GM Cables Price List in Pakistan

Do you need reliable GM cables to power your electrical system? High quality products are available for purchase in Pakistan. GM cables are versatile cables used for providing electricity and data connectivity between two or more points. They offer better protection, durability, and efficiency compared to traditional wiring methods. Additionally, their lightweight design helps reduce material costs and requires less maintenance.

GM Cables is one of the leading suppliers in Pakistan that adheres to international standards and provides excellent performance even in harsh environmental conditions. To learn more about the benefits of these products, read more.

Today GM Cables Price List in Pakistan

GM cables prices in Pakistan are highly dependent on type and size. Whether you’re buying 1 Pair of 1x1MM² or 2 Pair of 3/0.29 Electric Cable, or looking for something larger like RG-7 COAXIAL CABLE, the prices vary accordingly. 1×1.5MM² and 1×1.5MM² stranded wires are other popular items while 7/0.29 Wire, 1x4MM² and higher gauges like 1x6MM at 1x10mm all come with their own respective price marks. With Pakistan’s market continuing to improve, GM cables can be a reliable source for quality products at reasonable prices.

S NoCable NameVoltagePrice
1GM Cable 1 PairRs. 2,266
2GM Cable 1x1MM²300/500VRs. 3,780
3GM Cable 2 PairRs. 4,532
4GM Cable 3/0.29 Electric Cable250/440VRs. 4,565
5GM Cable 1×1.5MM²450/750vRs. 5,087
6GM Cable 1×1.5MM² (Stranded)450/750vRs. 5,187
7GM Cable 3 PairRs. 6,797
8GM Cable RG-7 COAXIAL CABLERs. 7,579
9GM Cable 1×2.5MM²450/750VRs. 7,837
10GM Cable 1×2.5MM² (Stranded)450/750VRs. 7,993
11GM Cable 7/0.29 Wire250/440VRs. 9,876
12GM Cable 1x4MM²450/750VRs. 13,340
13GM Cable 1x6MM²450/750VRs. 19,545
14GM Cable 1x10MM²450/750VRs. 32,385

GM Cables Contact Number & Location

Address22-km, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
Phone Number042-111-222-369
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of GM wire cable in Pakistan?

The Price Of GM Calbe Is Depend On Your Need and Type Gm Cables Price Is Lower Rs. 2,266 and Higher Rs. 32,385.

What is the price of GM cable 7.44 in Pakistan?

GM 7/44 6mm² Pure Copper Wire is Rs. 20,400. This is the Current Price of this product, Prices are Subject to Change at Any Time.

What is the price of GM Cable 40 76 in Pakistan?

SIC Cables 40/76 Pure Copper Wire price is Rs. 9,032.

What is the price of GM cable 4mm in Pakistan?

GM Cables 1x4MM² Pure Copper Wire Price is Rs. 13,340.