Fitron Watch Price in Pakistan

Are you looking for a stylish and high quality wristwatch? Look no further than the Fitron Watch. This timepiece is perfect for anyone who values their look, style, and precision in an everyday watch. Not only does it keep accurate time like any good wristwatch should, but its features are designed to make your life easier by measuring calories burned and tracking steps taken all while still making a statement with its sleek design. Whether you’re exercising or just living your daily life in style, the Fitron Watches provide reliability and class at an unbeatable price. Keep reading to learn more about why this might be the best choice for you.

Best Fitron Watches With Prices

For individuals looking to get the most out of their device, one of the best Fitron watches available. It features a low power Bluetooth connection that allows users to sync and keep track of their fitness goals, both long term and short term. Plus, its sleek design makes it both durable and stylish at the same time perfect for any occasion or situation. With it comes an easy to read screen that displays all metrics like steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and sleep duration. Best of all is its price which is low compare to others. Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards better health or an experienced fitness enthusiast.

Fitron steel Quartz FR-00289SG

Rs. 599

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Fitron Black steel Quartz FR-00289

Rs. 599

Fitron-Pakistan .com

Fitron Steel Quartz FR-0089F

Rs. 599

Fitron-Pakistan .com

Fitron Steel Quartz FR-008Dt

Rs. 599

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Fitron Black steel Quartz FR-00294

Rs. 599

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Branded Watch Fitron

Rs. 1,899

Daraz .pk

Fitron Ladies Watch

Rs. 5,100

Daraz .pk

Product NameBuy OnlinePrice
Fitron Watch For WomenDaraz .pkRs. 3,800
Fitron new design Watch For MenDaraz .pkRs. 2400
Fitron 3213Punjab Watch .pkRs. 4,750
Fitron Automatic Watch for MenDaraz .pkRs. 4,000
Fitron Gent’s WatchDaraz .pkRs. 4,300
Fitron Man fashion watch daistareDaraz .pkRs. 5,000
FITRON Brand Watch For MenDaraz .pkRs. 6,899
Original Fitron Ceramic Scratch Proof WatchDaraz .pkRs. 11,499
Fitron original ceramics Sketch proof watchDaraz .pkRs. 12,500
Fitron Diastar Men’s Wrist WatchDaraz .pkRs. 14,450

1. Fitron Watch For Women

The Fitron Watch is the perfect gift for any fashionable woman who wants style and substance. With its sleek design and easy to read face, this watch makes a bold statement. It is also water resistant and comes with a 5 year warranty so you can have peace of mind. Plus, it is available in a classic black color and offered at an affordable price of Rs. 3,800.

2. Fitron new design Watch For Men

Fitron’s new design watch is the perfect way to make a fashion statement. It is designed to be both stylish and practical. The watch has a water resistance rating of 100%, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest conditions. Additionally, its stainless steel construction ensures durability and a long life.

The new design also features limited stock for men. It is 100% original and comes in four colors: black, brown, gold, and silver. With its contemporary design and sleek look, the Fitron watch will stand out from the rest. This luxury timepiece is an excellent choice for anyone and its price is Rs. 2400.

3.Fitron 3213

The Fitron 3213 is a stylish timepiece with an eye catching design. It features a gold and silver chain, as well as a silver dial for added elegance. The watch also comes equipped with a one year international warranty for your convenience. With its timeless style and reliable quality, the Fitron 3213 is available in 3 colors black, blue & golden which makes it perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or an everyday accessory, this watch will keep you looking good and feeling great. With its affordable price of Rs. 4,750.

4.Fitron Automatic Watch for Men

The Fitron Automatic Watch for Men is the perfect combination of style and function. It features a skeleton dial with metal shine case, making it look elegant and stylish. The metal chain band ensures secure fit, while the push lock makes sure your watch stays in place throughout your day. And to top it off, this amazing timepiece showcases its intricate details with its transparent back glass cover. Get your own Fitron Automatic Watch for Men today at just Rs. 4,000.

5.Fitron Gent’s Watch

Enhance your style with FITRON Gent’s Watch. Not only is it stylish and sophisticated, but also a practical choice for every day wear thanks to its 40mm CLASSIC case size, electrode stainless steel brass case and master lock brand name stainless steel chain. With its high quality power glass and Japanese quality machine, you can be sure that your watch won’t let you down. Don’t forget the brand catalog original model and water resistance make this watch a great choice for any occasion, especially weddings. available now at an unbeatable price of Rs. 4,300.

6.Fitron Man fashion watch daistare

Introducing the Fitron Man fashion watch daistare, a perfect combination of style and function. Crafted from full scratch prof material, this fashionable timepiece boasts an impressive 5 year warranty for long-term durability and reliability. The bold and stylish design is accentuated by its shiny metallic red colour that will make it the envy of everyone around you. Get the Fitron Man fashion watch daistare today and enjoy years of quality performance at a price of only Rs. 5,000.

7.FITRON Brand Watch For Men

FITRON Brand Watch is an elegant and timeless piece that will make a statement on any wrist. Crafted from stainless steel, this distinctive timepiece features a high hardness reinforced glass mirror, making it resistant to scratches and dirt. The case size comes in at 42mm diameter with 11mm thickness, weighing just 60g for comfortable wear. The strap is 210mm in length, giving you a perfect fit. Inside the watch is a quartz movement, providing accurate time keeping for years to come. In addition, it features luminous pointer for easy viewing in the dark. With 30m waterproofing, you can be sure this watch will stand up to all of life’s daily activities. Get the watch that fits your style, in both look and function, at an affordable price of Rs. 6,899 with FITRON Brand Watch.

8.Original Fitron Ceramic Scratch Proof Watch

The Orignal Fitron Ceramics Sketch Proof Watch is perfect for the fashion conscious, yet practical person. With its stylish design and classic tones of black and white, this watch will never go out of style. It’s made with high quality ceramic that resists scratches and water damage, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. The price of this watch is Rs. 11,499.

9.Fitron original ceramics Sketch proof watch

Fitron original ceramics Scratch proof watch is a premium quality product which offers high end features and excellent craftsmanship. The watch has a highly finished scratch proof ceramic case and chain, making it both resilient and stylish. The ultra slim design and date feature make this watch perfect for office wear, weddings or parties. It also features a Chinese Movement/Machine with extraordinary finishing work and a beautiful case style. You can choose from several colors to match any look. Finally, the watch is protected by hardened mineral crystal glass for added durability. Get your Fitron original ceramics Scratch proof watch for only Rs. 12,500 today,

10.Fitron Diastar Men’s Wrist Watch

Fitron Diastar Men’s Wrist Watch brings you the perfect combination of style and functionality. The metal bracelet/band and Tungsten (Golden) case is solid and reliable, promising long lasting durability. It boasts a scratch proof glass that allows clear visibility of its golden dial with black accents. This watch is powered by an Automatic Movement from Japan, ensuring precise timekeeping and accuracy. With its water resistance, it is suitable for everyday use without worrying about the elements. Plus, this watch also comes with a 1 year free service warranty to give you peace of mind. Get the Fitron Diastar Men’s Wrist Watch today at an affordable price of Rs. 14,450.

Fitron Watch Men’s

Rs. 7,400

Daraz .pk

Fitron skeleton watch

Rs. 6,599

Daraz .pk