Salt Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s rising food prices have been a major issue over the past few years, due to both global and local forces impacting the market. Salt is an everyday necessity that has not escaped this price hike either, making it increasingly difficult for consumers in Pakistan to afford it. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the current salt price in Pakistan, looking at how factors such as inflation, population growth and increased demand are increasing costs on consumers across the country.

Salt brands Prices in Pakistan

Although salt is a fairly inexpensive commodity, the prices of different salt brands in Pakistan vary significantly. With an array of various brands, consumers are presented with diverse price points with one brand being noticeably more expensive than others. Therefore, it is important for shoppers to acquire information about the products that best suit their needs and budget to ensure they receive optimal value for their money.

1 KG Salt Price in Pakistan

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1National Refined Salt800 GMRs. 50
2National Iodized Table Salt800 GMRs. 50
3Shan Refined Salt800 GMRs. 60
4Shan Iodized Salt800 GMRs. 60
5Shan Nutra Plus Salt Iodine Fortified800 GMRs. 22
6Shan Nutra Salt Premium800 GMRs. 22
7Metro Chef Iodized Salt 800 GMRs. 35
8Falak Iodized Salt800 GMRs. 33
9Rite Salt Pouch450 GMRs. 173
10HubSalt Vacuum Fine Grain Salt800 GMRs. 60
11HubSalt Vacuum Dried Iodised Salt800 GMRs. 60
12Himalayan White Salt Jar1 KGRs. 680

Himalayan Pink Salt Price in Pakistan

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1National Himalayan Pink Salt800 GMRs. 69
2Amaltaas Himalayan Mint Salt Per KGRs. 250
3Falak Himalayan Pink Fine Salt800 GMRs. 95
4Falak Himalayan Fine Pink Salt Bottle150 GMRs. 70
5Jazaa Himalayan Pink Salt Shaker Bottle500 GMRs. 110
6Malka Pink Himalayan Salt900 GMRs. 80
7Vital Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse800 GMRs. 135
8Shan Himalayan Pink Salt800 GMRs. 80
9Shan Teast Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt800 GMRs. 49
10Marhaba Himalayan Pink Salt800 GMRs. 85
11Himalayan Pink Salt – Fine Grain1 KGRs. 70
12Himalayan Pink Salt Jar1 KGRs. 680