Islamabad Diagnostic Center Test Rate List

The Islamabad Diagnostic Center is here to provide you with affordable, high quality tests available at reasonable prices. Whether it’s a routine health checkup or something more specialized like an MRI scan they’ve got all your medical diagnosis needs covered. We understand how important it is for individuals to feel confident in their test results, which is why we follow strict protocols and guarantee promptness when scheduling appointments and providing results. In this blog post, we will look into the expansive list of lab tests and exams as well as detailing their individual rates so you can make an informed decision about what types of testing are necessary for your specific situation.

Islamabad Diagnostic Center Test Rate List

When it comes to our health, we all want to make sure that we are getting the best care possible. And that starts with finding a reliable diagnostic center that can perform accurate tests to help identify any potential health issues. That’s where Islamabad Diagnostic Center comes in, offering a wide range of tests at affordable rates. From blood tests to ultrasounds, they have everything you need to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy. With their commitment to providing quality care and reliable results, you can trust that you are in good hands with Islamabad Diagnostic Center. So if you are looking for a trustworthy diagnostic center, be sure to check out their test rate list and book an appointment.

About Islamabad Diagnostic Center

In the heart of the capital lies a center that is redefining the way diagnostic facilities operate in Pakistan. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Rizwan Uppal, the Islamabad Diagnostic Center has emerged as the first diagnostic facility that offers an entire range of imaging and lab services under one roof. The center boasts of the latest imaging technologies and provides a broad range of laboratory tests with quick turnaround time, making it a go-to hub for all diagnostic needs. With over 2500 staff members, the center has one of Pakistan’s largest pool of qualified Radiologists and Pathologists on its team. What’s more, the center stands apart from the rest with its 24/7, year long availability of lab and imaging services, ensuring that the patients receive timely and accurate diagnoses. With its impressive range of facilities and world-class equipment, it is no wonder that the Islamabad Diagnostic Center is the trusted diagnostic partner for people from all walks of life.

Islamabad Diagnostic Center All Tests Price List

1Complete Blood PicturePKR 1050
3Glucose (Fasting)PKR 600
4Glucose (Random)PKR 600
5LFT (Liver Function Tests)PKR 2100
6RFTs (Renal Function Tests)PKR 2100
7Lipid Profile (Ch,HDL,LDL,VLDL,Tg)PKR 2600
8Serum ElectrolytesPKR 1600
9Thyroid Profile (T3,FT4,TSH)PKR 4000
10Urine Routine ExaminationPKR 700
11Stool REPKR 700
12Glycosylated Hb(HBAIC)PKR 2300
13Vitamin D (250H)PKR 3900
14Vitamin B12PKR 2700
15Folic AcidPKR 2350
16FerritinPKR 2350
17IronPKR 1200
18Hep Bs Ag (ELISA)PKR 2750
19HCV Ab (ELISA)PKR 2750
20CholesterolPKR 850
21TriglyceridesPKR 950
22Blood UreaPKR 850
23CreatininePKR 900
24Uric AcidPKR 900
25T3 TotalPKR 1900
26T4 TotalPKR 2000
27Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)PKR 1900
28Calcium (Ca)PKR 900
29PhosporousPKR 1000
32Total ProteinPKR 900
33AlbuminPKR 750
34Gamma GTPKR 850
35Alk. PhosphatasePKR 750
36Urea Breath TestPKR 7000
37Bones & Osteoporosis CheckupPKR 7360
38X-Ray Chest PA ViewPKR 1000
39Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis (Two Regions)PKR 3200
40Vitamins ProfilePKR 9800
41Obesity ProfilePKR 12000
42Gastrointestinal ProfilePKR 19700
43Rheumatology ProfilePKR 18000
44Ultrasound PelvisPKR 2800
45Electrocardiogram (ECG)PKR 800
46Ultrasound KUBPKR 2800
47Ultrasound AbdomenPKR 2800
48Portable Electroencephalography (EEG)PKR 12000
49Ultrasound For (Rt/Lt) HipPKR 4000
50Ultrasound For Both HipPKR 4000
51Marking For Needle BiopsyPKR 2000
52Portable X-Ray ChargesPKR 600
53Portable Ultrasound Service ChargesPKR 1500
54US Guided Theraputic AspirationPKR 11500
55Fibroscan For LiverPKR 9000
56X-Ray Both Knee (Three Views)PKR 3000
57US Guided Diagnostic AspirationPKR 7500
58US Guided Drainage (simple) using Direct PuncturePKR 12000
59US Guided Drainage (Complex) over the WirePKR 13800
60USG of EndoanalPKR 3200
61Ultrasound Follicular Tracking (3 Visits)PKR 5000
62Doppler For AbdomenPKR 4300
63US Guided Biopsy without Needle and LabPKR 12500
64X-Ray Foot AP View onlyPKR 1000
65X-Ray Hand AP View onlyPKR 1000
66Doppler For Both Legs Varicose VeinsPKR 6000
67Doppler Study For Varicose Veins (Single Leg)PKR 4300
68US Guided Renal BiopsyPKR 3500
69Ultrasound Post Micturition VolumePKR 1500
70Doppler (Rt/Lt) Arm Venous (DVT)PKR 4000
71Doppler Rt/Lt ARM ARTERIALPKR 4000
72Doppler Both Arms ArterialPKR 5500
73Doppler Study Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)PKR 4500
74Doppler For FistulaPKR 4500
75Ultrasound for Multiple PregnancyPKR 3500
76Doppler For Multiple PregnancyPKR 5500
77Doppler & Ultrasound For AbdomenPKR 4800
78Ultrasound Pelvis & Kub (Two Regions)PKR 3200
79Doppler For Rt/Lt Upper LimbPKR 4300
80Doppler For Both Upper LimbsPKR 5500

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test Price List

1MammographyRs. 3800
2UltrasoundRs. 2800
3Breast MRIRs. 13000
4Ultrasound TrucutRs. 9000
5FNA CytologyRs. 2800
6Ultrasound FNACRs. 4500

Islamabad Diagnostic Center Contact Number

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