Frozen Shami Kabab Price in Pakistan

One of the most beloved snacks among all age groups, Shami Kababs are a common sight at gatherings and occasions. Whether it’s a wedding or just an ordinary party, these kababs make every event more enjoyable. They come in both fresh and frozen forms but if you’re worried about their prices, there’s good news Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Frozen Shami Kabab Prices in Pakistan

Frozen Shami Kabab Brands in Pakistan with Prices

Pakistani cuisine is becoming increasingly sought after around the world, and one of its standout dishes is the delicious frozen shami kabab. Luckily for those in Pakistan, there are now a variety of brands that offer high quality frozen shami kababs at an affordable price. Whether you’re shopping for something to serve up for dinner or for a larger party, you can find a range of options with great flavors and at budget friendly prices. From savory selections from famous Pakistani brands like K&N’s and Dawn to other popular brands such as Sabroso and Menu, there’s something for everyone wanting to enjoy this special local dish without having to make it from scratch.

Shami Kabab Price in Pakistan

S.NoProduct NameWeightPrice
1K&N’s Shami Kabab 7 Pieces252GMRs. 435
2K&N’s Shami Kabab 18 Pieces648GMRs. 1025
3K&N’s Shami Kabab Family Pack1296GMRs. 1,866
4Dawn Chicken Shami Kabab 6 Pieces216GMRs. 375
5Dawn Chicken Shami Kabab 16 Pieces576GMRs. 935
6Simply Sufi Shami Kabab252GMRs. 434
7Simply Sufi Shami Kabab612GMRs. 819
8AP Shami Kabab640GMRs. 782
9PK Beef Shami Kebab612GMRs. 1,034
10Menu Chicken Shami Kebab Family Pack700GMRs. 1,089
11Chicken Shami Kabab Small Pack400GMRs. 599
12Sabroso Chicken Shami Kabab 15 Pieces600GMRs. 883
13MonSalwa Chicken Shami Kabab288GMRs. 436
14MonSalwa Chicken Shami Kabab 16 Pieces576GMRs. 810
15Nimco’s Shaami Kabab PER PIECERs. 70
16Nimco’s Shaami Kabab 12 PIECERs. 600
17Nimco’s Mutton Shami Kabab 12 PiecesRs. 650
18Homechef Chicken Shami Kabab 12 PiecesRs. 1200