Lux Soaps Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for luxurious soaps that not only leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. then Lux soaps might be just the right choice. Not only do they carry some of the most delightful fragrances, their quality is second to none. That said, many people often wonder what’s the price range when it comes to buying Lux soaps in Pakistan? Well, today we will try to answer just that as we take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the pricing. Let’s get started.

Lux Soaps & Prices in Pakistan

If you’re looking for luxury without the high price tag, then Lux Soaps have the answer. Their Perfumed Collection line of soap bars is available in Pakistan for incredibly affordable prices. Whether you prefer a more floral scent like Hypnotic Rose and Eternal Jasmine, a cozy atmosphere created with Purple Lotus and Fresh Splash bar, or a serene and romantic effect of Elegant Gardenia, you can get all these delightful scents in one convenient location. Plus, these soaps are budget friendly too. With luxurious features like rain infused fragrances and natural ingredients, Lux Soaps provide excellent value at amazing costs.

Lux Soaps Price in Pakistan 2023

S.NoProduct Name50 TO 100GMPrice
1LUX Soap Velvet Touch50GMRs. 50
2Lux Velvet Touch Soap70GMRs. 70
3Lux White Soap100GMRs. 85
4Lux Soap Pink / ROSE GLOW SOAP100GMRs. 85
5Lux Purple Lotus Soap100GMRs. 98
6Lux Fresh Splash Soap100GMRs. 98
7LUX Velvet Touch White Trio Soap100GMRs. 210
8Lux White Trio Soap100GMRs. 152

Lux 100 to 150GM Soaps Prices in Pakistan

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1Lux Purple Lotus Bar Soap130GMRs. 106
2Lux Pink Bar Soap / ROSE GLOW SOAP130GMRs. 106
3Lux Soap Fresh Splash Bar130GMRs. 106
4LUX 4 in 1 White Soap Bars135GMRs. 401
5LUX 4 in 1 Pink Soap Bars135GMRs. 404
6Lux Elegant Gardenia White Soap140GMRs. 77
7LUX Velvet Red X3 Soap130GMRs. 217
8Lux White Soap145GMRs. 111
9Lux Charming Magnolia Soap150GMRs. 70
10Lux Soft Touch Soap125GMRs. 80
11Lux Dream Delight Soap125GMRs. 80
12Lux Magic Spell Soap125GMRs. 80

Lux 170GM Soaps Prices in Pakistan

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1LUX Velvet Touch Soap175GMRs. 121
2Lux Scented Soap Bar Pink175GMRs. 120
3Lux Aqua Sparkle Soap170GMRs. 158
4Lux Secret Bliss Soap175GMRs. 147
5Lux Sweet Embrace Soap170GMRs. 137
6Lux Magical Beauty Soap175GMRs. 147
7Lux Silk Sensation Soap Saudia170GMRs. 173
8Lux Soft Touch Soap Saudia170GMRs. 147
9Lux Velvet Touch Soap Saudia 170GMRs. 147
10Lux Creamy Perfection Soap170GMRs. 220