Desi Ghee Price in Pakistan Today

Desi Ghee is not just any ordinary cooking oil. It is a Pakistani delicacy that has been used in Pakistani cuisine for centuries and has remained a prominent staple of the South Asian diet ever since its origin. Made from golden clarified butter, Desi Ghee (as it’s called in Pakistan) holds a special place in traditional dishes. While desi ghee offers numerous benefits for health, its price often acts as a major impediment for many people to purchase it regularly. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive insight into Desi Ghee Prices in Pakistan so that you can make informed decisions when buying. Read on to learn more about the current ghee prices across all major cities in Pakistan.

Desi Ghee Price in Pakistan Today

The price of desi ghee in Pakistan varies depending on the particular brand and retailer. In general, prices have increased over the years as resources and production methods become more sophisticated. However, due to a higher demand from consumers, there has also been an influx of products available in the market at reduced prices. Many choose to purchase desi ghee for its traditional flavour, but also for its health benefits as it is considered to be one of the highest sources of natural fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants. Whether you prefer premium or more budget friendly brands, there is a wide selection available in the Pakistani market today. so don’t forget to check out your local grocers stores.

Desi Ghee in Pakistan Per KG Prices

S.NoCity NamePrice(Min-Max)
21 KG Desi Ghee in Lahore TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
31 KG Desi Ghee in Punjab TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
41 KG Desi Ghee in Islamabad TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
51 KG Desi Ghee in Rawalpindi TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
61 KG Desi Ghee in Gujranwala TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
71 KG Desi Ghee in Gujrat TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
81 KG Desi Ghee in Multan TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
91 KG Desi Ghee in Abbottabad TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
101 KG Desi Ghee in Mansehra TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
111 KG Desi Ghee in Haripur TodayRs. 1500 – 3000
121 KG Desi Ghee in Taxilla TodayRs. 1500 – 3000

Desi Ghee Brands in Pakistan With Prices

S.NoBrand NameWeightPrice
1Adam’s Desi Ghee500 gmRs. 750
2Pak Desi Ghee500 gmRs. 666
3Daali Desi Ghee450 gmRs. 520
4Adams Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1450
5Pak Standup Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,305
6Haleeb Asli Desi Ghee Tin1 KGRs. 1,355
7Olpers Desi Ghee Tarka1 KGRs. 1,496
8Amaltaas Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 2,000
9Comelle Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1600
10Pak Pure Pure Desi Ghee Tin1 KGRs. 1450
11Waris Pure & Organic Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,750
12Ubqari Khalis Desi ghee1 KGRs. 1,620
13Kausar Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,700
14HANJRA Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 2,400
15Organic Pro Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,950
16Royal Cow Desi ghee1 KGRs. 1,600
17Amaltaas Pure Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1800
18Anhaar Pure Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1300
19Kisan Desi Ghee1 KG‎Rs 1,599
20Good Milk Khaalis Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1450
21Punjab Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1300
22Farm Land Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1500
23Nurpur Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1400
24Khadam’s Pure Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,460
25Pansari Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1,488
26Rai Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 2,400
27Ajmal Desi Ghee1 KGRs. 1300
28Adams Desi Ghee2.5 KGRs. 3450
29Pak Desi Ghee2.5 KGRs. 3,176
30Pak Desi Ghee Tin5 KGRs. 6,250