Happilac Paints Price in Pakistan

Happilac Paints is a leading name in the paint industry in Pakistan. Noted for their premium quality and vast range of colors, they offer the perfect choice for homeowners and professionals looking to add a dash of personality and charm to their spaces.

The price of Happilac paints in Pakistan varies depending on the product line and the quantity. The brand offers a range of options from premium, luxury emulsions to more affordable distempers. On average, a gallon of Happilac Paints can range anywhere from PKR 2000 to PKR 5000, making it an affordable choice for budget conscious customers without compromising on quality.

One of the standout features of Happilac Paints is its durability. The paints are formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions, which makes them an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, they are designed to provide superior color retention, ensuring that your walls look vibrant and fresh for years to come.

Happilac Paints also prioritizes environmental sustainability. Their paints are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ensuring minimal environmental impact. With Happilac, you not only get a beautifully painted home but also contribute positively to the environment.

At the end of the day, the price you pay for Happilac Paints is an investment in quality, durability, and sustainability. So, if you’re looking for paints that offer great value for money, Happilac should be your go-to choice.

Key features of Happilac Paints:

  • Wide range of colors and finishes
  • High durability, perfect for both interior and exterior applications
  • Superior color retention
  • Low VOC content, reducing environmental impact
  • Competitive pricing

Happilac Paints: Decorative Paints Price In Pakistan

S.NOProduct NameDabbi 250mlQuarter (1Ltr)Gallon (4Ltr)Drumi (16Ltr)
1Happilac Premium Wipeout Matt EmulsionN/APKR 1,828.00N/APKR 27,060.00
2Happilac Premium Special Plastic EmulsionN/APKR 1,250.00N/APKR 17,400.00
3Happilac Premium Wall EmulsionN/APKR 615.00N/APKR 8,120.00
4Happilac Premium Matt EnamelN/APKR 1,640.00N/APKR 23,800.00
5Happilac Premium Synthetic EnamelPKR 369.00PKR 18,040.00N/AN/A
6Happilac Premium Weather GuardN/APKR 1,310.00PKR 18,205.00N/A
7Happilac Premium Synthetic MetallicPKR 375.00PKR 4,640.00N/AN/A
8Happilac Premium Synthetic Metallic (High Sparkle)PKR 450.00N/APKR 5,425.00N/A
9Happilac Vivid Emulsion N/AN/APKR 1,685.00PKR 6,395.00
10Happilac Climate CoverN/AN/AN/AN/A

Happilac Paints: Industrial Coatings Paints Price In Pakistan

1Happilac Industrial Synthetic EnamelN/A
2Happilac Silver Star Aluminum PaintPKR 450.00 – PKR 5,045.00
3Happilac Chlorinated Rubber PaintContact: 0320-0626105
4Happilac High Heat Resisting Aluminum Paint (500-600 F.H)Contact: 0320-0626105
5Happilac High Heat Resisting Aluminum Paint (1000-1200 F.H)Contact: 0320-0626105
6Happilac Hammer FinishContact: 0320-0626105
7Happilac Boiler Compound No.1Contact: 0320-0626105
8Happilac Boiler Compound No.3Contact: 0320-0626105
9Happilac Epoxy ThinnerContact: 0320-0626105
10Happilac Solvent Free Floor EpoxyContact: 0320-0626105
11Happilac Solvent Free Floor Epoxy PrimerContact: 0320-0626105
12Happilac Floor Coating Epoxy PrimerContact: 0320-0626105
13Happilac High Build Zinc Phosphate Epoxy PrimerContact: 0320-0626105
14Happilac Epoxy Metal CoatingContact: 0320-0626105
15Happilac Epoxy Floor CoatingContact: 0320-0626105
16Happilac Solvent Based Epoxy PrimerContact: 0320-0626105

Specialized Product For pricing please contact: 0320-0626105

Happilac Paints: Road Marking Paints Price In Pakistan

1Happilac Thermoplastic Road Marking PaintFor pricing please
contact: 0320-0626105
2Happilac Chlorinated Rubber Road Liner Paint KPI-700Contact: 0320-0626105
3Happilac Aqueous Road / Runway Marking PaintContact: 0320-0626105
4Happilac Road Marking PrimerContact: 0320-0626105
5Happilac Road Liner ThinnerContact: 0320-0626105

Happilac Paints: Texture Finishes Paints Price In Pakistan

S.NOPRODUCT NAMEGallon (5KG)Drumi (20KG)
1Happilac Multi Tile FinishPKR 1,815.00PKR 6,655.00
2Happilac Premium Texture FinishPKR 1,540.00PKR 5,815.00

Happilac Paints: Wood Finishes Paints Price In Pakistan

S.NOPRODUCT NAMEQuarter (0.91 Ltr)Gallon (3.64 Ltr)
1Happilac Wood Lacquer GlassPKR 1,550.00PKR 5,650.00
2Happilac Wood Lacquer MattPKR 1,550.00PKR 5,650.00
3Happilac Wood SealerPKR 1,500.00PKR 5,385.00
4Happilac Wood Care Special ThinnerPKR 930.00PKR 3,330.00

Happilac Paints: Ancillaries / Protective Coatings Paints Price In Pakistan

S.NOPRODUCT NAMEDabbi 250mlQuarter (0.91 Ltr)Gallon (3.64 Ltr)Drumi (14Ltr)
1Happilac Weather Guard Exterior Wall PrimerN/AN/APKR 3,517.00PKR 13,745.00
2Happilac Protective Red Oxide PrimerN/APKR 900.00PKR 3,350.00PKR 13,080.00
3Happilac Synthetic Clear VarnishPKR 365.00PKR 883.00PKR 3,295.00N/A
4Happilac Protective Synthetic Under CoatN/APKR 1,068.00PKR 3,925.00N/A
5Happilac Paint RemoverN/APKR 910.00N/AN/A
6Happilac Nitro Cellulose 121 ThinnerN/APKR 930.00PKR 3,330.00N/A
7Happilac Mixing Oil T-679N/AN/APKR 2,995.00N/A
8Happilac Weather Guard Exterior Wall PuttyN/AN/APKR 1,940.00PKR 7,110.00
9Happilac Strong Wall FillingN/APKR 400.00PKR 1,140.00PKR 4,320.00
10Happilac Interior Wall PrimerN/AN/APKR 2,970.00PKR 11,550.00
11Happilac Perfect PuttyN/AN/APKR 973.00PKR 3,550.00
12Happilac Silk PuttyN/AN/APKR 1,750.00PKR 6,655.00
13Happilac Wall Primer SealerN/APKR 1,265.00PKR 4,640.00PKR 18,245.00

About Happilac Paints Company

Established several years ago, Happilac Paints has been a game changer in the paint industry. With a focus on quality, affordability, and sustainability, the company offers a diverse range of products that cater to various customer needs and budgets. The brand is continually innovating, introducing new products and technologies that further enhance their offerings and solidify their position as a leader in the paint market.


Over the years, Happilac Paints has proven to be a trustworthy brand offering high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly paints at competitive prices. The company’s commitment to its customers and the environment makes it stand out in a saturated market, creating what is known as ‘The Happilac Difference.’ Choosing Happilac is an investment in quality, durability, and sustainability a choice you’ll never regret.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What makes Happilac Paints different from other paint brands?

Happilac Paints stands out for its commitment to quality, durability, affordability, and sustainability. The brand offers a diverse range of products, each designed to provide superior color retention, withstand harsh weather conditions, and have minimal environmental impact.

  1. Are Happilac Paints eco-friendly?

Yes, Happilac Paints prioritizes environmental sustainability. Their paints are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which helps reduce environmental impact.

  1. What is the price range of Happilac Paints?

The price for a gallon of Happilac Paints can range from PKR 2000 to PKR 5000, making it an affordable choice for a wide range of customers. Remember, the price you pay for Happilac Paints is an investment in quality, durability, and sustainability.

  1. What types of paint does Happilac offer?

Happilac offers a wide variety of paints, including emulsions, distempers, enamels, and primers, catering to different surfaces and applications.

  1. How long does Happilac paint last?

The durability of Happilac paint varies depending on the type of paint and the conditions it is exposed to. However, generally, Happilac paints are designed to maintain their vibrancy and finish for many years.

  1. Can Happilac Paints be used in high humidity areas?

Yes, Happilac offers specific paint products that are designed to withstand high humidity and damp conditions.

  1. Where can I buy Happilac Paints?

Happilac Paints are available at numerous retail outlets across the country. You can also find their products online on their official website and various e-commerce platforms.

  1. Does Happilac offer color consultancy for choosing the right paint?

Yes, Happilac provides color consultancy services to help customers choose the perfect color scheme for their homes and offices.