Butter Price in Pakistan

When it comes to cooking, the one ingredient that tops most peoples’ lists is butter. From baking and frying to roasting, there are few parts of a meal making process in Pakistan where butter play the strong role. But how do Pakistani choose when it comes time to buy the butter? What kinds of brands are available on the market and, more importantly, what prices do all of these different options come with attached? For those seeking an answer to these questions (and perhaps for curious eaters around the world) we’ve compiled all you need know about butter brands & prices in Pakistan.

Butter Brands & Prices in Pakistan

Butter is one of the most popular ingredients used in kitchens all over the world, and with such popularity comes a wide variety of different brands. In Pakistan, some popular butter brands include Nurpur, Lurpak, and Fresh Street Australian Butter. Nurpur offers organic and non organic options, while Millac Butter sells both salted and unsalted butter varieties. Prices vary depending on the type you buy the organic options are usually a bit pricier than those that do not have organic ingredients. Additionally, Nurpur’s packaging also allows users to purchase larger quantities at lower prices compared to regular sticks of butter. As a result, Pakistan has plenty of different options when it comes to butter brands and prices.

50Gm to 1KG Butter Price in Pakistan 2023

S.NoBrand Name50GM100GM200 GM400 GM1 KG
1Adams Butter SaltedRs.113Rs.215Rs.374
2Nurpur ButterRs.118Rs.230Rs.375Rs.750
3NURPUR Butter UnsaltedRs.118Rs.230Rs.384 – 420Rs.750
4Nurpur White ButterRs.118Rs.230Rs.375Rs.750Rs.1,637
5Maska Butter SpreadRs.156Rs.277Rs.499 – 515
6Dairy Life Butter SaltedRs.179
7Nestle Milkpak ButterRs.214Rs.357
8Nestle Milkpak Dairy Butter SaltedRs.214Rs.380
9Haleeb Premium ButterRs.311
10PREMA Pure Butter PlainRs.417
11Lurpak Unsalted ButterRs.525Rs.980Rs.1,970
12Lurpak Salted ButterRs.525Rs.980Rs.1,970
13New Town Dairy Butter UnsaltedRs.280
14New Town Butter SaltedRs.280
15Millac Butter SaltedRs.180Rs.335Rs.1,200
16Millac Butter UnsaltedRs.180Rs.335Rs.1,200
17Fresh Street Australian Butter UnsaltedRs.425Rs.800 – 1,030Rs.1,450
18Fresh Street Australian Butter SaltedRs.425Rs.800 – 1,030Rs.1,450
19Emborg Butter UnsaltedRs.1,417

Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of 1 kg butter?

1 KG Butter Price Is Estimated at 1000 to 2000 but some brands like Lurpak 1 KG Butter Prices are higher than normal.

What is the price of Desi Makhan?

Desi Makhan’s Price is normally 100gm starting at Rs.100 but if you want to buy brand desi butter so their prices are higher than local.