Sand Price in Pakistan

Sand is one of the most essential materials in the construction industry, used to make cement, concrete and many other products. Therefore, it’s important to know where you can purchase sand at an affordable price. Pakistan has many different suppliers of sand, so it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best prices for your project. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of sand available in Pakistan and the prices associated with each.

The most common type of sand found in Pakistan is river sand. This is a naturally occurring material that is gathered from rivers and streams throughout the country. River sand has been used for centuries in construction projects due to its affordability, availability, and ease of use. The average price for river sand in Pakistan is around Rs. 25 per cubic foot.

Sand Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is a densely populated country with a lot of construction activity because of it’s growing population. Therefore, there is a high demand for sand in the country and brands of sand can be found at various prices. Different regions across the country use different types of sand based on their local requirements and budget. The most commonly used type of sand in Pakistan is river sand, which not only has great compaction levels but is also cheaper than alternatives such as m-sand manufactured from granite. Prices can vary depending on the source, quality, and transport costs.

ریت / Sand Prices In Pakistan List

1Sand/ریتPer Cubic Feet/TrolleyPKR 12,000 to 23,000
2Sand ChenabCubic Ft.60.00
3Sand Ghassu (Slit Sand)Cubic Ft.28.00
4Sand GhaziCubic Ft.110.00
5Sand LawrencepurCubic Ft.105.00
6Sand RaviCubic Ft.42.00
7Sand BholariCubic Ft.50.00
8Sand Fresh NadiCubic Ft.44.00
9Sand HubCubic Ft.48.00
10Sand HyderabadCubic Ft.50.00
11Sand JhampirCubic Ft.44.00
12Sand KotriCubic Ft.50.00
13Sand LasbelaCubic Ft.48.00
14Sand MakliCubic Ft.45.00
15Sand MalirCubic Ft.32.00
16Sand MoramCubic Ft.22.00
17Sand ThattaCubic Ft.45.00
18Sand GhaziCubic Ft.42.00
19Sand LawrencepurCubic Ft.36.00

Which sand is best for construction in Pakistan?

The sand from the Chenab River is popular for its quality and is used widely for construction purposes in Pakistan. It has high compressive strength and low water absorption rate, making it ideal for brickwork, plastering as well as other tasks related to construction. The smoothness of the sand makes it easier to work with, giving a beautiful finish to the construction project. The sand from the Chenab River is readily available in the market, so you can easily purchase it in bulk and use it for your construction projects in Pakistan.


When it comes to construction projects, sand is an essential component that can greatly affect the project’s outcome. The type of sand used can impact a variety of factors from durability and strength to aesthetic appeal. In Pakistan, there are a number of different types of sands available for use in construction projects.

  • Sand Chenab
  • Sand Ghassu
  • Sand Ghazi
  • Sand Lawrencepur
  • Sand Ravi is amongst the most popular brands of sand used in construction projects.

Disclaimer: Each brand of sand has its own unique properties and should be used based on the specific needs of your construction project. Therefore, it is important to consult with a contractor or an industry expert before deciding which type of sand to use. Additionally, proper safety precautions should always be taken when using any type of building material.


Pakistan has eight different types of sand available for various uses. The most common types of sand used in Pakistan are fine sand, river sand, manufactured sand, pit sand, coarse sand, concrete sand, fill sand and utility sand.