Bridge Power Battery Price in Pakistan

Are you looking for a reliable motorcycle battery that won’t need frequent maintenance or replacements? Then the Bridge Power brand of DryCharged, Tubular, Lead Acid (TLA) Batteries is the perfect choice for you. Not only are they an affordable option with their price in Pakistan being incredibly reasonable, but their quality and value make them one of the best buys on the market. Suitable for motorcycles as well as cars and motorsports vehicles, these Bridge Power batteries offer long lasting performance and reliability to get you from point A to B without worry. Read further to find out more about them.

Bridge Power Battery Price in Pakistan

When it comes to finding the perfect battery for your vehicle, affordability and quality are two key factors that most drivers consider. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating the busiest streets of Pakistan, having a reliable and long lasting battery is crucial. The Bridge Power battery is a popular choice among many drivers due to its exceptional performance and durability. With different models and sizes available, drivers can choose the perfect fit for their vehicle. But what about the Bridge Power battery price in Pakistan? With a range of prices depending on the model and size, drivers can find an Bridge Power battery that meets both their budget and performance needs.

Bridge Power Motorcycle Batteries

Select Right Battery for You

1Bridge Power 12v B.P-2.5 BatteryRs.15003PLC0.7AHMotorcycle 70cc / 100cc / 125cc

Bridge Power Light Batteries Price in Pakistan

S.NOBattery NamePlates Per CellLayoutAHPrice
1NS40ZL RB 40GEN5PLR20Rs. 5,113 – 20,000
2NS40ZL RB Solar 505PLR20Rs. 5,113 – 20,000
3NS40ZL RB 487PLR/L26Rs. 6,388 – 20,000
4NS40ZL RB 509PLR/L36Rs. 7,985 – 25,000
5NS40ZL CNG 60L11PLL40Rs. 9,068 – 30,000
6NS40ZL CNG 65L11PLL42Rs. 9,770 – 30,000
7N40 RB 7513PLL48Rs. 10,530 – 35,000
8N40 RB 859PLR50Rs. 10,413 – 35,000
9N50 RB 8811PLR65Rs. 11,700 – 35,000
10N50 RB 9013PLR/L70Rs. 13,338 – 35,000

Bridge Power Medium Batteries Price in Pakistan

S.NOBattery NamePlates Per CellLayoutAHPrice
1N70 RB Solar 1009PLR65Rs. 11,466 – 35,000
2N70 RB 10011PLR72Rs. 12,753 – 35,000
3N70 RB 11013PLR80Rs. 14,274 – 35,000
4N70 RB 12015PLR/L85Rs. 15,912 – 35,000
5N70 RB Solar 13013PLR75Rs. 16,907 – 40,000
66×15 RB 13015PLR100Rs. 18,311 – 40,000
76×15 RB 13517PLR105Rs. 19,247 – 40,000
86×15 RB Solar 14515PLR100Rs. 19,539 – 40,000
9N100 RB 14517PLR110Rs. 20,709 – 40,000
10N100 RB 15519PLR120Rs. 21,587 – 70,000

Bridge Power Heavy Batteries Price in Pakistan

S.NOBattery NamePlates Per CellLayoutAHPrice
1N120 RB 17019PLR120Rs. 23,985 – 70,000
2N120 RB 18021PLR140Rs. 25,916 – 80,000
3N120 RB 19023PLR145Rs. 26,852 – 80,000
4N120 RB 20021PLR150Rs. 27,788 – 80,000
5N150 RB 22023PLR160Rs. 30,362 – 80,000
6N150 RB 24025PLR175Rs. 33,462 – 80,000
7N150 RB 25027PLR180Rs. 34,749 – 90,000
8N200 RB 26531PLR200Rs. 40,921 – 150,000
9N200 RB 27533PLR220Rs. 43,875 – 150,000

L.T.V Batteries

NS40ZLRB-R305PLR26AHC.N.G Rickshaw
RB-357PLR32AHCar / Pickup (600cc to 800cc)
RB-489PLL38AHCar Mehran / Cuore / Kia Classic / CNG Converted Vehicles (800cc to 1000cc)
RB-489PLR40AHAll Type of 800cc to 1300cc
RB-5511PLL45AHToyota / Nissan / Daihatsu / Mazda / Mitsubishi (1200cc to 1800cc)
RB-6011PLR48AHDatson 120Y / Mazda / Lancer / Toyota / Civic (1000cc to 1800cc)
N50RB-759PLR50AHToyota Mark II / Toyota Crown / Toyota Cressida / Mercedes Benz / Willys Jeeps / Hyundai / MF375 Tractors (2000cc to 6000cc)

H.T.V Batteries

N70RB-9011PLR72Toyota Hi-Ace / Marcedes Benz / Bus JCR 250zz / Massey Ferguson Tractor / MF-210 Crusier / Toyota Hi-Lux / Nissan Diesel Pickup / Ford 1910 Tractor (2000cc to 6000cc)
N100RB-13517PLL117Isuzu Truck / Hino Truck ZH-100 / Fiat Tractor 640 / Issuzu JCR 460R (3000cc to 6000cc)

Industrial Batteries

N120RB-17021PLC130Hino Truck / Hino Bus / Hino Bowzer / Ford Dumper / Isuzu Diesel Bus (3000cc to 6000cc)
N150RB-20023PLC165Bedford Truck / Mazda Coaster T-3000 / Issuzu TD-72 / Generator Sets / Road Roller / Belarus Tractor
N200RB-24031PLC200Generator Sets / Road Roller / Buildozer

Bridge Power Battery Contact Detail

Bridge Power BatteryContact Details
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Mobile Number(022) 3870455
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