Fatima Jinnah Park (F9 Park) Ticket Price

Fatima Jinnah Park, often referred to as F9 Park, is a place that unifies the spirit of nature, recreation, and history in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan. The park, spanning an impressive 750 acres, is a tribute to Mādar-e Millat Fatima Jinnah, the younger sister of the country’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The park is not just a recreational escape; it symbolizes the nation’s progress and commitment to green, sustainable future. Designed by Michael Japero and inaugurated in 1992, the park was an outcome of the combined efforts of the local government, committed architects, and international cooperation.

Upon entering, you’re greeted by a serene lake, decorated with fountains that add charm to the surroundings. The calming atmosphere is conducive to contemplation, making it an ideal spot to unwind and soak in nature’s beauty.

The park doesn’t just offer tranquility, it encourages an active lifestyle too. With jogging tracks, cycling paths, rollerblading rinks, and sports facilities, it’s a haven for fitness enthusiasts. Children too, can enjoy the mini train rides and playgrounds.

A nod to the nation’s cultural scene is visible in the park’s amphitheater. Here, cultural events and musical concerts are held, treating visitors to the rich traditional and contemporary art scene of the country.

The park’s significance extends beyond recreation and culture. It reflects Pakistan’s friendly relations with other countries, as its design was assisted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Moreover, Fatima Jinnah Park contributes significantly to environmental conservation. It’s a natural habitat for various species, promoting city’s biodiversity.

Highlighting its many facets, here are some key features:

  • A serene lake with fountains and bridges
  • Jogging tracks, cycling paths, and rollerblading rinks
  • Sports facilities for cricket, football, and basketball
  • An amphitheater for cultural events
  • A natural habitat for diverse species

Fatima Jinnah Park (F9 Park) Ticket Price

DetailsTicket Price
F-9 Park Ticket Price Per HeadRs. 30 – 100

Fatima Jinnah Park (F9 Park) Location and Timing 

Fatima Jinnah Park Timings9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Location of Fatima Jinnah Park IslamabadF-9 Sector, Islamabad, Pakistan
Park AccessEnclosed by a steel fence; Entry through gates 

Attractions at Fatima Jinnah Park

  • Jumping Castles: One of the most popular attractions in the park is the inflatable giants. Weekends at the park are exciting because there’s a huge obstacle course for kids and adults to climb and bounce over.
  • Cradles: Savor a leisurely ride on little boats that rock back and forth along a track. This attraction provides a pleasant approach to take in the picturesque lake vistas and rich flora of the park.
  • Merry-go-Round: The Merry-go-Round is a traditional favorite for tourists of all ages. It invites riders to mount a big spinning platform, creating an enjoyable and vigorous experience.
  • Golf: The 9-hole golf course in Fatima Jinnah Park is ideal for both beginning and seasoned players. The immaculate course provides breathtaking views of the skyline of the city.
  • Cricket: Enthusiasts of cricket gather on the well-kept field in the park, which has benches and a pavilion, making it the perfect place for watching matches and relaxing.
  • Football: The football field is ideal for a pick-me game or skill practice with friends because of its flat surface and lush grass.
  • Slides: Sail down on tubes or mats to feel the rush of these enormous, twisted slides. These vibrantly colored slides combine training and pleasure for people of all ages.
  • Walking Tracks: You may work out while taking in the park’s natural beauty on one of the many well-kept walking trails, which make the ideal backdrop for a stroll in the morning or evening.
  • Ponds: Calm ponds enhance the park’s tranquility and provide a quiet area for unwinding and introspection.
  • Cycling Tracks: Cycling enthusiasts can take pleasure in the twisting routes that

Fatima Jinnah Park

Fatima Jinnah Park
فاطمہ جناح پارک
LocationIslamabad, Pakistan
Coordinates33°42′07″N 73°01′22″E
Area304 hectares (750 acres)
Opened1992; 31 years ago
DesignerMichael Japero
EtymologyFrom the name of Mādar-e Millat Fatima Jinnah, sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Administered byCapital Development Authority
OpenYear-round; 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Man-made Structures Within the Park

Fatima Jinnah Park houses several man-made structures that add to its charm and functionality. These buildings, some of which are bustling activity centers, while others offer serene isolation, are an integral part of the park’s landscape. They are designed in a way that seamlessly integrates with the park’s natural environment, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Recreational Activities and Learning Opportunities

The park is not just a place for quiet contemplation; it also offers a variety of recreational activities. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the park’s open spaces for activities such as football, cricket, and running. In addition, the park’s unused spaces sometimes serve as an ideal spot for people learning to drive.

The Flora and Fauna in the Park

The park is a thriving ecosystem that serves as a natural habitat for various species. It contributes significantly to the city’s biodiversity and offers visitors a chance to observe these species in their natural environment. The park’s several unique yet co-existing habitats promote a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The Role of the Park in the Community

Fatima Jinnah Park plays an essential role in the community. It serves as a gathering spot for locals and visitors, providing a platform for social interaction and communal activities. The park contributes to the overall wellness of the community, promoting physical fitness and mental well being. Moreover, its cultural and historical significance instills a sense of pride among the residents of Islamabad.

The Leisure Arena: A New Addition to the Park

In December 2019, the park expanded its offerings with the inauguration of the Leisure Arena. Born out of a renovation of the former Mega Zone, the Leisure Arena incorporates a variety of recreational facilities. Visitors can now enjoy a standard-length swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, as well as tables for table tennis and snooker. Additionally, the complex hosts a dedicated area for bowling, arcade games, and laser tag, catering to all age groups and interests.

Dining and Shopping Opportunities

Leisure Arena isn’t limited to just physical activities—it also offers an array of fast food and dining options. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite between games or a sit-down meal after a long day of fun, the Arena has you covered. Moreover, an assortment of shops selling clothes, DVDs, and other items make Leisure Arena a one-stop destination for entertainment, dining, and shopping.

The Impact of Leisure Arena on the Local Community

The incorporation of Leisure Arena into the park has been met with positive response from the local community. It’s not just an addition to the park—it’s a social hub where people come together to engage in sports, games, and shopping. By providing these diverse facilities under one roof, Leisure Arena plays a significant role in fostering community engagement and enhancing the recreational landscape of Islamabad.


Leisure Arena is more than just an entertainment complex it’s a catalyst for community engagement, fitness, and fun. Its diverse facilities cater to a wide range of interests, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Looking ahead, Leisure Arena aims to continue enhancing its offerings, keeping pace with global trends while prioritizing the needs and interests of its patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the opening hours of Leisure Arena?

The Arena is open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week.

  1. Does Leisure Arena offer membership packages?

Yes, Leisure Arena offers a variety of membership packages, tailored to suit different needs and budgets. Details can be found on our website or at the Arena’s front desk.

  1. Is there a separate swimming pool for women and children?

Yes, the Arena provides separate swimming pool timings for women and children to ensure comfort and privacy.

  1. What dining options are available at Leisure Arena?

The Arena hosts a variety of fast food outlets and restaurants, catering to a wide array of culinary tastes.

  1. Can I host a party at Leisure Arena?

Absolutely! Leisure Arena has several spaces that can be rented for private parties and events. Please contact our event coordinator for more details.