NADRA Fee For CNIC, SNIC, New, Renewal, Duplicate & Cancel

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is an independent agency under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan, responsible for maintaining government databases and statistically managing the sensitive registration database of all the national citizens of Pakistan. Among its various services, issuance and renewal of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) stand out as critical for the country’s residents.

A CNIC is a computerized national identification document that is essentially a part of a larger system of national identification documents managed by NADRA. On the other hand, a SNIC is an advanced form of CNIC that employs technology to provide citizens with high-tech features and benefits. These cards offer a plethora of benefits such as secure transactions, hassle-free banking services, and digital verification, making them an essential document for every Pakistani citizen.

Now, to help you understand the fee structure, here is a comprehensive rundown. For a new CNIC, NADRA charges PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive. For a SNIC, the fees are PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive. If you need a duplicate CNIC or SNIC, you’ll have to pay PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive.

In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel (due to Death) your CNIC or SNIC, the following fees apply. For CNIC, it’s PKR 50 for Normal. For SNIC, the fees are PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive.

Let’s summarize the key features:

  • CNIC and SNIC issuance and renewals managed by NADRA
  • Various fee categories viz. Normal, Urgent, and Executive
  • New issuance, duplicates, and cancellation have different fees
  • CNIC and SNIC provide multiple benefits and enhanced security

NADRA Fee Schedule CNIC SNIC New, Renew, Modify, Duplicate & Cancel

Navigating the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) fee schedule can feel overwhelming, especially when trying to figure out how much it will cost to renew, modify, duplicate or cancel your CNIC/SNIC. How do you know if there is a fee for such changes? We are here to help. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through each step of understanding NADRA’s fees and services associated with managing your Customer Number Identity Card (CNIC) / Smart National Identity Card (SNIC). You’ll have all the information needed in order to make smart decisions about which processes are necessary and when.

NADRA Fee Details of CNIC/SNIC

If you need to apply for a new CNIC or are looking for details on modification, duplication, renewal, or cancellation of your Smart NIC or CNIC due to death, you’ll want to know what fees are involved. The NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) offers several categories of services, including Normal, Urgent, and Executive options. While new CNICs do not have any fee information available, Smart NICs, which are a newer type of identification card, have fees ranging from PKR 750 to PKR 2500 depending on the urgency of the request. Similarly, modifications and duplications of the Smart NIC also fall within this fee range. Additionally, those looking to renew their Smart NIC or cancel a CNIC due to death may be charged a fee of PKR 750 or PKR 50, respectively. Finally, the CRC (Computerized Registration Certificate) has a fee of PKR 50 for new or duplicate requests and PKR 500 for modifications, while the FRC (Family Registration Certificate) has a fee of PKR 1000 for both normal and executive requests. It’s important to keep these fees in mind if you’re planning to apply for any of these services.

1New Smart NICPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
2Smart NIC ModificationPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
3Smart NIC DuplicatePKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
4Smart NIC RenewalPKR 750PKR 1500PKR 2500
5CNIC Cancellation (Due to death)PKR 50
6CRC New/Duplicate/ModificationPKR 50PKR 500
7FRCPKR 1000PKR 1000


If you’re planning on applying for a NICOP/SNICOP, it’s important to know what fees you’ll need to pay. NADRA offers different categories and types of services, each with their own corresponding fees. Zone A services, which include normal, urgent, and executive services for new Smart NICOP, Smart NICOP modification, Smart NICOP duplicate, and Smart NICOP renewal, range from $39 USD to $75 USD. Zone B services, on the other hand, have lower fees, ranging from $20 USD to $40 USD. Knowing these fee details can help you plan accordingly and ensure that you have the necessary funds available for your application.

Categories/Type (Zone A)NormalUrgentExecutive
New Smart NICOP$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Categories/Type (Zone B)NormalUrgentExecutive
New Smart NICOP$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)

NADRA For Clearance of Multiple/Duplicate:

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) provides a convenience for those who need clearance for multiple or duplicate entries. The fee for similar particulars or particulars with slight differences in Zone A or B is only $10 (USD), while those with different particulars pay either $120 or $250 (USD) depending on their location. For inland requests, similar particulars cost PKR.1000 and those with different particulars cost PKR.10,000. Those who need clearance internationally must complete an affidavit or declaration, surrender their old card or provide a lost report. Once the fee is deposited in the NADRA online account through Habib Bank Limited’s Foreign Office Branch in Islamabad, the applicants can then forward their affidavits and receipts through an email for further processing. NADRA’s process is simple and efficient, making it possible to clear multiple duplicate entries with ease.

Criteria/Description (Zone B)FeeRegion
Similar Particular or particular with slight difference$10 (USD)Zone (A,B)
With diffirent particular$250 (USD)Zone A countries
With diffirent particular$120 (USD)Zone B countries
Similar Particular or particular with slight differencePKR 1000Inland
With diffirent particularPKR 10,000Inland

Id Card Home Delivery Charges

Getting an ID card is an essential process that everyone has to go through at least once in their lifetime. However, the inconvenience of having to wait in long queues at the registration office can be a hassle, and that’s where the option of getting your ID card delivered can be a lifesaver. With the introduction of home delivery services, you can now skip the tedious process of standing in line and get your ID delivered right to your doorstep. The charges for this service might seem like an added expense, but they’re relatively nominal. For residents of Pakistan, the home delivery fee is just PKR 250, which is a small price to pay for the convenience it offers. Similarly, for those living outside the country, the fees are PKR 2,500, but given the distance and logistics involved, it’s a fair price that most people are willing to pay. So, if you value your time and want to save yourself from the hassle of visiting the registration office, opting for home delivery might just be the best decision you’ll make.

Pakistan (2 Days)PKR 250
Abroad (5 Days)PKR 2,500

NADRA’s Role in Identity Management

NADRA, an arm of Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior, plays a pivotal role in managing the citizens’ identification process. Beyond just maintaining databases, NADRA is entrusted with ensuring the secure and accurate registration of every Pakistani citizen. This responsibility is executed largely through two identification documents the CNIC and SNIC.

CNIC and SNIC: Cornerstones of Identification

The CNIC and SNIC are integral parts of NADRA’s identification system. While a CNIC is a standard identification document, a SNIC offers enhanced features, leveraging technology to provide citizens with additional benefits. Both these cards support secure transactions and hassle-free banking services, underscoring their importance for all Pakistani citizens.

Understanding the Fee Structure

The cost associated with acquiring a CNIC or SNIC varies depending on the urgency. New issuance, duplicates, and cancellations all have a different fee structure, divided into Normal, Urgent, and Executive categories. This breakdown provides a comprehensive understanding of the investment required to avail these identification services.

Cancellation of CNIC and SNIC

Cancellation of a CNIC or SNIC comes with its own set of charges. Although unfortunate, such circumstances may arise, and it is crucial to be aware of the costs involved. The fees for cancellation, like issuance and duplicate, are categorized into Normal, Urgent, and Executive, providing citizens with options to suit their specific needs.


Established as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan, NADRA is entrusted with the critical task of managing and maintaining the registration database of all Pakistani citizens. The organization’s primary services include the issuance and renewal of the CNIC and SNIC, identification documents that are paramount to the lives of Pakistani citizens. With a commitment to ensuring secure transactions and offering hassle free banking services, NADRA has positioned itself as a key player in Pakistan’s national identity management system.


NADRA plays a pivotal role in the identity management of Pakistani citizens by issuing and managing CNICs and SNICs. The different fee structures for new issuance, duplicates, and cancellations under the categories of Normal, Urgent, and Executive are designed with the citizens’ needs in mind. With their multifaceted benefits and enhanced security features, the CNIC and SNIC are not just identification cards but key tools in the country’s broader development framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between CNIC and SNIC?

The CNIC is a standard identification document, while the SNIC is an advanced form with high tech features and benefits, offering secure transactions and hassle free banking services.

  1. What are the fees for a new CNIC and SNIC?

For a new CNIC, NADRA charges PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive. For a SNIC, the fees are PKR 750 for Normal, PKR 1500 for Urgent, and PKR 2500 for Executive.

  1. How much does it cost to cancel a CNIC or SNIC?

For CNIC cancellation (Due to death), it costs PKR 50.