Fast Cable Price List

Are you looking to get the best value for your money when it comes to buying electrical cable? You’re not alone, as cost is one of the main factors in selecting a supplier. For years, Fast Cable Price has been providing customers with high quality rated cables at competitive prices. Not only that but their service approach and customer support are top notch too, which makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking for an all round solution. In this blog post we discuss why you should choose Fast Cable as your supplier of 2023 electrical cables and what sets them apart from their competitors.

Fast Cable Price List

S.NOFast Cables CatalogueCoil DimensionsPrice
1Fast cable 3/0.029 Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 6,771
2Fast cable 7/0.029 Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 14,406
3Fast cable 1×1 MM (Sq.) Solid Price90 MetersRs. 5,175
4Fast cable 1×1.5 MM (Sq) Solid Price90 MetersRs. 7,821
5Fast cable 1×1.5 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 8,212
6Fast cable 1×2.5 MM (Sq.) Solid Price90 MetersRs. 12,676
7Fast cable 1×2.5 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 13,388
8Fast cable 1×4 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 19,866
9Fast cable 1×6 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 29,447
10Fast cable 1×10 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 48,999
11Fast cable 1×16 MM (Sq.) Stranded Price90 MetersRs. 75,868
12Fast cable RG 6 Price90 MetersRs. 17,598
13Fast cable RG 7 Price90 MetersRs. 20,721
14Fast cable RG 11 Price90 MetersRs. 35,618
15Fast cable 2 Pair Price90 MetersRs. 8,074
16Fast cable 3 Pair Price90 MetersRs. 11,456

Fast Cable

For over 35 years, Fast Cables Limited has been at the forefront of the electrical cable industry in Pakistan. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Fast Cables has earned the trust of customers throughout the country. Whether it’s for residential, commercial or industrial use, Fast Cables has become the go to choice for leading electrical consultants, engineers and architects. But it’s not just quality that sets Fast Cables apart. The company is also known for its superior customer service and affordability, making it an ideal choice for all your electrical cable needs.

Fast Cable Quality Standards

When it comes to cables, it’s essential that they meet the necessary quality standards to prevent damage or failure. That’s where our team comes in. With qualified technical staff and a commitment to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our products, we are dedicated to providing high quality cables that meet the required voltage and current specifications for any application. Beyond that, our cables are designed with preventative features to withstand threats like vibration, chafing, impact, and pressure, as well as resist damage from oil, solvents, and corrosive chemicals. We take pride in our quality policy, which is focused on continuous improvement and timely customer service to meet your individual needs.

Fast Cable Full Price List

Wiring cables Price List (Coil = 90Meter)

450/7500 V CU/PVC/INSFlat Sheathed 300/500 V CU/PVC/PVCSheathed 300/500 V CU/PVC/PVCSheathed 300/500 V CU/PVC/PVC
1.0 MM (1/1.13) Solid (300/500 V)Rs.5,005Rs.5,175Rs.11,805Rs.12,205Rs.17,799Rs.18,403Rs.24,729Rs.25,567
1.5 MM 2 (1/1.38) SolidRs.7,565Rs.7,821Rs.20,714Rs.21,416Rs.29,469Rs.30,468Rs.37,412Rs.38,681
1.5 MM 2 (7/0.53) StdRs.7,943Rs.8,212Rs.21,750Rs.22,488Rs.30,942Rs.31,991Rs.39,283Rs.40,615
2.5 MM 2 (1/1.78) SolidRs.12,260Rs.12,676Rs.29,722Rs.30,730Rs.42,732Rs.44,181Rs.54,932Rs.56,794
2.5 MM 2 (7/0.67)StdRs.12,949Rs.13,388Rs.31,208Rs.32,266Rs.44,869Rs.46,390Rs.57,678Rs.59,633
4.0 MM 2 (7/0.85) StdRs.19,214Rs.19,866Rs.45,424Rs.46,964Rs.66,445Rs.68,697Rs.85,536Rs.88,435
6.0 MM 2 (7/1.04) StdRs.28,482Rs.29,447Rs.64,266Rs.66,445Rs.105,141Rs.108,705Rs.123,024Rs.127,194
10 MM 2 (7/1.35) StdRs.47,392Rs.48,999Rs.102,831Rs.106,317Rs.152,075Rs.157,230Rs.199,777Rs.206,549
16MM 2 (7/1.70) StdRs.73,381Rs.75,868Rs.158,359Rs.163,727

IEC 60502-1 MATRIC SIZE 600/1000V Price List – FastCables

Flat Sheathed 600/1000 V 2-CORE CU/PVC/PVCSheathed600/1000V 3-CORE CU/PVC/PVCSheathed600/10004-CORE CU/PVC/PVC
1.5 MM 2 (7/0.53) solidRs.21,750Rs.22,487Rs.30,942Rs.31,991Rs.39,283Rs.40,615
1.5 MM 2 (7/0.53) StdRs.22,838Rs.23,612Rs.32,489Rs.33,591Rs.41,247Rs.42,646
2.5 MM 2 (7/0.67)SolidRs.31,208Rs.32,266Rs.44,869Rs.46,390Rs.57,678Rs.59,633
2.5 MM 2 (7/0.67)StdRs.32,768Rs.33,879Rs.47,113Rs.48,710Rs.60,562Rs.62,615
4.0 MM 2 (7/0.85) StdRs.47,695Rs.49,312Rs.69,767Rs.72,132Rs.89,812Rs.92,857
6.0 MM 2 (7/1.04) StdRs.67,480Rs.69,767Rs.115,655Rs.119,576Rs.129,175Rs.133,554
10 MM 2 (7/1.35) StdRs.107,973Rs.111,633Rs.159,678Rs.165,091Rs.209,766Rs.216,877
16MM 2 (7/1.70) StdRs.166,277Rs.171,913

BS-6500 FLEXIBLE CABLE 300/500V Price List – FastCables


0.75 mm2 (23/.0076″)Rs.4,500Rs.4,653Rs.15,100Rs.15,611Rs.18,048Rs.18,659Rs.22,712Rs.23,482
1.0 mm2 (40/.0076″)Rs.6,001Rs.6,204Rs.18,887Rs.19,527Rs.22,329Rs.23,086Rs.28,449Rs.29,413
1.5 mm2 (70/.0076″)Rs.8,634Rs.8,927Rs.22,622Rs.23,389Rs.32,190Rs.33,282Rs.41,799Rs.43,216
2.5 mm2 (110/.0076″)Rs.14,048Rs.14,524Rs.35,694Rs.36,904Rs.50,808Rs.52,530Rs.65,703Rs.67,930
4 mm2 (162/.0076″)Rs.22,399Rs.23,158Rs.54,407Rs.56,251Rs.77,885Rs.80,525Rs.100,887Rs.104,307

BS 2004 IMPERIAL SIZES 250/440 VCO-Axial Cables

Strand / Diameter



CO-Axial Cables


RegisteredUN RegisteredRG-6 U CURs.17,021Rs.17,598
3/.029” StrandedRs.6,549Rs.6,771RG-7U(CUCladSteel)Rs.20,041Rs.20,721
7/.029” StrandedRs.13,934Rs.14,406RG-11 U(CU CladSteel)Rs.34,450Rs.35,618

Indoor Telephone Cables Price In Pakistan – FastCables

Cable SizesRegisteredUNRegisteredCable SizesRegisteredUNRegistered
Single PairRs.5,324Rs.5,504Six PairRs.24,042Rs.24,856
Two PairRs.7,809Rs.8,074Seven PairRs.25,562Rs.26,428
Three PairRs.11,081Rs.11,456Eight PairRs.32,257Rs.33,350
Four PairRs.15,823Rs.16,360Nine PairRs.36,518Rs.37,756
Five PairRs.17,424Rs.18,015Ten PairRs.40,779Rs.42,161

Wiring cables Price List (Coil = 90 Meter) – FastCables

SIZEFlame Retardent Insulated LSZH/INSFlat Sheathed 600/1000V LSZH/LSZHRound Sheathed 600/1000V LSZH/LSZHRound Sheathed 600/1000V LSZH/LSZH
1.0 MM 2 (1/1.13) SolidRs.5,505Rs.5,692Rs.15,950Rs.16,491Rs.22,692Rs.23,461Rs.28,807Rs.29,784
1.5 MM 2 (1/1.38) SolidRs.8,321Rs.8,603Rs.23,925Rs.24,736Rs.34,036Rs.35,190Rs.43,211Rs.44,676
1.5 MM 2 (7/0.53) StrandedRs.8,737Rs.9,033Rs.25,122Rs.25,973Rs.35,738Rs.36,950Rs.45,372Rs.46,910
2.5 MM 2 (1/1.78) SolidRs.13,486Rs.13,944Rs.34,329Rs.35,493Rs.49,356Rs.51,029Rs.63,446Rs.65,597
2.5 MM 2 (7/0.67)StrandedRs.14,244Rs.14,727Rs.36,045Rs.37,267Rs.51,824Rs.53,581Rs.66,618Rs.68,876
4.0 MM 2 (7/0.85) StrandedRs.21,136Rs.21,852Rs.52,464Rs.54,243Rs.76,744Rs.79,345Rs.98,793Rs.102,142
6.0 MM 2 (7/1.04) StrandedRs.31,330Rs.32,392Rs.74,228Rs.76,744Rs.109,568Rs.113,282Rs.142,092Rs.146,909
10 MM 2 (7/1.35) StrandedRs.52,131Rs.53,899Rs.118,770Rs.122,796Rs.175,646Rs.181,600Rs.230,742Rs.238,564
16 MM 2 (7/0.70) StrandedRs.80,719Rs.83,455Rs.182,905Rs.189,105
This price list supersedes and cancels the list issued earlier and is valid from 06-July-2023
Above rates are inclusive of 18% GST for Registerd Customers and 4% additional, 22 % GST for Unregisterd Customers.