Sonica Cables Price in Pakistan

The Sonica Cables offers a wide range of quality cables at affordable prices for all your electronic needs. Whether you’re a professional in need of high quality cables for your latest project or a home user searching for reliable and durable cables, you can find them all at Sonica Cables. From HDMI cables to USB cables and ethernet cables, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. With the Sonica Cables Price List in Pakistan, you can be sure to get superior quality products at competitive prices.

Sonica Cables Price in Pakistan

Searching for top quality cables can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for something specific that will fulfill all your requirements. When it comes to Sonica cables, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best. Made from 99.99% pure copper wire and imported P.V.C, these cables are attested from PCSIR and certified from ISO 9001 & 2015. This means that you can count on their superior quality, durability, and strength. Not only that, but these cables are also available at an affordable price in Pakistan, making them an excellent choice for anyone who needs reliable and high-quality cables without breaking the bank. Whether you need cables for your home entertainment system or commercial use, Sonica cables are the perfect choice.

Sonica Cables Price List in Pakistan

Cable TypesSizePrice in Pakistan
3/29 cable90 MeterRs.4,656
7/29 cable90 MeterRs.10,112
7/36 cable90 MeterRs.14,350
7/44 cable90 MeterRs.21,000
7/52 cable90 MeterRs.30,900
7/64 cable90 MeterRs.48,350
23/7690 MeterRs.1,200
40/7690 MeterRs.1,950
70/7690 MeterRs.4,770
110/7690 MeterRs.9,990
170/7690 MeterRs.14,800
190/7690 MeterRs.20,900
1/44 earthing cable90 MeterRs.3,150
10mmz90 MeterRs.3,090
16mmz90 MeterRs.48,800
1mmz90 MeterRs.3,510
1.5mmz90 MeterRs.5,150
2.5mmz90 MeterRs.10,200
4mmz90 MeterRs.14,300
6mmz90 MeterRs.20,850

General Wiring Cables BBS-2004

Cable Size1 Core 250/450v2 Core Flat 250/450v3 Core Round 600/1000v4 Core Round 600 1000v

General Wiring Cables BBS-6004

Cable Size1 Core 300/500v2 Core Flat 300/500v3 Core Round 600 / 1000v4 Core Round 1000v
4 mm2 (7/.036)Rs.15,350Rs.405**
6 mm2 (7/.044)Rs.22,850Rs.577**
10 mm2 (7/.052)Rs.35,000Rs.876**
16 mma (7/.064)Rs.51,700Rs.1,300**
1/. 044Rs.3,970

Flexible Cables BBS-6500

Cable Size1 Core 300/500v2 Core Flat 300/500v3 Core Round 600/1000v4 Core Round 600/1000v
23/76 (0.75mm) (6T)Rs.2,050Rs.6,250Rs.85Rs.110
40/76 (1mm)Rs.3,080Rs.8,525Rs.120Rs.155
70/76 (1.5mm)Rs.5,450Rs.14,500Rs.177Rs.238
110/76 (2.5mm)Rs.8,900Rs.21,700Rs.255Rs.350
170/76 (4mm)Rs.16,000Rs.36,900**
190/76 (6mm)Rs.23,900Rs.51,000**
10 mm2Rs.36,500***
16 mm2Rs.53,500***

Alluminium Cables

Cable Size1 Core 300/500v2 Core Flat 300/500v3 Core Round 600/1000v4 Core Round 600/1000v
10 mm2Rs.4,000Rs.11,150Rs.17,700Rs.24,000
16 mm2Rs.5,150Rs.15,000Rs.24,000Rs.32,300

Single Conductor Cables

1 mm2Rs.3,770IntercomCablesCoaxial Cables
1.5 mm2Rs.5,5301 PAIRRs.3,100RG6 (112 Wire)
2.5 mm2Rs.10,9702 PAIRRs.6,200Rs.4,830
4 mm2Rs.15,3703 PAIRRs.9,300RG7 (144 Wire)
6 mm2Rs.22,4004 PAIRRs.12,400Rs.6,400
10 mm2Rs.33,5005 PAIRRs.15,500RG11
16 mm2Rs.51,5006 PAIRRs.18,600Rs.11,100
8 PAIRRs.24,800
10 PAIRRs.31,000

Sonica Cables Contact Number

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