Raya Golf & Country Club. While renowned for its golf course, the club also hosts an indoor cricket facility. The facility has excellent lighting, good quality pitches, and top of the line equipment available for all players.

Not to be forgotten is The Lahore Gymkhana Club, which boasts one of the best indoor cricket facilities in the city. With its exceptional indoor cricket ground, this club offers a fantastic playing experience. The ground is well equipped and maintained, and the club provides all necessary equipment.

Lahore offers an array of excellent indoor and rooftop cricket facilities. All the aforementioned venues provide high quality pitches, excellent lighting, and the necessary equipment for a great cricket match.

Key Features:

  • Top notch facilities.
  • Convenient Locations.
  • Year round access.
  • Professional environments.
  • High quality pitches and equipment.

Top 10 Best Indoor & Rooftop Cricket In Lahore Pakistan

Discover the best indoor and rooftop cricket venues in Lahore, Pakistan. Enjoy your favorite sport all year round in top notch facilities, with high quality pitches and equipment. Get ready for an unparalleled cricket experience.

1.Play On Lahore

If you’re a cricket enthusiast in Lahore, Play On Lahore is the place to be. This indoor and rooftop sports facility located at Bedian Road has everything you need to enjoy the sport with your friends and family. From batting cages to bowling alleys, Play On Lahore offers a range of fun activities to suit all ages and skill levels. But what really sets them apart is their commitment to safety and creating a welcoming environment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, their friendly staff will be happy to assist you in booking your cricket experience. So why not come and join the fun? Play On Lahore is open 7 days a week, ready to provide you with the best cricket experience in the city.

Address: Branch 1: Play On Lahore, Sunny Park, PCSIR 2. Branch 2: Play On Lahore, Bedian Road. Branch 3: Model Town, R Block, Pindi Gymkhana Cricket Club, Lahore, Pakistan

2.The Rooftop Cricket

Cricket is a sport that brings people together in a way unlike any other. And what better way to enjoy it than in a unique and exciting environment like The Rooftop Cricket? Located in the heart of Shadbagh, Lahore, this indoor and rooftop facility has been designed with cricketers in mind. Boasting the latest equipment and top-notch safety measures, The Rooftop Cricket provides a worry-free space to enjoy the game you love. But it’s not just about playing cricket here – you can savor some delicious snacks while watching your favorite matches too. And with coaching sessions available to help improve your skills, this truly is a one of a kind cricket experience. So why wait? Pick up the phone and book your slot now to see what The Rooftop Cricket is all about.

Address: Shadbagh Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

3.Al Rafy Rooftop Arena

Cricket enthusiasts in Lahore, listen up. Al Rafy Rooftop Arena is a place you should definitely check out. This amazing indoor and rooftop cricket facility is located on Zarrar Shaheed Road, Al-Faisal Town, just a short distance from the city center. It offers top-of-the-line amenities and fully modern facilities that will take your cricket experience to the next level. Whether you’re an avid player or simply a fan of the game, Al Rafy Rooftop Arena guarantees to provide you with an unforgettable time. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself and see why it is the best in Lahore.

The Al Rafy Rooftop Arena is a haven for cricket enthusiasts seeking to practice their skills on some of the best pitches in town. The arena boasts six professional-grade cricket pitches, each with its own dedicated scorers’ room and commentary area. What sets this arena apart is its unique rooftop feature that allows plenty of natural light and air circulation, ensuring a comfortable playing experience. The artificial turf is imported from Europe, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The arena offers a full range of equipment for cricket players, from bats, balls to pads and helmets. Along with that, it has five high-quality training rooms, outfitted with audio visual aids to help players improve their technique. For those who want to watch cricket games on a big screen with friends, the lounge area is perfect. Whether you’re looking to practice or play, Al Rafy’s got you covered. Get in touch with them today!

Address: near jorypul, 4 Zarrar Shaheed Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Phone: 0324 7222227

4.The Pavilion

For cricket enthusiasts in Lahore, The Pavilion Top Cricket Best Indoor & Rooftop Cricket is an absolute must-visit. This facility boasts a spacious court that is equipped with all the necessary amenities one needs to have a fantastic time. Flood lights allow for evening games, and drinks and even toilets are provided for maximum convenience. One of the most attractive aspects of this facility is its affordability, clocking in at just Rs. 1500 per hour. With friendly staff and exceptional customer service, you and your friends or family can indulge in a fun cricket game without breaking the bank. So hurry and book your slot by calling 923247090830 an excellent game of cricket at The Pavilion awaits!

Address: The Pavilion, 17-B1 Main Boulevard Engineers Town, Lahore or The Pavilion Executive, 2-A3 Main Boulevard Engineers Town, Lahore.
Phone: +923247090830, +923097414041
Email: or

5.Straight Drive

When it comes to cricket, Straight Drive Top Cricket is the place to be. Offering both indoor and rooftop cricket, the Lahore based establishment is perfect for those who want to enjoy the game with friends or colleagues. The single court is equipped with all the necessary features, such as floodlights, parking, drinks, and toilets, to make your cricketing experience convenient and enjoyable. Customers can avail themselves of the facilities at affordable rates, with prices starting at just Rs. 1500 per hour. If you’re looking for a fast paced and fun game of cricket, look no further than Straight Drive Top Cricket. Make your booking now by calling +923218806039.

Address: Service Road, Quaid Azam Interchange , Lahore, Pakistan

Phone: +923218806039

6. 5th Generation Sports Complex

5th Generation Sports Complex is the ultimate destination for cricket enthusiasts in Lahore. With its top notch indoor & rooftop facilities, it promises an exceptional experience for players and spectators alike. Situated in the heart of Sector Y DHA Phase 8, the complex boasts top of the line amenities, including a single court, flood lights, drinks, and parking. But what sets it apart is its affordable rates, with a cost of only Rs. 1500 per hour. So whether you’re a beginner looking to practice your skills or a seasoned cricket player, 5th Generation Sports Complex is a must visit destination. Don’t hesitate to give them a call at +923330001333 to learn more about this amazing facility.

Address: 5th generation adjacent Y Block,Phase 8,Near Nawaz sharif Interchange, Jamun, Lahore, Pakistan

Phone: +923330001333

7. 1Q Sports complex in Lahore

If you’re a cricket fan in the vibrant city of Lahore, then you need to check out Block Q Gulberg 2. This venue offers both indoor and rooftop cricket experiences, making it the perfect destination for a fun night out with friends or family. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, their professional team will provide an unforgettable experience, with competitive or casual play options available. You can enjoy all of this for just Rs. 4000 per hour, which is a great value for one of the best cricket courts in town. So, don’t wait any longer, give Block Q Gulberg 2 a call at +923061477952 and experience the thrill of cricket in one of Pakistan’s most exciting cities.

Address: Tevta Rd, Block D Block Q Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
Phone: 0306 1477952

8.Arena 360

Cricket enthusiasts, are you tired of playing in overcrowded, poorly maintained facilities? Then you need to check out Arena 360’s top Cricket Best Indoor & Rooftop facility in Lahore. Located in Expo Avenue Society, the facility boasts top of the line equipment to ensure an optimal cricket experience. The spacious court provides ample space for you and your team to move around and practice your skills. What’s more, the expert staff are dedicated to ensuring that your every visit is enjoyable and memorable. At Rs. 1500 per hour, it’s an affordable option for those seeking quality indoor cricket. Don’t wait, call +923235192477 to book your court today at Arena 360.

Address: 40, Expo Avenue Society, Lahore, Punjab
Phone: 0323 5192477

9.AIO Sports Arena

AIO Sports Arena is the ultimate destination for cricket enthusiasts in Lahore. Located in Block P, Dha Rahbar Phase 2, this indoor arena promises a world-class cricketing experience for players of all ages and levels. With highly maintained courts and modern equipment, AIO Sports Arena provides a safe and exciting environment for players to practice and play matches. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the friendly and knowledgeable staff are always there to guide you through the game and help you enhance your skills. The added bonus of snacks and refreshments makes this arena the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the sport you love. So, whether you want to practice your pitch or book a game with your friends, AIO Sports Arena is the ideal choice.

Address: Main boulevard Khayaban-e-Amin, Defence Rd, Block P Dha Rahbar Phase 2 Dha Rahbar, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
Phone: 0331 4214424

10.Champions Arena

Cricket enthusiasts, rejoice. Champions Arena is the ultimate indoor cricket venue in Lahore, boasting high-quality courts and a charming ambiance perfect for any cricket enthusiast out there. Set in WAPDA Town Block H 1, the facility is designed to cater to all your cricketing needs, whether you’re looking to rehearse your batting technique or join a cricket league. The venue’s exclusive cricket court rates are Rs. 1500 per hour and are equipped with all the latest cricketing tools and amenities to provide you with an unmatched cricketing experience. In addition, the facility has snack bars and changing rooms, making your stay at Champions Arena both comfortable and enjoyable. So Book a court today by calling +923214918189 and see for yourself why Champions Arena is the go-to place for all cricketing enthusiasts.

Address: Jhelum Rd, WAPDA Town Block H 1 Sattoo Katla, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
Phone: 0321 4918189

Others Places for Indoor & Rooftop Cricket in Lahore

  • Sports Pitch Arena Nasheman Iqbal Phase 1 Nasheman-e-Iqbal Housing Society Lahore
  • Sports In Sunny Park Lahore
  • Sports Brigade Al-Hamra Town Al Hamra Town, Lahore
  • Sporto – Indoor Cricket and Football 12 km Bedian Road Lahore
  • Sports Pitch Arena Nasheman Iqbal Phase 1 Nasheman-e-Iqbal Housing Society Lahore
  • Sports In Sunny Park Lahore
  • Sports Brigade Al-Hamra Town Al Hamra Town, Lahore
  • Sporto – Indoor Cricket and Football 12 km Bedian Road Lahore
  • xx Sports Complex DHA Phase 3, Lahore
  • Titans Sports Arena Park View, Lahore
  • The Turf Block A Revenue Society Lahore
  • TeamUp – Sports Arena Street Number 1 Sadaat Town
  • Super Over Aabpara Housing Society Lahore
  • Stadium of Lights Valencia Main Blvd Block A Naz Town


In conclusion, the indoor and rooftop cricket venues of Lahore are much more than sports facilities. They are hubs of social interaction, centers for nurturing talent, promoters of health and wellness, contributors to the local economy, and cultivators of essential life skills. These venues encapsulate the spirit of cricket and the passion of Lahoris, offering a unique cricketing experience that transcends beyond the sport itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the opening hours of the indoor and rooftop cricket venues in Lahore?

The opening hours differ for each venue, but they generally operate from early morning until late at night to accommodate various schedules. We recommend contacting the specific venue for the most accurate information.

2. Do these venues provide cricket equipment?

Yes, top-notch cricket equipment is available at these venues. However, you may bring your own equipment if you prefer.

3. Are these venues suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. These venues cater to cricket lovers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players.

4. Is there any safety measure in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, all venues strictly adhere to the government’s safety protocols, including regular sanitization, temperature checks, and social distancing guidelines.

5. Can these venues be booked for private events or tournaments?

Most venues offer the option to book for private events or tournaments. Contact the specific facility to get more information and book your event.

6. How do these venues contribute to the local economy?

These venues generate revenue through bookings and events, providing employment opportunities and attracting cricket enthusiasts to the city. The financial flow helps boost the local economy.

7. Do these venues offer coaching or training sessions?

Many of these venues offer coaching sessions for players of all ages and skill levels. You can contact the specific venue for more details about their training programs.

8. What is the cost of booking a cricket session at these venues?

The cost may vary depending on the specific venue and time slot. For accurate pricing information, please contact the venue directly.

9. How can I book a cricket session at these venues?

You can usually book a session online through the venue’s website or by contacting them directly via phone or email.