Draw 28 Rs.40,000 Premium Prize Bond List Faisalabad 11 March 2024

Prize bonds represent not just a hopeful venture into the world of fortune for many but also serve as a government-backed, risk-free investment. As we near the 97th draw of the Rs.1500 Prize Bond in Lahore, anticipation builds among hopeful participants eager to see if luck or fate has favored them this time around.

Before we unfurl the prized numbers that could hold the key to opulence for some fortunate souls, it’s crucial to understand what these bonds entail. A prize bond is a form of lottery which, rather than offering interest or growth on your investment, provides the thrilling promise of winning significant cash prizes. In Pakistan, the Prize Bond scheme is a hallmark facet of national savings, promoting the habit of making worthwhile investments while offering a dash of excitement to the otherwise mundane.

In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about the upcoming draw, the overall process, and provide valuable tips for both seasoned and new prize bond holders.

The March 11th, 2024, Draw in Faisalabad

The March 11th, 2024, prize bond draw in Faisalabad was no ordinary event. Bundles of hope were casually exchanged for a ticket, a nondescript piece of paper that was, in essence, a ticket to dreams. For those who participated in this particular draw, the stakes couldn’t have been higher, with the top prize offering an impressive redemption. The occasion was a convergence of aspirations, experienced through a community brought together by a shared longing for a brighter, more prosperous future.

40,000 Prize Bond Winning Amount

Prize Bond Rs40,000/-01Rs.80,000,000 PKR1st Prize
Prize Bond Rs40,000/-03Rs.30,000,000 PKR2nd Prize
Prize Bond Rs40,000/-660Rs.500,000 PKR3rd Prize

Announcement of Results

After the tantalizing anticipation was the pivotal moment of truth. The winning numbers were called out, each digit echoing in the halls with the weight of possibility. Among them, new millionaires were potentially being crafted, instantaneously transforming the lives of those who held matching tickets. Additionally, there may have been those who garnered secondary prizes, substantial enough to merit celebration in their own right.

A spotlight on special winners or unique occurrences, if any, would illuminate the personal stories that form the fabric of such events. Be it the record-breaking winner, the benevolent philanthropist, or the remarkably fortunate family, their narratives would serve as testimony to the varied faces of fortune.

1st Prize Winner: “XXXXXX“.

2nd Prize Winners: XXXXXX“, “XXXXXX“, “XXXXXX.

3rd Prize Winners list:


The conclusion would serve to underscore the draw’s significance not just in the financial domain, but in the personal narratives it has touched. A recap of the draw’s outcomes and their broader implications, as well as encouragement for readers to engage with and partake in future draw events, would provide a cohesive finale to the post. This would not only foster a continued interest in the subject matter but also reinforce the communal spirit of such draws.

In the end, this piece aims to be more than just a catalog of numbers; it aspires to be a testament to the shared pursuit of prosperity and the inextricable connection between risk and reward. To those who found their stars align on March 11th, may their new realities be as inspiring as the dreams they once held. And to the rest, may the next draw hold the promise of fulfillment just a number away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Prize Bonds

Q1. Can Prize Bonds expire if not cashed immediately after winning?

A1. Prize Bonds do not expire. Winners can claim their prizes even years after the draw date, ensuring no rush to cash in immediately.

Q2. Are prizes from Prize Bonds taxed?

A2. Yes, prize winnings from bonds are subject to applicable taxes as per Pakistani regulations. It’s advisable to check the latest tax rates and policies.

Q3. Can Prize Bonds be purchased in someone else’s name?

A3. Absolutely! Prize Bonds make for thoughtful gifts and can be purchased in another person’s name, offering them a chance to win as well.

Q4. How often do draws for the Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond occur?

A4. The Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond draws are scheduled quarterly, providing participants with multiple opportunities to win throughout the year.

Q5. Is there a limit on how many Prize Bonds one person can buy?

A5. There’s no upper limit on the number of Prize Bonds one can purchase, allowing individuals to increase their chances of winning by buying more bonds.

Q6. Can non-Pakistani residents purchase Prize Bonds and participate in the draw?

A6. Non-Pakistani residents can buy Prize Bonds and participate in the draw, provided they comply with the legal and regulatory framework governing financial transactions in Pakistan.

Q7. In case of a win, how are participants notified?

A7. Winners are not personally notified. It’s the responsibility of bondholders to check the winning numbers, which are published in newspapers, the official Prize Bond website, and other authorized platforms.

Q8. Can Prize Bonds be sold back to the bank?

A8. Yes, Prize Bonds can be encashed and sold back to authorized dealers or banks at any time, offering liquidity to the holders.

Q9. How are the winning numbers chosen? Is the process fair?

A9. The draw process is conducted through a random number generation system under stringent surveillance to ensure fairness and transparency.