Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi

Today, let’s discuss the current rates of chicken in Rawalpindi, a subject that directly affects many households in the city. Chicken is a primary source of protein for many families, and the fluctuating rates can significantly impact their monthly budgets.

The current rate of live weight chicken in Rawalpindi is between PKR 600 and PKR 1000 per kilogram. The dressed chicken price lies between PKR 550 and PKR 1000 per kilogram. But do note, these prices can vary slightly depending on the area and the seller.

Furthermore, the rates are influenced by many factors, including the cost of poultry feed, which has increased substantially in recent months. This hike has led to a direct impact on the chicken rates, and ultimately the consumers have to bear the brunt.

The government’s role is crucial in stabilizing these prices. However, due to the lack of a proper mechanism to control chicken rates, the prices continue to fluctuate wildly.

There’s also an observed trend the prices tend to rise during festive seasons or holidays when the demand surges. If you wish to save on your budget, it might be a good idea to plan your purchases accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Current Rate of Live Weight Chicken: PKR 500 – PKR 1000/kg
  • Current Rate of Dressed Chicken: PKR 600 – PKR 1000/kg
  • Prices influenced by Poultry feed cost and demand supply dynamics
  • Prices rise during festive seasons due to increased demand

Chicken Price Today in Rawalpindi

Chicken Price TodayMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Chicken Rate RawalpindiPKR 650PKR 1000

Chicken Rate Today in Rawalpindi

Whole Chicken1 KgRs.600 – 1000
Live Chicken1 KgRs.500 – 1500
Skinless Chicken1 KgRs.650 – 1000
Boneless Chicken1 KgRs.700 – 1000
Chicken Liver1 KgRs.400 – 800
Country Chicken1 KgRs.1000 – 1500

Rawalpindi Poultry Rates List Today

S.NOPoultry ItemWeightPrice
1Chicken Breast Boneless1 KGRs. 550 – 1000
2Desi Chicken Meat1 KGRs. 1000 – 2000
3Chicken Neck1 KGRs. 100 – 500
4Chicken Leg With Skin1 KGRs. 350 – 700
5Chicken Mince1 KGRs. 700 – 1000
6Chicken Without Skin1 KGRs. 550 – 1000
7Chicken Drumsticks1 KGRs. 600 – 1000
8Chicken Leg1 KGRs. 500 – 1000
9Chicken Wings 1 KGRs. 400 – 800


In conclusion, the chicken rates in Rawalpindi are a product of various factors, including the cost of poultry feed, demand supply dynamics, and the effectiveness of government policies. The volatility of these rates necessitates an understanding of the poultry market and its influencing factors. By keeping abreast of these factors and market trends, consumers can make informed purchasing decisions and manage their household budgets more efficiently. As we move forward, it’s crucial for both industry players and government authorities to establish mechanisms for fair and stable pricing, ensuring accessibility and affordability of this protein source for all families in Rawalpindi.