Merit Cables Price in Pakistan

When you’re looking for a reliable, affordable and high quality way to power your electrical appliances, Merit Cables have long been known as one of the leading names in Pakistan. Not only do they offer top notch products with excellent performance, but their prices are also very competitive making them perfect for people who need an efficient and cost effective solution. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into Merit Cables’ prices in Pakistan what they offer, how much it costs and if it’s worth considering when doing your shopping. So for all our readers wondering if Merit Cables offers value for money in Pakistan.

Merit Cables Price in Pakistan

When it comes to purchasing cables in Pakistan, there are plenty of options available. For those who are looking for high quality cables at an affordable price, Merit Cables may be a great choice. These cables are designed to offer excellent performance without breaking the bank. Whether you need cables for your home entertainment system, computer setup, or other electronic devices, Merit Cables has you covered. With their commitment to quality and affordability, it’s no wonder why so many people in Pakistan trust Merit Cables for all of their cable needs.

About Merit Cables

Merit Cables is a name that is synonymous with quality wires and cables. As a leading manufacturer of these essential products, we take pride in delivering only the best to our clients. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, we are committed to providing reliable and affordable cables that meet the needs of our customers. At Merit Cables, we understand the importance of staying connected, which is why we strive to manufacture our cables with the utmost precision and care. Our dedication to quality has earned us a reputation for excellence, making us the go-to choice for many businesses and individuals. With our easy-to-use online store, we are now delivering all over Pakistan, making it even more convenient for you to get the cables you need. Whether you are looking for wires to power your home or cables to connect your devices, Merit Cables has got you covered.

Merit Cables House Wiring Cables Price List

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
13/.029″ (1.5 mm² Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.4,365
27/.029″ Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.9,446
31 mm² Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.3,453
41/.044″ Single Core Solid Earthing Cable90 metersRs.3,444
52.5 mm² Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.7,787
64 mm² (7/36) Single Core Copper/std90 metersRs.12,637
76 mm² (7/.044) Single Core Copper/std90 metersRs.18,222
87/.052″ (10 mm²) Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.14,718
97/.064″ (16 mm²) Single Core Copper/Std90 metersRs.14,559

Merit Cables PV Solar Wires Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
1Solar Wires (PV) 4 sqmm 600/1000V-UL94 Fire Rating90 metersRs.16,500
2Solar Wires (PV) 6 sqmm 600/1000V-UL94 Fire Rating90 metersRs.23,500

Merit Cables Aluminium Cables Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
17/.052″ (10 mm²) 2 Core Aluminium/Std (wapda Cable)45/90 metersRs.6,304
27/.064″ (16 mm²) 2 Core Aluminium/Std45/90 metersRs.9,087

Merit Cables Flexible Cables Single Core Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
10.50mm² or (23/.0076″) Single Core Flexible Cable90 metersRs.1,729
20.75mm² or (30/.0076″) Single Core Flexible Cable90 metersRs.2,582
31 mm² or (40/0076″) Single Core Flexible Copper Cable90 metersRs.3,475
41.5 mm² or (70/0076″) Single Core Flexible Copper Cable90 metersRs.5,128
52.5 mm² or (110/0076″) Single Core Flexible Copper Cable90 metersRs.8,256

Merit Cables Coaxial Cables Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
1Coaxial Cable RG-790 metersRs.7,308

Merit Cables Pair & Internet Cables Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameLengthPrice
1DataTransit Unsheilded Twisted (UTP) Pair Telecom Cables90 metersRs.3,613
2UTP DataTransit CAT 6E (24AWG) 4 Pairs Copper50 – 300 metersRs.28,802

Merit Cables Contact Number

Merit Cables Contact Details
Address33-C, Abbu Bakkar Siddique Colony, Band Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone Number0304-3111193
Whatsapp Number0304-3111193
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