Memon Foundation Salon Rate List

Memon Foundation Salon With a top notch team of creative and experienced hair stylists, offers exclusive professional services perfect for all your beauty needs from haircuts to coloring, along with waxing services. Plus, they offer amazing discounts and packages which make their prices even more attractive. In this blog post we’ll provide an overview of the price list at Memon Foundation Salon so you can choose the best options for your desired look. So let’s get started.

Memon Foundation Salon Rate List

Looking for a new salon to get your hair done? then Try Memon Foundation Salon, With their comprehensive rate list, you can easily find the perfect service that fits both your beauty needs and budget. Whether you’re in the market for a simple haircut or a complete makeover with highlights and styling, their experienced staff can deliver the look you desire. Their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is unmatched, and they also offer a range of additional beauty services such as facials, waxing, and nail care. With Memon Foundation Salon, you can treat yourself to a day of pampering.

Memon Foundation Beauty Salon Price List

Established in the heart of the city, Memon Foundation Salon prides itself on offering top tier beauty and personal care services. Our vast range of services is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring they leave the salon looking their best and feeling refreshed. Here, we provide a comprehensive rate list for our services, making it easy for you to choose the perfect treatment for your unique needs and preferences.

Hair Care Service Charges

Root TouchingRs. 1,500
Natural Hair DyeRs. 2,000
Hair Dye (Fashion Color)Rs. 2,500
Streaking (Cap Method)Rs. 3,000
Streaking (Foil Method)Rs. 3,500
XtensoRs. 8,000
Smart XtensoRs. 9,400
RebondingRs. 8,500
RelaxingRs. 7,000
Straightening SystemRs. 5,000
Ombre Technique (Blonde Shade)Rs. 3,000
Ombre Technique (Funky Shade)Rs. 5,500
Balayage Technique (Blonde)Rs. 3,000
Balayage Technique (Funky Shade)Rs. 5,500
Melted Balayage TechniqueRs. 4,500
Boxes Balayage TechniqueRs 4,500
Light & Dark TechniqueRs. 3,500
Baby Lights TechniqueRs. 3,500
Arabian StreakingRs. 3,500
Highlights With Base Color ChangeRs. 4,000
Boarder TechniqueRs. 2,500
Hair GlossingRs. 1,200
Colored Hair GlossingRs. 1,850
Chunks (Per Foil)Rs. 700
Funky Chunks (Per Foil)Rs. 1,500
D-Color (Pre-Lightening)Rs. 1,500
Natural Hair Dye with Low LightsRs. 3,500

Hair Treatment Service Charges

Hot Oil Massage with Shampoo & ConditionerRs. 600
Protein TreatmentRs. 750
High Protein TreatmentRs. 1,350
Hair Fall TreatmentRs. 1,350
Anti-Dandruff TreatmentRs. 1,350
Frizzy & Damage Hair TherapyRs. 2,000
Keratin TreatmentRs. 5,000
Prolonger Hair TreatmentRs. 2,500
Vitamino Hair TreatmentRs. 2,500

Hair Cutting, Shampoo & Conditioner Service Charges

Shampoo & ConditionerRs. 200
Shampoo & Conditioner with Blow DryRs. 400
TrimmingRs. 350
Front Layer Cut/Bangs CutRs. 350
U Shape/V Shape CutRs. 400
Split EndsRs. 400
As You Want CutRs. 800

Baby Hair Cutting Service Charges

Baby Hair WashRs. 150
Baby Front Layer Cut/Bangs CutRs. 350
Baby Hair CuttingRs. 350

Hair Styling Service Charges

Basic Hair StylingRs. 600
Tong Setting, Rollers Setting, Party Blow DryRs. 800
Hair Straightening With IronRs. 800
Crimping SettingRs. 800

Skin Care Service Charges

Face BleachRs. 300
Whitening BleachRs. 400
Herbal BleachRs. 400
Sandal BleachRs. 450
Normal CleansingRs. 350
Whitening CleansingRs. 450
Acne CleansingRs. 500
Deep Whitening CleansingRs. 550
Normal FacialRs. 600
Herbal FacialRs. 650
Face PolishRs. 800
Oxygen FacialRs. 1,000
Whitening FacialRs. 1,000
Acne TreatmentRs. 1,400
Whitening Glow FacialRs. 1,600
Anti-Aging FacialRs. 1,600
Brightening FacialRs. 1,800
Advanced Acne Facial (Galvanic Machine)Rs. 2,200
Extreme Lifting Facial (Galvanic Machine)Rs. 2,500
Lifting & Glowing FacialRs. 2,500
Smart Anti-Aging Facial (Dermalogica)Rs. 3,000
Classic Whitening Facial (Dermalogica)Rs. 3,000
Supreme Whitening Facial (Janssen)Rs. 4,000
Ultra Lifting Facial (Janssen)Rs. 4,300
Body ExfoliationRs. 2,200
Body Relaxing MassageRs. 2,500
Luxury Body MassageRs. 4,000
Smart Anti-Aging Facial With Body Relaxing MassageRs. 4,000
Classical Whitening Facial with Body Relaxing MassageRs. 4,000

Eye Treatment Service Charges

Dark Circles TreatmentRs. 600
Puffy Eyes TreatmentRs. 600
Fine Lines TreatmentRs. 600

Threading & Waxing Service Charges

Eye BrowsRs. 80
UpperlipsRs. 50
ForheadRs. 70
Full Face ThreadingRs. 350
Eyebrows (Hotwax)Rs. 150
Upperlips (Hotwax)Rs. 100
Forhead (Hotwax)Rs. 100
Side Wax (Hotwax)Rs. 200
Full Face Waxing (Hotwax)Rs 800
Half Arms Waxing (Hotwax)Rs. 450
Half Leg Waxing (Hot Wax)Rs. 450
Full Arms Waxing (Hot Wax)Rs. 500
Full Legs Waxing (Hotwax)Rs. 650
Full Body Waxing (Hotwax)Rs. 2,500

Pedicure & Manicure Rates

Service NameCharges
Nail ArtRs. 350
ManicureRs. 650
PedicureRs. 750
French ManicureRs. 850
French PedicureRs. 950
Manicure with ParaffinRs. 1100
Pedicure with ParaffinRs. 1300
Luxury ManicureRs. 1400
Luxury PedicureRs. 1600

Mehndi Rates

Mehndi TypeCharges
Mehndi (Per Side)Rs. 150
Uroosa Mehndi (Per Side)Rs. 250
Feet Mehndi (Bail Style)Rs. 450
Engagement MehndiRs. 3000
Bridal MehndiRs. 4000
Uroose Bridal MehndiRs. 4500

Makeup Charges

Makeup TypeCharges
Evening Party MakeupRs. 2,500
Engagement Bridal Makeup (Hair Styles & Nails Art)Rs. 4,500
Wedding Bridal MakeupRs. 7,500
Valima Bridal MakeupRs. 6,000
Wedding Bridal Makeup (Hairstyle & Services)Rs.14,000

Bridal Services Charges

Bridal ServicesRs. 7,500
Luxury Bridal ServicesRs. 9,000
Exclusive Bridal PackageRs. 19,500

Salon Management Training Course

6 Months Advance Salon Mangement Course along with VolunteershipRs. 6,000
Any Department Specialization Course Rs. 6,000

(Timing 12:30-3:30 & 3:30-6:30)
Specialization Departments
1.Hair Chemical
2.Hair Cutting
3.Hair Styling
4.Skin Care
5.Hand & Feet Care
6. Makeup

Memon Foundation Salon Contact Number

Memon Beauty Salon Contact Details
AddressST-11A, Block 2, Hussainabad, FB Area, Karachi.
Phone Number021-36329201 / 021-36320574
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