Bahawalpur To Karachi Train Ticket Price

Travelling from Bahawalpur to Karachi by train is a journey that promises both comfort and beautiful landscapes. The train services offered are not only reliable, but also provide various options fitting various budgets and needs.

There are several train services that operate between Bahawalpur and Karachi. The most popular among these are the Pakistan Express and the Allama Iqbal Express. Depending on your chosen train service and category of seat, the ticket prices can vary.

The Pakistan Express typically takes around 18 hours to travel the nearly 800 kilometers between Bahawalpur and Karachi. The Allama Iqbal Express, on the other hand, is a slightly faster service, cutting down travel time to approximately 14 hours.

When it comes to ticket prices, the Pakistan Express offers Economy seats starting from PKR 2,300, AC Business seats starting from PKR 6,450, and AC Sleeper seats starting from PKR 8,350. The Allama Iqbal Express ticket prices begin from PKR 2,200 for Economy seats, PKR 6,450 for AC Business seats, and go up to PKR 8,650 for AC Sleeper seats.

In addition to ticket price, it’s important to consider the train’s schedule. The trains operate on a weekly basis, with the Pakistan Express departing from Bahawalpur at 6:30 AM every day, and the Allama Iqbal Express departing at 4:00 PM on weekdays.

Here are the key features to remember about the Bahawalpur to Karachi train service:

  • Multiple train services with varying price ranges.
  • Travel time between 14 to 18 hours depending on the selected train.
  • Weekly service with daily departures for most trains.
  • Varied seating options for different comfort levels and budgets.

Bahawalpur To Karachi All Trains Fare Ticke Price List

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Awam ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-N/ARs.4200/-N/A
Allama Iqbal ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-N/AN/AN/A
Green LineRs.3500/-Rs.3600/-Rs.7950/-Rs.6400/-N/A
Karachi ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-Rs.6450/-Rs.4750/-Rs.8650/-
Karakoram ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-Rs.6450/-Rs.4750/-Rs.8650/-
Hazara ExpressRs.2300/-Rs.2200/-N/ARs.4200/-N/A
Khyber MailRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.8350/-
Millat ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-N/A
Pakistan ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-N/A
Pak Business ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-Rs.6450/-Rs.4750/-Rs.8650/-
Rehman Baba ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-N/A
Shah Hussain ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-Rs.6450/-Rs.4750/-Rs.8650/-
Shalimar ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-Rs.8350/-
Sir Syed ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-Rs.6450/-Rs.4750/-Rs.8650/-
Bahauddin Zakria ExpressRs.2200/-Rs.2300/-Rs.6100/-Rs.4200/-N/A
Fareed ExpressRs.2850/-Rs.2950/-N/ARs.4750/-N/A

Bahawalpur To Karachi Trains Timing/Schedule

Allama Iqbal Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi19:45:0010:00:0014:15:00

Hazara Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi09:05:0000:55:00-08:10:00

Karachi Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi00:35:0013:50:0013:15:00

Millat Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi21:00:0011:45:0014:45:00

Bahauddin Zakria Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi18:05:0009:45:0015:40:00

Shalimar Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi13:17:0002:45:0013:28:00

Khyber Mail

Bahawalpur To Karachi15:40:0006:25:0014:45:00

Pak Business Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi21:55:0011:20:0013:25:00

Karakoram Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi21:15:0010:25:0013:10:00

Pakistan Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi18:50:0008:50:0014:00:00

Rehman Baba Express

Bahawalpur To Karachi02:25:0016:35:0014:10:00

Green Line

Bahawalpur To Karachi02:03:0015:05:0013:02:00


Bahawalpur To Karachi20:40:0011:05:0014:25:00

Amenities on Trains

Onboard the Pakistan Express and the Allama Iqbal Express, passengers are treated to a variety of amenities designed to enhance the travel experience. Comfortable seating, clean washrooms, and charging outlets are some of the standard features. For passengers opting for AC Business and AC Sleeper seats, the trains also offer bedding facilities and personal reading lights.

Ticket Booking Process

Booking a ticket from Bahawalpur to Karachi is a straightforward process. Passengers can book their tickets online through the official Pakistan Railways website. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased from the railway station’s booking office. It is recommended to book in advance, especially if you plan to travel in AC Business or AC Sleeper categories, as these tickets sell out fast.

Dining Options

Both Pakistan Express and Allama Iqbal Express have dining cars offering a range of meal options. From traditional Pakistani cuisine to continental dishes, passengers can enjoy a variety of food options. Tea, coffee, and snacks are also available throughout the journey.

Baggage Policy

The trains have a generous baggage policy, allowing passengers to travel with enough luggage for a long stay. However, it’s important to note that each passenger is responsible for their own luggage. For safety reasons, certain items are prohibited on board.


In conclusion, traveling from Bahawalpur to Karachi by train is not only cost effective but also a comfortable and scenic experience. The Pakistan Express and Allama Iqbal Express offer commendable services, ensuring a smooth journey. The trains’ amenities, dining options, and generous baggage policy all contribute to a positive travel experience. It’s essential to book your tickets in advance, particularly for AC Business and AC Sleeper categories, to avoid any last minute inconveniences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average travel time from Bahawalpur to Karachi by train?

The average travel time varies between 14 to 18 hours, depending on the train service you choose. The Allama Iqbal Express is faster, making the journey in approximately 14 hours, while the Pakistan Express takes around 18 hours.

2. How far in advance should I book my ticket?

It is advisable to book your ticket as early as possible, especially if you plan to travel in AC Business or AC Sleeper categories, as these tickets tend to sell out quickly.

3. What amenities do the trains offer?

Both the Pakistan Express and the Allama Iqbal Express offer comfortable seating, clean washrooms, and charging outlets. Passengers in the AC Business and AC Sleeper categories also have access to bedding facilities and personal reading lights.

4. Are there any dining options on the train?

Yes, both trains have dining cars that offer a range of meal options. You can enjoy traditional Pakistani cuisine, continental dishes, as well as tea, coffee, and snacks throughout the journey.