Haier Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Finding the right washing machine for a household is an important decision. When it comes to Pakistani households, there’s no denying that affordability, performance and efficiency are three of the main factors people look at when they’re making their purchase. But if those words describe your goal in mind, then you need to get acquainted with Haier’s washing machines. Haier produces high quality washers that deliver great performance while being cost effective too. In this blog post, we will explore the various prices of these powerful yet affordable appliances from leading manufacturer Haier throughout Pakistan. So let’s take a closer look at what makes these products worth investing in and how much they cost on the market today.

Setting the Standard for Laundry Excellence

When it comes to top tier home appliances, few brands rival Haier. A titan in the industry, Haier has consistently crafted products that echo the needs of consumers. A shining example of their commitment to quality and innovation is the Haier Washing Machines, a household staple in Pakistan. This marvel of modern technology transforms laundry from a chore into a streamlined, efficient process.

The machine is equipped with careful wash technology, ensuring your clothes are meticulously cleaned without damaging the fabric. The machine is adept at removing stubborn stains, even on delicate fabrics. Whether it’s a coffee spill on your favorite shirt or mud on your child’s play clothes, Haier has you covered.

Haier Automatic Washing Machine is not just about performance but also about style. Its sleek and modern design fits seamlessly into a contemporary home setup. The machine’s build is both aesthetic and durable, capable of withstanding years of frequent use.

Cost effectiveness is another compelling attribute. The initial price is competitive, to begin with, and the machine’s energy efficiency ensures you save on electricity bills in the long run. Haier Automatic Washing Machine thus represents a sound investment, promising reliable performance and savings over time.

To sum up, the Haier Automatic Washing Machine is a smart and efficient appliance that addresses all your laundry needs.

Key Features

  • Careful wash technology
  • Effective stain removal
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Cost effective operation
  • User friendly controls

Haier Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Redefine your laundry experience with the Haier Automatic Washing Machine an appliance that blends performance, design, cost effectiveness, and user friendliness into a seamless package. Discover the future of laundry in Pakistan.

Haier Washing Machine: Front Loading Series

Haier Washing Machine Front Loading Machines Prices Starting Minimum PKR 97,500 And Maximum Price Goes PKR 160,000.

Prices Are Subject To Change Any Time, We are Trying Hard To Update Prices And Provide You Latest Prices.

1Haier Series Front Loading HWM 100-B14876DD Motor525mm10KGRs.130,000
2Haier Series Front Loading HWM 80-B14876DD Motor525mm8KGRs.104,000
3Haier Series Front Loading HWM 70-BP10829BLDC Inverter6KGRs.120,000
4Haier Series Front Loading HWM 80-BP10829BLDC Inverter7KGRs.139,849
5Haier Series Front Loading HWM 70-BP12826BLDC Inverter7KGRs.97,500
6Haier Series Front Loading HWM 85-BP12826BLDC Inverter8.5KGRs.105,000
7Haier Series Front Loading HWM 100-BP12826BLDC Inverter10KGRs.109,000
8Haier Series Front Loading HWM 120-B14876DD Motor12KGRs.160,000

Haier Washing Machine: Top Loading Series

Haier Washing Machine Top Loading Series Washing Machines Prices Starting From Minimum PKR 42,000 And Maximum Price Goes PKR 150,000.

S.NOMODELMotorWash CapacityPrice
1Haier Series Top Loading HWM 120-1708Normal12KGRs 80,000
2Haier Series Top Loading HWM 150-1708Normal15KGRs.113,999
3Haier Series Top Loading HWM 150-866DD Motor15KGRs.86,000
4Haier Normal Wash HWM 85-7288Rs.64,000
5Haier Series Top Loading HWM 75-918Normal7.5KGRs.42,950
6Haier Series Top Loading HWM 90-1789Normal9KGRs.56,500
7Haier Series Top Loading HWM 120-1789 BGRs.104,999
8Haier Series Top Loading HWM 150-1789Normal15KG‎Rs.123,750
9Haier Series Top Loading HWM 95-1678Normal9.5KGRs.95,999
10Haier Storm Wash HWM120-1678Rs.68,000
11Haier Storm Wash HWM150-167815KGRs.131,999
12Haier Series Top Loading HWM 85-1708Normal8.5KGRs.75,999
13Haier Series Top Loading HWM 120-1708Normal12KGRs.80,000
14Haier Series Top Loading HWM 150-1708Normal15KGRs.113,999
15Haier Series Top Loading HWM 85-826Normal8.5KGRs.75,500
16Haier Series Top Loading HWM 120-826‎Rs.98,999
17Haier Series Top Loading HWM 150-826Drum erter15KGRs.109,999
18Haier Storm Wash HWM150-167815KGRs.131,999
19Haier Storm Wash HWM120-167812KGRs 68,000
20Haier Normal Wash HWM 85-72888.5KGRs.64,000

Haier Washing Machine: Washer Series

Haier Washing Machine Washer Series Washing Machines Prices Starting From Minimum PKR 23,000 And Maximum Price Goes PKR 50,000.

S.NOMODELMotorWash CapacityPrice
1Haier Washer HWM 120-3599.99% Copper12KGRs.26,999
2Haier Washer HWM 80-6099.99% Copper8KGRs.24,989
3Haier HWM80-50 HWM80-508KGRs.23,000
4Haier HWM80-35 HWM80-358KGRs.25,499
5Haier Storm Wash HWM200-1678Rs.48,500

Haier Washing Machine: Twin Tub Series

Haier Washing Machine Twin Tub Series Washing Machines Prices Starting From Minimum PKR 21,000 And Maximum Price Goes PKR 51,500.

S.NOMODELMotorWash CapacityPrice
1Haier Twin Tube HWM120-AS12KGRs.51,499
2Haier Twin Tub 100BS99.99% Copper10KGRs.42,400
3Haier Twin Tub 100AS99.99% Copper10KGRs.39,998
4Haier Twin Tub HWM 80-10099.99% Copper8KGRs.21,500
5Haier Twin Tub HWM 80-100 SR99.99% Copper8KGRs.24,856
6Haier Twin Tub HWM 80-00099.99% Copper8KGRs.25,534
7Haier Twin Tub HWM 80-AS99.99% Copper8KGRs.34,999
8Haier Twin Tub HWM 80-ASR99.99% Copper8KGRs.31,499
9Haier Twin Tub HWM 75-As99.99% Copper7.5KGRs.25,000

Haier Washing Machine: Spinner Price in Pakistan

S.NOMODELMotorWash CapacityPrice
1Haier Spinner HWS 60-5099.99% Copper6KGRs.19,799

What is Automatic Washing Machine?

As technology has advanced, so has the world of laundry. One major contributor to this change is the automatic washing machine. An automatic washing machine is a device designed to complete the process of washing clothes without the need for manual intervention. Unlike the old fashioned washboards or hand cranked machines of the past, an automatic washing machine comes equipped with a variety of settings that can be customized to meet specific laundry needs. These machines speed up the laundry process and make it much easier for individuals to get their clothes cleaned efficiently and effectively. So, if you’re looking for a device to keep your clothes looking like new, an automatic washing machine is an ideal choice that will save you time and effort.

Some Models With Specifications

Haier HWM 85-7288

The Haier HWM 85-7288 integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. With an 8.5 kg load capacity, this machine is suitable for medium to large households. It offers 8 wash programs and a speedy 1300 RPM spin speed. The machine sports a delay start feature and a child lock for safety.

Haier HWM 95-1678

Upgrading to the Haier HWM 95-1678 promises an advanced laundry experience. It boasts a 9.5 kg load capacity, ideal for larger families or those with significant laundry needs. This model offers 16 wash programs and a 500 RPM spin speed. It includes a foam detecting function and motor overheating protection for safe operation.

Haier HWM 120-1678

The Haier HWM 120-1678 stands as the most advanced model, catering to extensive laundry needs with its 12 kg load capacity. This model offers 16 wash programs and an impressive 1600 RPM spin speed. It includes an ABT detergent drawer for hygiene, and a night wash program for quieter operation.

Summary of Models

Choosing the right model depends on your specific needs and budget. The Haier HWM 85-7288 is a great starting point, offering solid functionality at an affordable price. The Haier HWM 95-1678 offers more features and capacity for a slightly higher price point. The Haier HWM 120-1678, while the most expensive, stands as the epitome of washing technology and capacity.


For medium-sized households with regular laundry needs, the Haier HWM 85-7288 will suffice. Larger households or those with extensive laundry needs should consider the Haier HWM 95-1678 or Haier HWM 120-1678 for the extra capacity and features.

Customer Support and Service

Reliability extends beyond the product. Haier values every customer and provides exceptional after sales service. Whether you are encountering a minor issue or seeking guidance on machine operation, Haier’s customer service team is always ready to assist. Their prompt and efficient service ensures that your laundry routine remains uninterrupted.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Haier is dedicated to creating a sustainable future. The automatic washing machines are designed with eco-friendly technology, significantly reducing water and energy consumption. By choosing Haier, you are not only investing in an efficient laundry solution but also contributing to a greener planet.


The Haier Automatic Washing Machine symbolizes a blend of innovation, efficiency, and convenience. It’s an investment that adds value to your home, simplifies your chores, and enhances your lifestyle. Trust Haier to transform your laundry experience.