TCS Courier Rates List 2024

TCS Courier, one of the leading providers of full service shipping solutions. Boasting multiple years of experience in the delivery industry and encompassing services ranging from essential postal solutions to intricate white glove deliveries, TCS enables businesses of all sizes to meet their logistical needs far more efficiently than ever before. With comprehensive tracking systems allowing customers real time updates on their packages’ whereabouts, unprecedented customer service options backed by data driven insights, and end-to-end cargo insurance coverage that offers additional peace of mind for thousands worldwide every day it is easy to see why many are entrusting their products into the hands of TCS professionals.

About TCS Courier

TCS Courier has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1983 with just 25 shipments on its first day of operation. What started as a small courier service has grown to become a go-to name for a wide range of logistics services in Pakistan. With its focus on providing exceptional customer service, TCS has transformed into a strategic insights-driven logistics company that is now on its way to becoming the backbone of the country’s logistics industry. At the heart of TCS’s success is its people, who prioritize its customers above everything else. TCS’s dedication to providing the highest standards of service proves that technology can only do so much, and it is the people who drive the company’s growth and success.

TCS Courier Rates List

Sending a package or document has become much easier with the help of courier services. In Pakistan, TCS is a popular choice among people who want to send their parcels safely and quickly. However, individuals who are uninformed about the TCS courier rates list might face difficulty in deciding which courier service to use. The rates of TCS courier service vary depending on the size, weight, distance, and type of package. It is, therefore, important for people to be aware of the courier rates list to make an informed decision. Knowing the rates in advance can also help people plan their budget and avoid any unexpected expenses at the time of sending a package.

Send Same Day Express Rate List

WeightPriceDestinationEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Upto 1 KGRs. 90 to 150Within CityRs. 35
Upto 1 KGRs. 350 to 400City to CityRs. 7

Send Extra Special Express Rate List

WeightPriceDestinationEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Upto 1 KGRs. 150 to 200Within CityRs. 45
Upto 1 KGRs. 400 to 450City to CityRs. 8 0

Send Over Night Express Rate List

WeightPriceDestinationEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Upto 0.5 KGRs. 50 to 60Within CityRs. 40
0.6 – 1 KGRs. 70 to 80Within CityRs. 40
Upto 0.5 KGRs. 55Same ZoneRs. 50
0.6 – 1 KGRs. 80Same ZoneRs. 50
Upto 0.5 KGRs.100Different ZoneRs. 60
0.6 – 1 KGRs. 140Different ZoneRs. 60

TCS Red Box Courier Prices List

Send your PackageInside of City
2 KGRs. 87
5 KGRs. 161
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.30
10 KGRs. 204
25 KGRs. 300
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 20
Send your PackageSend Same Zone
2 KGRs.126
5 KGRs. 213
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.50
10 KGRs. 300
25 KGRs. 517
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 30
Send your PackageOutside of City
2 KGRs.152
5 KGRs. 326
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.80
10 KGRs. 517
25 KGRs. 935
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 50

Send Second Day Express Courier Rate List

WeightPriceDestinationEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Upto 3 KGRs. 200 to 260Within CityRs. 70

Send 3rd Day Overland Express Courier Prices

WeightPriceDestinationEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Upto 10 KGRs. 300 to 380Within CityRs. 70
DomesticStandardDelivery in day light, connecting more than 90% destination on overnight.
DomesticRed BoxVariety of boxes with extra care.
DomesticEconomyReliable service at economical rates, with KPI 48 hours plus.
DomesticMehfoozDelivery of valuables with extra protection.
DomesticSpeedyDelivery of extremely urgent shipments, same day delivery.
DomesticTime ChoiceDelivery of valuables with extra protection at selected time.
DomesticSunday / HolidayDelivery on Sunday/Holiday at designated location.

TCS Courier Prices List International

TCS Courier provides best rates for Pakistan to Dubai and Dubai to Pakistan international delivery. With TCS, you can send your packages quickly and securely.

TCS International Rates Per KG in Pakistan

DetailsRates Per KG
Pakistan to UAE shipping charges$27.22
Pakistan to UK courier charges per Kg$35.55
Pakistan to Dubai shipping rates$27.22
Pakistan to USA TCS courier rates$42.89
Pakistan to Africa parcel rates$62.31
Pakistan to Netherland Tcs parcel charges$37.36

If You are Searching a Good Courier Company For Sending Your Packages Pakistan to Dubai Then The Cost For Half Kilogram is $13.71.

Send From Pakistan to Dubai Tcs Rate

Send your PackageFrom Pakistan to Dubai
Up to Half KG$13.71 Dollar
Every addition of Half Kg2.42 Dollar
Up to First KG16 Dollar
In addition of next Half KG3.23 Dollar

Send From Dubai to Pakistan TCS Rate:

Send your PackageFrom Dubai to Pakistan:
For 1st Half KG14.52 Dollar
Every addition of Half Kg4.84 Dollar
Up to First KG24.19 Dollar
In addition of next Half KG4.84 Dollar