Ehsaas Free Atta 8070 Online Registration Check 2024 – Govt Ramadan Relief Package

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for the faithful to find peace through discourses and spirituality, evolving naturally in accordance with one’s belief. It becomes difficult for some families especially those living on meager financial resources to prepare balanced meals that not only provide sustenance but also retain the essence of Ramadan customs. Keeping these circumstances in mind, Government has announced an exclusive relief package consisting of 10KG atta bags as a part of its Ramadan Relief program. This step will be beneficial for low income households who may otherwise have difficulty entitling themselves view such nutritious food items during this period.

Ramadan Relife Free Atta 10KG Program 2024

is an initiative to provide relief to those who are financially disadvantaged. This program is funded by the government and has a budget of 64 Billion Rupees for subsidy. It is estimated that 10 Crore people in the country will benefit from this scheme, with 20 thousand sale points available across the country. Beneficiaries will be those who earn less than 60 thousand rupees per Month. Registration for this program will start on 15 March 2023.

The government aims to ensure that no one goes hungry during Ramadan and hence, this program provides a helpful relief measure for many individuals and families in need of support. The subsidized atta can help ease financial strain on families during this time.

How to Get Ramadan Relife Free Atta 10KG Program

is an initiative of the Ehsaas Programme, launched in 2023 to provide relief to low income families across Pakistan. Through this scheme, a family can receive three 10kg bags of flour for free during Ramadan with just one pass. This flour will be distributed at designated Atta points throughout the country, ensuring that everyone has access to food during this holy month.

  • Type #CNIC NO with ATTA From Your registered mobile number and send an SMS to 8070 Get three 10KG bags free in phased manner from utility stores, PSPA Registered Stores, and Truck Points.
Ramadan Relife Free Atta

Ramadan Relief Free Atta 10KG Program Contact Number

Simply call 0800-0235 and speak with an expert who can provide more insight into this fantastic program. Get all your questions answered quickly and easily.

What is Ramadan Free Atta 8070 Web Portal?

The web portal 8070 is easy to use and is designed with the user in mind. Once you complete your online application, a unique ID will be generated for you so that you can track your application’s progress. You will also receive notifications on your mobile phone regarding the status of your application. Furthermore, this web portal helps streamline the process of identifying eligible citizens for this program. It cross checks each application with relevant government databases to ensure that only those who meet the eligibility criteria can participate in the program.


In conclusion, the Government of Pakistan’s Ramadan Relief Free Atta 10KG Program is an invaluable benefit for those experiencing economic hardship during this Ramadan. With simple registration steps easy to take advantage of this program and receive free atta in this month.