Desi Month Calendar and Today Date

Desi Month Calendar is a unique calendar system used on the Indian subcontinent. It offers interesting insights into India Pakistan and its culture, as well as providing a way of keeping track of days and vital occasions such as religious festivals, weddings, and other important events. Unlike the Gregorian calendar which is followed everywhere in North America the Desi Month Calendar follows 12 lunar cycles. With Desi Month Calendar you can easily keep track of what date it is today plus any special occasions specific to your religion or region. So if you’re interested in hearing more about this fascinating periodization system, read on.

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The Punjabi calendar is rich in cultural significance, with each month holding its own unique name and meaning. In Chet, the first month, the land comes to life as spring begins to unfold. Vaisakh, the second month, is a time for celebration and worship as Punjabis observe the harvest festival. Jeth, the third month, brings warmer weather and longer days. As temperatures continue to rise during Harh, the fourth month, people are reminded of the power of the sun. In Sawan, the fifth month, the monsoon season arrives, bringing much needed rain to the land. Bhadon, the sixth month, marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. As the days grow shorter during Assu, the seventh month, Punjabis prepare for the cooler months ahead. Kattak, the eighth month, is a time for reflection as people look back on the year that has passed. In Magghar, the ninth month, the weather takes a turn for the worse as winter sets in. As the days grow cold and dark during Poh, the tenth month, people seek warmth and comfort indoors. Magh, the eleventh month, is a time for spiritual reflection as Punjabis celebrate the birthday of Guru Nanak. Finally, Phagan, the twelfth month, brings the promise of spring as the days grow longer and the weather begins to warm up once again.

Punjabi Month Date TodayDay
03 Magghar Date Today 18 November 2023Sunday

Month Names in Punjabi Calendar

S.NoMonth NameIN HindiاردوDaysJulian Months
1Vaisakhਵੈਸਾਖویساکھ3114 April to 14 May
2Jethਜੇਠجیٹھ3115 May to 14 June
3Harhਹਾੜہاڑ3115 June to 15 July
4Sawanਸਾਵਣساون3116 July to 15 August
5Bhadonਭਾਦੋਂبھادوں3016 August to 14 September
6Assuਅੱਸੂاسو3015 September to 14 October
7Katakਕੱਤਕکاتک3015 October to 13 November
8Magharਮੱਘਰمگھر3014 November to 13 December
9Pohਪੋਹپوہ3014 December to 12 January
10Maghਮਾਘماگھ3013 January to 11 February
11Phagunਫੱਗਣپھاگن30/3112 February to 13/14 March
12Chetਚੇਤچیت3114 March to 13 April

Days Name in Punjabi Calendar

S.NoDays in EnglishDays in PunjabiDays in Urdu
1MondaySomvaar / Sōmavāraسوموار
2TuesdayMangalvaar / Magalavāraمنگل
3WednesdayBudhvaar / Budhavāraبدھ
4ThursdayVeervaar / Vīravāraجمعرات
5FridayShukarvaar / Śukaravāraجمعہ
6SaturdaySanicharvaar / Śanīvāraہفتہ
7SundayAitvaar / Aitavāraاتوار

Desi Months Names in Hindi & Urdu

S.NoPunjab Month in EnglishPunjabi Month in UrduDesi Month in Hindi

The History of Desi Month Date

S.NoPunjabi MonthUrdu NamesGregorian MonthsDays
1Chetچیت14 March – 13 April31
2Vaisakhiبیساکھ14 April – 14 May31
3Jethجیٹھ15 May – 14 June31
4Harhہاڑ15 June – 15 July31
5Sawanساون16 July – 15 August31
6Bhadonبھادوں16 August – 14 September30
7Assuاسو15 September – 14 October30
8Katakکاتک15 October – 13 November30
9Magharمگھر14 November – 13 December29
10Pohپوہ14 December – 12 January30
11Maghماگھ13 January – 12 February30/31
12Phagunپھاگن13 February – 14 March30/31

Festivals in Punjabi Calendar

S.NoFestivalMonthSolar or Lunar MonthDate
1VaisakhiVaisakhSolar1 Visakh
2Raksha BandhanSawanLunarSawan Full Moon
3Teej/TeeyanSawanLunarSawan Month/3rd day from and including new moon (dark night)
4Maghi/Makar SankrantiMaghSolar1 Magh
5Basant FestivalMaghLunar5th day from and including new moon (dark night)
6LohariPolSolarLasd day of Poh
7Holika DahanPhaganLunarPhagan Full Moon

Different Day Times in Punjabi

1پہلا پہرصبح 6 وجے توں 9 وجے تکدھمی ویلا
2دوجا پہرصبح 9 وجے توں 12 وجے تکسویر ویلا
3تیجا پہردوپہر 12 وجے توں 3 وجے تکپیشی ویلا
4چوتھا پہردوپہر 3 وجے توں 6 وجے تکدِیگر ویلا
5پنجواں پہرشام 6 وجے توں 9 وجے تکنِیماشاں ویلا
6چھیواں پہررات 9 وجے توں 12 وجے تککُفتاں ویلا
7ستواں پہررات 12 وجے توں 3 وجے تکاَدھ رات ویلا
8اٹھواں پہرصبح 3 وجے توں 6 وجے تکسرگھی ویلا

Chet Month Calendar 2023

The desi Punjabi calendar marks the beginning of the new year with the month of Chet. With its pleasant weather, Chet is a time when the days are filled with warmth while the nights offer a lovely, cool breeze. This month starts on March 14 and continues until April 14, which means that for an entire month, people can enjoy the gentle weather that is just right. It’s a time when nature shows its beauty in full bloom and the landscapes become lush, making it very conducive for outdoor activities. So, if you’re looking for a month filled with lovely weather, Chet should definitely be on your calendar.

Vaisakh Month Calendar 2023

As the second month of the Desi calendar, Vaisakh is a time of changes in the weather and in the landscape. The heat of the approaching summer begins to set in, while the wheat crop ripens and awaits harvest. Lasting from April 14 to May 14 on the English calendar, this month is an important one for farmers and agricultural communities across the region. With 31 days, it offers plenty of time for people to take stock of the changes around them and to prepare for the busy seasons ahead. Whether you live in a rural area or in a bustling city, Vaisakh marks an important transition in the year that is worth celebrating and acknowledging.

Jeth Month 2023

Jeth, the third month of the Desi calendar, brings with it the promise of summer. As the temperatures start to rise and the days grow longer, nature begins to wake up from its winter slumber. With 31 days to its name, Jeth is a month of progress and growth, a time when everything around us seems to be bursting with energy and vitality. Starting on May 15 and ending on June 14, this month is a time to embrace all the joys and pleasures of summer and to recharge our batteries for the long, sunny days ahead.

Harh Month 2023

The month of Harh in the desi calendar is known for its scorching heat. It’s the fourth month of the calendar and spans across 31 days. However, the heat during this month is particularly intense, especially in the state of Punjab. Despite its heat, this month holds a great significance in the agricultural practices of the region. Rice cultivation begins during this month and it lasts from June 15 to July 15. For the people who are not farmers, this month might seem unbearable, but for the farmers, it’s the month that marks the beginning of their harvest season.

Sawan Month 2023

As we move into the month of Sawan, we can expect both heat and rain to accompany us on our summer journey. With the completion of rice cultivation also falling within the month of Sawan, this period serves as a crucial time for farmers and their crops. The combination of these elements, along with the month’s 31 day duration, make Sawan an important part of the Desi calendar. As we navigate the impact of climate change, it’s essential to understand the significance of the natural patterns and rhythms of our environment. Let’s embrace the season of Sawan, with all its ups and downs, as we honor the cycles and traditions that have defined our culture for generations.

Bhadon Month 2023

Bhadon is a month of stark contrasts. It may signal the end of summer, but the temperatures remain unforgivingly high, causing the weather to become harsh and unbearable. Yet, even with the scorching heat, the month is still highly celebrated and holds much significance for those who follow the Desi Punjabi calendar. Spanning 30 days from August 16 to September 14 in the English calendar, this month offers an opportunity to reflect on the passing of seasons and the promise of a new beginning. From the richness of its traditions and rituals to the changing of the landscape, Bhadon is a month that captures the essence of the vibrancy and complexity of life.

Assu Month 2023

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns cooler, Punjabi communities around the world prepare for the month of Assu. This seventh month of the Punjabi calendar is a time of transition from the long, hot summer days to the cooler, crisper mornings and evenings of autumn. With a mix of both hot and cold days, Assu is a month that embodies the changing seasons. It begins on September 14th and lasts for 30 days, with the final day falling on October 14th. As Punjabi families celebrate the harvest season and reflect on the passing of another year, Assu is a time to come together, share meals, and enjoy the bounty of the changing seasons.

Katak Month 2023

In the beautiful region of Punjab, the month of Katak is a special time of year. Not only does it signify the beginning of winter, but it is also a time of spiritual significance for those who celebrate it. Known as the eight month in the Punjabi Desi year, Katak is a time for reflection, introspection and appreciation for all that has come before and all that is yet to come. The crisp chill in the air signals the start of a new season, and people across the region come together to mark this special occasion. While the rest of the world is preoccupied with pumpkins and trick-or-treating, those in Punjab are focusing on something far more profound. From October 17 to November 14, the month of Katak is a time of great celebration and reverence for all that is good and true in this world.

Maghar Month 2023

Maghar month is a time of chilly weather and quiet reflection. As the ninth month of the Sikh calendar, it begins on December 14th and lasts for 30 days. The crisp air and cold temperatures create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for introspection and spiritual growth. Despite the colder weather, this month is filled with a sense of warmth and community as Sikhs come together to celebrate their faith and gather with loved ones. Whether spending time in solitude or enjoying the company of others, Maghar month is a special time for Sikhs to deepen their connection with themselves and their community.

Poh Month 2023

Poh month is a unique and special time in Punjabi culture. The freezing temperatures and scarce rains bring an eerie calmness to the region, blanketing it in dense layers of fog and hiding the sun for days on end. As the 10th month of the Punjabi calendar, Poh is a reminder of the changing seasons and the cyclical nature of time. It begins on December 14th and lasts for an entire month, ending on January 12th. While it may be a challenging time for those who live in Punjabi, there is also something peaceful and mesmerizing about this month. It offers a chance to reflect on the passing year and look forward to what the future may bring.

Magh Month 2023

Magh is more than just the eleventh month on the Desi Punjabi calendar. It’s a time when winter descends upon the region, bringing with it a chill that touches everything and everyone. From the 13th of January until the 11th of February, this month is defined by cold weather, snowfall, and long winter nights. Still, despite the cold, there is a certain beauty to Magh month. Huddled around fires and bundled up in warm clothing, families gather to share meals, exchange stories, and enjoy time together. As the frost covers the ground outside, love and warmth fill the homes of the Punjabi people during this special time of year.

Phagun Month 2023

The arrival of Phagun month marks the beginning of spring, a season that brings with it pleasant weather and a renewed vitality in nature. With 30 days, and occasionally 31, this is the last month in the Desi calendar. Spanning from February 12 through March 13, it is a time when fields start to turn green and the air is infused with the fragrance of blooming flowers. But Phagun isn’t just about the beauty of nature it’s also a time for celebrating love and happiness. During this month, people participate in vibrant festivities while savouring delightful sweets that keep them cool and refreshed. So let’s embrace the spirit of Phagun and enjoy the sweet joys of life.