HbA1C Test Price in Pakistan

Are you concerned about the cost of monitoring your diabetes? You might be left wondering how much does an HbA1C test cost in Pakistan? With the rising prices of medical care, it’s understandable to worry about how much out of pocket costs could add up. That’s why we’ve researched into what the current price for an HbA1C test is like in Pakistan and broken down what this type of blood sugar monitoring looks like. If you have diabetes or know someone who does, then it’s important to consider every angle that comes with the cost of getting everything checked once regular intervals. Here, we’ll cover just that from which providers offer these tests at lower rates to all other considerations when looking to get an accurate picture on a person’s health.

HbA1C Test Price in Pakistan

The HbA1C test is crucial in monitoring blood sugar levels over time, and for those with diabetes, obtaining accurate results is imperative to maintaining overall health. In Pakistan, the cost of this test can vary depending on medical facilities and the location of the patient. However, it is essential to prioritize this expense as it can provide valuable insight into one’s blood sugar control. By staying informed on the accurate price of the HbA1C test and seeking out reliable medical professionals, patients can gain a clearer understanding of their health and make informed decisions for better overall wellness.

HbA1C Test Price List in Pakistan

Diabetes is a widespread and grave concern in today’s era, with more than 26 million people affected worldwide. An HbA1C test is essential for the accurate control and management of diabetes. The cost of this crucial test varies from country to country. In Pakistan, the HbA1C test price is affordable and falls between the range of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. This test measures the average blood glucose level over the past three months. The HbA1C test is essential for people who are managing diabetes or pre-diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels and adjust their treatment accordingly, and in Pakistan, this test is well within reach for most people to receive timely assessments and treatment.

Laboratory NamePrice in Pakistan
Genetix LaboratoryRs. 1500 – 5000
Ibn e Sina LaboratoryRs. 1400
Innova Labs and DiagnosticsRs. 1300
Dr. Essa LabRs. 1500 – 5000
Salman Chughtai LabRs. 1500 – 5000
Alnoor Diagnostic CentreRs. 1650
Chughtai LabRs. 2100
Excel LabsRs. 1500 – 5000
Health Diagnostic LaboratoryRs. 1200
City Health LaboratoryRs. 1500
Burhani Diagnostic CentreRs. 1380
Prolab Diagnostic CentreRs. 1050
Biocare Labs in IslamabadRs. 1500 – 5000
Al khidmat LabRs. 1500 – 5000
Agha Khan LabRs. 1500 – 5000
Dow LabRs. 1500 – 5000
Shaukat Khanum LabRs. 1500 – 5000
C Lab DiagnosticsRs. 1400
Capital Diagnostic Centre IslamabadRs. 1800
Qamar Jahan DiagnosticsRs. 1980