CBC Test Price in Pakistan (All Lab Rates)

If you’re trying to get an accurate glimpse of your health, the CBC test is invaluable. Not only does it provide essential information on how well your organs are functioning, but it’s also a window into some serious potential illnesses that may be coming down the line. The recent efforts to make CBC Test affordable in Pakistan has brought much needed relief for citizens who lack financial resources or insurance coverage to pay for costly medical diagnostic tests. However, knowing which lab and getting accurate rates can be tricky due to different charging models followed by labs and physicians alike. In this article we will bring you up-to-date information on the current CBC Test price in Pakistan (all Labs Rates) so that you know just how much you’ll need to budget when having this important unpaid procedure done.

CBC Test Price in Pakistan All Lab Rates

Getting a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test is crucial in determining an individual’s overall health condition. However, the cost of this test varies from clinic to clinic, which can be quite expensive and can cause concerns for those who cannot afford it. In Pakistan, the CBC test price can differ significantly depending on the laboratory’s location and type. Some clinics may offer lower prices for CBC tests, while others may charge premium rates. Nonetheless, it is essential to take care of your health, and knowing all lab rates for the CBC test can help you make an informed decision on where to get tested.

CBC Test Price List in Pakistan

Laboratory NamePrice
Genetix LabRs. 550 – 1000
Ibn e Sina LabRs. 600 – 1000
Innova Labs and DiagnosticsRs. 600 – 1000
Dr. Essa LabRs. 650 – 1000
Salman Chughtai LabRs. 700 – 1500
Alnoor Diagnostic CentreRs. 750 – 1500
Chughtai LabRs. 800 – 1500
Excel LabsRs. 800 – 1500
Health Diagnostic LaboratoryRs. 500 – 1000
City Health LaboratoryRs. 600 – 1000
Burhani Diagnostic CentreRs. 610 – 1000
Prolab Diagnostic CentreRs. 750 – 1500
Biocare Labs in IslamabadRs. 800 – 1500
Al khidmat LabRs. 313 – 1000
Agha Khan LabRs. 600 – 1000
Dow LabRs. 550 – 1000