Rs. 200 Prize Bond Result List Hyderabad Draw 95 15 September 2023

The latest draw for the Rs. 200 Prize Bond took place in Hyderabad on the 15th of September, 2023. This was the 95th draw for this denomination of Prize Bond, and it certainly generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among the participants.

As always, the lucky winner of the first prize has hit the jackpot and walked away with a whopping Rs. 750,000. The second prize had five winners, each of whom received Rs. 250,000. In addition to these, there were 2,394 third prizes, each worth Rs. 1,250. These figures are quite impressive, and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular form of lottery in the country.

This draw was conducted by the National Savings Pakistan, a department under the Ministry of Finance. The department holds these draws regularly, typically every three months for the Rs. 200 Prize Bond denomination. As a result, the next draw will likely be held in December 2023.

Participants can check if they’ve won by matching their bond number with the ones listed on the result list. It’s worth noting that any bonds that haven’t won in this draw are still eligible for subsequent draws, as long as they have not reached their maturity date.

Here are some of the key features of the Rs. 200 Prize Bond:

  • Managed by National Savings Pakistan, under the Ministry of Finance
  • First prize of Rs. 750,000
  • Five second prizes of Rs. 250,000 each
  • 2,394 third prizes of Rs. 1,250 each
  • Draws held every three months
  • Bonds remain eligible for future draws until maturity

Today Winning Serial Number Of Prize Bond Rs. 200 Draw 95 Result 15 September 2023 Hyderabad

Excitement builds up as the State Bank of Pakistan announces the winning serial number of Prize Bond Rs. 200 Draw 95 Result, held on 15th September 2023 in Hyderabad. One lucky winner will receive the coveted 1st prize of Rs.750,000, while five fortunate individuals will be awarded the second prize of Rs.250,000 each. The third and last prize of Rs.1,250 will be shared among 2394 lucky winners. The anticipation and thrill of the result have been palpable among the participants of this draw. The lucky person with the winning number is now just one step away from reaping the rewards of their perseverance and belief in their luck.

1st Prize Winner: “XXXXXXX“.

2nd Prize Winners: XXXXXXX“, “XXXXXXX“, “XXXXXXX.

3rd Prize Winners list:

Investing in Prize Bonds: A Wise Decision?

Investing in prize bonds can be a viable financial strategy for many. Unlike other forms of investment, such as stocks or real estate, prize bonds do not involve any risk of losing the principal amount. Even if your bond number doesn’t get drawn, you can still redeem it for its original value. Therefore, while the potential for extraordinary returns exists, your initial investment always remains safe.

How to Purchase Rs. 200 Prize Bonds

Purchasing Rs. 200 prize bonds is a straightforward process. They can be bought from any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan or authorized commercial banks. You just need to fill out a form, providing your complete information and the number of bonds you wish to purchase. Remember to keep your bond certificates safe, as they will be needed to claim any prizes you may win.

The Process of Prize Bond Draws

The prize bond draws are conducted in a transparent and fair manner. The draw is computerized and witnessed by representatives of the public. The bond numbers are chosen randomly, ensuring that every bond has an equal chance of winning. The results are then published on the National Savings Pakistan website and in major newspapers.

Opportunity for Future Draws

If your bond number did not come up in this draw, don’t lose heart. It will automatically be included in future draws until it reaches its maturity date. This provides multiple opportunities for you to win, making prize bonds an even more attractive option for many.

Tracking Your Prize Bond Numbers

Keeping track of your prize bond numbers is crucial for making sure you don’t miss out on any winnings. Fortunately, the National Savings Pakistan website provides an easy to use checking tool. By entering your bond number, you can quickly find out if it’s one of the lucky ones.

Redeeming Your Prize

Once you’ve confirmed that your prize bond number has won, the next step is to claim your prize. Winners can submit their claims at any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan or the National Savings Centers. It’s crucial to bring the necessary documents, including the original prize bond, along with a photocopy, and valid identification. Prizes are typically paid out in the form of a check.

The Benefits of Prize Bonds for the National Economy

Beyond the individual benefits to the bondholders, prize bonds also contribute significantly to the national economy. They are a crucial source of borrowing for the government and contribute to reducing the budget deficit. Moreover, they encourage a culture of savings among the public, which is beneficial for long term economic stability.


Prize bonds are a unique form of investment. They bring together the thrill of a lottery with the safety of a savings scheme. While the Rs. 200 Prize Bond might seem like a small investment, its potential returns are massive, and the fact that it remains eligible for future draws until maturity increases its attractiveness. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice, prize bonds can be an excellent addition to your financial portfolio.