Tez Raftar Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

Redefining efficiency and affordability in Pakistan’s transportation landscape, the Tez Raftar Rickshaw emerges as a game changing trifecta of speed, comfort, and economy. Unknown to many, the Rickshaw industry is a thriving marketplace, pulsating with innovation and competition. Amidst this fierce rivalry, Tez Raftar stands tall, offering an unparalleled tricycle ride experience that aligns with the budgetary constraints of the common man.

Fueled with a 200cc engine, the Tez Raftar Rickshaw is engineered to conquer the chaotic city traffic with agility and precision. Unprecedented in its speed, its moniker ‘Tez Raftar’ meaning ‘high speed’ in Urdu, is no overstatement. Yet, it does not compromise safety for speed, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for both the driver and the passenger.

Moving past just performance, this rickshaw is also visually appealing. The design sensibility of Tez Raftar Rickshaw is minimalist chic, with an injection of vibrant colors that are emblematic of Pakistan’s rich cultural tapestry. The vehicle boasts a wide and comfortable seat, superior suspension, and a robust body structure, ensuring durability and longevity.

Additionally, the Tez Raftar Rickshaw is eco friendly. It runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), a clean burning fuel, reducing its carbon footprint significantly. Not only is this a boon for the environment, but also for the pocket, given that CNG is considerably cheaper than other fuels.

Now, onto the crux of the matter, the price. The Tez Raftar Rickshaw comes with an affordable price tag that sets it apart in the crowded rickshaw market. Despite the high inflation rates, this vehicle remains a cost effective option, making it a popular choice amongst the masses.

Now let’s encapsulate the key features:

  • High speed 200cc engine
  • Safety ensured
  • Visually appealing and comfortable
  • Eco friendly, CNG run vehicle
  • Affordable price tag

Tez Raftar Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

The Tez Raftar Rickshaw has been making waves in Pakistan’s transportation industry, thanks to its efficiency, affordability, and durability. Its sleek design and comfortable seats have made it a favorite among commuters, while its low fuel consumption has made it a popular choice for drivers looking to save money. The Tez Raftar Rickshaw also boasts impressive safety features, making it a reliable option for those looking for a safe ride. If you’re on the hunt for a new mode of transportation in Pakistan but are concerned about the cost, the Tez Raftar Rickshaw is an excellent option. Its affordable price tag makes it accessible to all, without compromising on quality.

Tez Raftar Rickshaw Price | CNG Auto Rickshaws Price List

Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw 3 Seater – SUPREME Beige Hood, Single Head Light with Ceiling200cc3Rs.417,000 PKR
Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw (6-Seater) F2F (Face to Face Seating) Blue Hood, Double Head Light with Ceiling200cc6Rs.442,000 PKR
Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw 10 Seater, PICK UP (School Van) Double Head Light200cc10Rs.477,000 PKR
Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw (9-Seater) DECA Beige Hood, Double Head Light with Ceiling200cc9Rs.461,000 PKR
Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw (6-Seater) – SIXER (Tanga Body) Beige Hood, Single Head Light with Ceiling & Back Foot Rest200cc6Rs.447,000 PKR
Pick-Up XL200cc10Rs.502,000 PKR
Sixer-Tanga Body200cc6Rs.442,000 PKR

Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (6-Seater)

Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw. With a seating capacity of six, the Tanga Body Beige Hood design provides ample space for everyone to stretch out and enjoy the ride. Featuring a powerful 4 stroke, water cooling engine, this auto rickshaw can handle even the toughest terrains with ease. Plus, with a single headlight and back foot rest, you can rest assured that your passengers will be comfortable and safe on every journey. Whether you’re running errands or exploring new destinations, the Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw is the perfect vehicle for you.

Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw (10-Seater)

The Tez Raftar 200cc Auto Rickshaw is the perfect solution for transportation needs in areas where larger vehicles may not be able to navigate easily. With a seating capacity of 10, this auto rickshaw is great for schools, and the PICK-UP XL-Model, complete with double headlight, is the perfect option for school vans. The engine type is 4 stroke, water cooling, providing reliable and efficient performance. The front brake is mechanical and leather while the rear brakes are hydraulic and leather, ensuring the utmost safety for passengers.

Tez Raftar Motorcycle Loader Price

1Tez Raftar 4 Stroke Cargo Loader (TR150-A)150ccRs. 289,520
2Tez Raftar Motorcycle Loader – TR150-A(B) with Power Gear150ccRs. 420,000
3Tez Raftar Motorcycle Loader HI-CABIN with Power Gear – TR150-A(B-HC)150ccRs. 435,000
4Tez Raftar Motorcycle Loader with Power Gear & Wind Screen – TR150-A(B-WS)150ccRs. 436,000
5Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw Loader XXL-Model HI-CABIN with Power Gear Double Head Light 200ccRs. 529,000
6Tez Raftar Auto Rickshaw Loader | CARGO BOX XL-MODEL (Container 81 X 52 X 60 /65 inch ) Double Head Light 200ccRs. 538,000

Unmatched Performance

Racing through the urban jungle requires a machine that embodies power, precision, and agility. The Tez Raftar Rickshaw, fitted with a potent 200cc engine, delivers on all fronts. Its vibrant performance ensures you’re never late, be it for work, a social gathering, or a sudden emergency.

Safety – A Paramount Concern

While speed thrills, it’s safety that ensures a seamless ride experience. Tez Raftar understands this critical need, offering robust safety features that promise a secure journey. Its sturdy body structure and superior suspension system are designed to withstand the unpredictable city traffic, keeping the driver and passengers secure at all times.

Aesthetics – The Union of Function and Form

The Tez Raftar Rickshaw is not just about function it is a moving canvas that reflects Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. Its minimalistic yet vibrant design resonates with the dynamic spirit of the city, making every ride a visual treat.

Embracing Green – The Eco-friendly Choice

In a world grappling with environmental issues, choosing Tez Raftar is a step towards a greener future. Running on Compressed Natural Gas, it minimizes pollution, aligning with global sustainability goals. Riding Tez Raftar means you’re not just saving on fuel costs, but also contributing to a healthier planet.

Affordability – The Game Changer

In the competitive rickshaw market, price is a decisive factor. Tez Raftar breaks the stereotype that quality comes with a hefty price tag. Despite offering top notch features and superior comfort, it remains a cost effective option, making it a favorite among the masses.

About Tez Raftar – Redefining Transportation

Founded with a vision to revolutionize Pakistan’s transportation sector, Tez Raftar has consistently delivered on its promise of speed, comfort, and affordability. Its commitment to quality and sustainability, coupled with a keen understanding of the market dynamics, positions it as a frontrunner in the rickshaw industry.

Impact on the Economy – A Ripple Effect

Tez Raftar’s economical pricing and fuel efficiency have not only made it a champion among consumers but also stimulated local economies. By providing affordable transportation, it has enabled small businesses and daily wage workers to save on travel costs, in turn, contributing to their financial stability.

Conclusion – The Road Ahead

In conclusion, the Tez Raftar Rickshaw is more than just a vehicle it is a symbol of resilience and innovation in Pakistan’s transportation landscape. With its exceptional performance, safety measures, appealing aesthetics, eco friendly operations, and affordability, Tez Raftar is indeed a game changer. As it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing market needs, the future of urban commuting in Pakistan looks promising.