Apple Vision Pro Price in Pakistan 2024 | Launch Date & Specification

Apple The tech giant is set to launch their much awaited Apple Vision Pro, the latest in their range of revolutionary products. With its release expected in early 2024, the Apple Vision Pro promises to be a huge step up from previous Apple products. Featuring a long list of powerful features and specs, this device is sure to take your visuals and audio experience to another level. From its impressive display quality to its crystal clear sound system, the Apple Vision Pro looks like a product that no one should miss out on. Find out more about the upcoming Apple Vision Pro’s price, launch date and specifications right here.

The incredible Apple Vision Pro will come with an eye catching $3499 (approx. PKR 998,864) price tag that will make it one of the most expensive devices in Apple’s history. It is set to launch in early 2024 and will feature a whole host of high end specs and features. The device comes with an impressive 4K Display for stunning visuals, coupled with advanced AI processing capabilities. It also features a powerful stereo sound system with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound for an immersive audio experience. Furthermore, the device comes packed with many other incredible features which make it one of the most promising devices to come out in the near future. Check out all its specs and features below.

Apple Vision Pro Specs

Product TypeMixed reality headset
DeveloperApple Inc.
Release DateTBA (Early 2024)
Operating SystemvisionOS
System-on-a-ChipApple M2
Apple R1
Display TypeMicro-OLED
Display Quality4K with HDR
Number of PixelsApprox. 23 million

Apple Vision Pro Features:

  • Ultra high resolution display (23 million pixels)
  • Custom Apple silicon in a dual chip design

User Interface:
  • 3D user interface controlled by intuitive and natural inputs (eyes, hands, voice commands)
  • Browse apps through Vision OS by looking at them
  • Supports Bluetooth accessories (magic keyboard, magic trackpad) for Mac connectivity
  • Downward facing camera captures resting hand position
  • Glass front and Aluminum frame with sensors, cameras, and 4K displays for each eye

Fit and Comfort:
  • Fits a variety of face shapes and head sizes

Battery Life:
  • External battery lasts up to 2 hours
  • Can be connected to an external power source for all day usage
  • Includes new chip called R1

Apple Vision Pro Price in Pakistan:
  • $3499 (Approx. PKR 998,864)

Launch Date:
  • Early 2024

Apple Vision Pro Full Detailed Official Video

Is the Apple Vision Pro an AR or VR headset?

No, the Apple Vision Pro is not an AR or VR headset. It’s a mixed reality headset that incorporates elements of both artificial reality and virtual reality for a unique experience. With its advanced technology, it gives users the ability to explore digital content in a physical environment with augmented and virtual objects merging seamlessly together. This makes the Apple Vision Pro truly stand out from traditional AR and VR headsets. It offers users the ability to interact with both physical and virtual objects in a 3D environment like never before. The Apple Vision Pro is definitely a next generation device that will revolutionize the way we use technology.

What is a spatial computer?

A spatial computer is a revolutionary device that combines digital media and the real world in an interactive way. By utilizing physical inputs such as gestures, voice commands, facial recognition, and more, users interact with and control the system to create unique experiences. With this technology, users can map their environment or experience virtual reality within a 3D space.