Pak Muzaffar Cables Price List

Pak Muzaffar Cables has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing cables to meet a wide range of customer needs. Whether you’re looking for industrial grade power cables, affordable coaxial wires, or the latest in high tech datacom solutions Pak Muzaffar Cables can offer the highest quality products at competitive market prices. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of best options and pricing packages available for purchase. So if you’re in the market for new cable technology, look no further than Pak Muzaffar’s comprehensive price list guaranteed to give you access to top-of-the-line materials delivered right your doorstep.

Pak Muzaffar Cables Price List

Are you in search of high quality cables at an affordable price? Well, Once look on Pak Muzaffar Cables. With their extensive range of cables, you are bound to find the perfect one that fits all your needs. Whether you need it for household use or for industrial machinery, they have got you covered. And the best part? They offer their products at very reasonable prices. So, don’t waste any more time searching for expensive cables, head over to Pak Muzaffar Cables and get the best deal on quality cables.

Pak Muzaffar Cables

Pak Muzaffar Cables is a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the world of electrical cables. Their products are a benchmark for many in the industry, as they have been churning out top-of-the-line cables for over 30 years. It’s no wonder that they are the preferred choice of many construction contractors, electricians, and home builders. From their customer service to their products, Pak Muzaffar Cables takes pride in delivering only the best. Whether you need cables for your residential property or commercial space, you can trust Pak Muzaffar Cables to provide you with high quality and long lasting cables.

Pak Muzaffar Cables Price in Pakistan

#Cable TypePrice
12 Core Flat Cable – 7/.029 (2.5 mm²)PKR : 8,860.00
22 Core Flat Cable – 7/.036 (4.0 mm²)PKR : 13,372.00
32 Core Flat Cable – 7/.044 (6.0 mm²)PKR : 19,356.00
42 Core Flat Cable – 7/.052 (10.0 mm²)PKR : 29,476.00
53 Core Round Cable – 7/.052 (10.0 mm²)PKR : 40,522.00
62 Core Flat Cable – 7/.0641 (6.0 mm²)PKR : 46,608.00
74 Core Round Cable – 7/.052 (10.0 mm²)PKR : 52,080.00
83 Core Round Cable – 7/.064 (16.0 mm²)PKR : 60,589.00
94 Core Round Cable – 7/.064 (16.0 mm²)PKR : 77,040.00

Pak Muzaffar Cables Price List

#Cable TypePrice / 90m
13/29Rs. 5,800
27/29Rs. 12,200
37/36Rs. 18,500
47/44Rs. 25,000
57/52 CopperRs. 34,000
67/64 CopperRs. 48,400
723/76Rs. 6,100
840/76Rs. 8,200
9Dish CopperRs. 22,600
101 Pair CableRs. 4,000
112 Pair CableRs. 6,500

Pak Muzaffar Cables Contact Number & Address

Pak Muzaffar Contact Details
Address105, G Block, Gulshan-E-Ravi, Lahore.
Phone Number0321-9425858 / 0300-9425858