Sound Proof Generator Price In Pakistan

The best sound proof generator in Pakistan? Whether you need to find a reliable backup power source for a business or home, having access to efficient and quiet generator models is essential. The latest soundproof generators have come a long way in providing reliable performance without disrupting your life with excessive noise. but how do you know which one you should be Buying in? To help answer this question, we’ve put together an informative guide on the most popular Pakistani generator prices and brands, as well as some key tips on finding the right machine for your needs. Read on to learn more about what makes these generators so great, explore the various features available across different models, and understand what kind of budget it will take to install one of these powerful machines.

Sound Proof Generator Brands & Price in Pakistan

In the country of Pakistan, the importance of a soundproof generator cannot be understated. With options like the canopy generator, Perkins generator, and Japan Yanmar generator, finding the right brand to suit your needs has never been easier. Perhaps you’re in need of a generator for your small business or home, or maybe you require a more powerful model for industrial purposes. there’s a generator on the market for every situation, including the reliable JASCO generators. When it comes to the price, there are a range of options to fit any budget. So, whether you’re experiencing a power outage or simply looking for a reliable backup, Buying a soundproof generator is a wise decision.

Sound Proof Generator Price In Pakistan

2Perkins 13kva Diesel Generator SoundproofRs.850,000
3Rockman RC9600(Natural Gas & Petrol Generator) 8.0KVARs.104,599
4AG 10000 W-SE 8.0 KVA ( 6500 Watts) Petrol + Gas Canopy GeneratorRs.330,000
5Honda Generator EU 30is Rs.424,900
6CUMMINS 9KVA Petrol & Gas Soundproof GeneratorRs.355,000
7Yamaha 6.3 KVA Inverter Petrol Soundproof GeneratorRs.695,975
8Daewoo 5.3 KW Electric Start Diesel Soundproof Generator DDAE6100SERs.149,899
9PERKINS 60KVA Soundproof Diesel GeneratorRs.1,680,000


This JASCO 8 KVA SOUNPROOF CANOPY EPA 3 STANDARD Generator is the solution you have been looking for. It guarantees a continuous supply of stable and reliable power that can provide electricity to 10 fans, 20 lights, 1 fridge, 1 deep freezer, and even an air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 tons. Enjoy great convenience in your home without any disruption due to load shedding or sudden fluctuations in voltage. This generator runs on gasoline and will last you for years with regular maintenance.

AG 10000 W-SE 8.0 KVA (6500 Watts) Petrol + Gas Canopy Generator

The AG 10000 W-SE 8.0 KVA Gas Canopy Generator provides reliable power with a one year brand warranty, battery + gas kit + oil included, AC breaker, external charger, digital V.F.T meter and an original 4 wheel trolley. Its single cylinder engine is up to EURO 5 European emission standards and has a rated power/speed of 6.0 – 6.5 kw / 3000 rpm on both petrol and gas fuel types with a 24L fuel tank capacity and 1.1 liter lube oil capacity (20W50 SG grade). It also features a quiet 67dB noise level at 7 metres and a gross weight of 135/145 kgs for easy transportation when needed. Get the job done without any delay with this powerful and efficient engine.

Rockman RC9600(Natural Gas & Petrol Generator) 8.0KVA

The Rockman RC9600 Generator is a heavy duty powerhouse designed to give you maximum performance. The 420cc engine delivers 8.0KVA of power, and is surrounded by a super low sound muffler/silencer for quieter operation. This generator features 100% copper wire of the finest grade to ensure durability and heat proofing, an oil alert sensor that can detect any problems with the fuel system, and a smooth recoil grip for easy starting. Additionally, this model also includes a circuit breaker with electric shock proofing so you can operate it safely in any environment.

Honda Generator EU 30is Sound Proof

The Honda Generator EU 30is is an incredibly powerful and reliable Generator. Thanks to its GX200T2 engine, it has a displacement of 196cc and can run up to 7.1 hours on just 13 liters of fuel. It also comes with two starting systems: recoil starter and self starter, so you never have to worry about getting the generator going. With a rated output of 2.8kVA, 50Hz frequency and 220V voltage, this machine will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, with its 0.55 litre oil capacity and forced air cooling system, you don’t need to worry about overheating or running out of oil while using it. The Honda Generator EU 30is is the perfect Generator for both home and commercial use.

CUMMINS 9KVA Petrol & Gas Soundproof Generator

The Cummins 9KVA Petrol & Gas Soundproof Generator is designed to meet the needs of any worksite. It offers a powerful motor, 1 year brand warranty, and digital meter. This 2016 model generator also comes with free battery + gas kit + engine oil. The fuel capacity of this generator is 25 liters and it gives you 8 hours of running time on one full tank. With these features, it will be easy for you to keep powering your business despite interruptions in electricity supply.

Yamaha Sound Proof Inverter Petrol Generator 6.3 KVA EF6300iSE

The Yamaha Sound Proof Inverter Petrol Generator 6.3 KVA is the perfect choice for anyone wanting superior quality, reliability and performance. Produced with 100% Japanese craftsmanship, this generator is designed to meet your highest standards. With its sound proof canopy, this generator works efficiently while keeping noise levels low for a comfortable working experience. It also has an inverter type design that produces purest sinewave electricity. Plus, the 6.3 kVA max power ensures you have all the power you need without compromising on performance or efficiency. For added convenience, it comes with electric start (ignition/key start) as well as an economy control system for better fuel efficiency. With all these advanced features, the Yamaha Sound Proof Inverter Petrol Generator 6.3 KVA is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make their work easier and more efficient.

Daewoo 5.3 KW Electric Start Diesel Soundproof Generator DDAE6100SE

The Daewoo 5.3 KW Electric Start Diesel Soundproof Generator DDAE6100SE is the perfect solution for reliable power when you need it most. This generator features a sound proof canopy to minimize noise while in operation, and is powered by a 10 HP D400E diesel engine with 3000 rpm. The LED 3 Digital display panel allows for convenient monitoring of the system, while the emergency stop button meets European standards for safety. The oil alert system helps ensure that your generator runs smoothly without interruption, and the genuine battery can be called upon if needed. With 17 litres of fuel capacity and industrial type sockets that meet European standards as well, this generator is a dependable source of power wherever you may need it.

PERKINS 60KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

The PERKINS 60KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator is the perfect choice for any site, business or home. This generator offers a powerful output of 60 KVA/48 KW, 380/415 V and comes with all the necessary components to get you up and running quickly. It features 3 phase 4 wire power supply with 50 Hz frequency at 0.8 PF at 1500 RPM, along with starting batteries, exhaust silencer and a control panel that incorporates automatic engine shutdown if there’s high engine coolant temperature or low lube oil pressure.