Pakistan Cables Price List

Pakistan Cables has been a game changer ever since it first took the stage back in 1953. Being Pakistan’s most trusted electrical cable manufacturer, this giant has set the standard for quality and affordability. At Pakistan Cables, great customer service comes standard with our exceptional products. Pakistan Cables emphasis on quality Which has made their brand a top pick for architects, engineers, consultants, and individuals alike. No wonder Pakistan Cables have established their selves as one of the most reliable brands in Pakistan’s Cable Industry. It would be no exaggeration to say that Pakistan Cables sets the pace for excellence.

Pakistan Cables

Pakistan Cables has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the cable manufacturing industry. With its rich heritage, world class expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality, the company has earned the trust of countless satisfied customers both at home and abroad. Founded in 1953 by the late Mr. Amir Sultan Chinoy, Pakistan Cables came into existence through a joint venture with British Insulated Callender’s Cable (BICC), one of the leading cable manufacturing companies in the world during that time. Since then, Pakistan Cables has grown to become the most trusted cable manufacturer in the country. Its listing and trading as PCAL on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1955 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to its mission of providing superior quality products to its customers.

Pakistan Cables Prices in Pakistan

Following are the current prices for different types of Pak cables and wires in Pakistan;

Pakistan Cables TypesVoltageLenghtPrice
3/29 Cable Price in Pakistan250/440 V90m₨. 7,115
7/29 Cable Price in Pakistan250/440 V90m₨. 15,190
1×1 MM²450/750 V90m₨. 5,420
1×1.5 MM²450/750 V90m₨. 7,950
1×1.5 MM² (STRANDED)450/750 V90m₨. 8,565
1×2.5 MM²450/750 V90m₨. 12,965
1×2.5 MM² (STRANDED)450/750 V90m₨. 13,670
1×4 MM²450/750 V90m₨. 19,665
1×6 MM²450/750 V90mRs. 29,085
1×10 MM²450/750 V90m₨. 50,060
RG-6 (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil*90m₨. 12,025
RG-7 (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil*90m₨. 15,305
Networking Cable / CAT6 UTP PVC (4 Pair) 305 m*305 m₨. 52,145

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AddressArif Habib Center, 1st Floor, 23, MT Khan Road, Karachi.
Phone Number(021) 111-222-537
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