Al Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

Al Ghazi Tractors, a name synonymous with exceptional quality, superior performance, and unparalleled reliability. The pride of Pakistani agriculture, setting the gold standard for farming efficiency. Strap in as we delve into the extraordinary world of Al Ghazi tractors, where innovation meets affordability.

For decades, Al Ghazi Tractors have been at the forefront of Pakistan’s agricultural revolution. Their extensive range of models, each designed to address unique farming needs, has garnered an unshakable trust among the farming communities nationwide. From the robust design, powerful engines, to the unmatched after sales services, Al Ghazi stands tall in the realm of agricultural tractors.

Their prices, you ask? They are designed with affordability in mind. Al Ghazi Tractors offer an unbeatable blend of reasonable pricing without compromising on quality. The price range varies based on the tractor model and its features. From the compact, yet powerful models for small scale farmers to the high horsepower beasts for large scale farming, there’s an Al Ghazi for every budget.

But wait, there’s more. Al Ghazi Tractors are not just about performance and affordability. They are about delivering a seamless farming experience. Their tractors are designed to be fuel efficient, easy to maintain, and durable. A one time investment for a lifetime of hassle free farming.

Let’s put the spotlight on key features that make Al Ghazi Tractors the go to choice for farmers:

  • Robust and sturdy design engineered for long lasting durability
  • High performance engines for tackling the toughest farming tasks
  • Fuel efficient models designed for optimal performance
  • Exceptional aftersales service and available spare parts
  • Wide range of models to fit diverse farming needs and budgets

Al Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan

1New Holland Fiat 480s Tractor Price55HPPKR 2,194,000
2New Holland 480 Power Plus Tractor Price55HPPKR 2,278,000
3Al Ghazi Tractor Price65HPPKR 2,550,000
4New Holland 640 Tractor Price75HPPKR 3,325,000
5NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Price85HPPKR 3,430,000
6New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price85HPPKR 4,575,000

New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor Specifications

The New Holland Fiat 480 tractor boasts some impressive specifications that make it a wonderful choice for many farmers. This sturdy machine runs on a 4 cylinder diesel engine with a 2.9 liter displacement. With a power output of 48 horsepower at 2250 RPM and 168 Nm torque at 1400 RPM, this tractor is ready to tackle any job. It has a dry type air cleaner and an independent, 540 RPM PTO type. Additionally, the New Holland Fiat 480 tractor has a synchromesh transmission, eight forward, and two reverse gears. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 kg and 16 liters/minute pump flow rate, this mechanical differential lock is sure to get the job done. The special features don’t stop there, with a turning radius of 3.4 meters and oil immersed disc brakes, you’ll be in control of your work every step of the way. The New Holland Fiat 480 tractor is a great investment for any farmer looking to boost productivity and take on even the toughest challenges.

Al Ghazi Tractor 65 HP Specifications

When it comes to tractors, the Al Ghazi Tractor 65 HP stands out with impressive features that make it a desirable choice for farmers and industrial use alike. The SG Iron rear axle tubes and the addition of a spacer between gearbox and axle case ensure longevity and durability. The strong rear hydraulic links easily handle heavy loads and guarantee excellent performance. The thermo starter (Heat plug), halogen tube headlights, front and rear indicators, and general company tyres complete the package, providing safety and convenience. All in all, the Al Ghazi Tractor 65 HP is an exceptional investment that guarantees optimal value for money.

New Holland 640 (75HP) Tractor Specifications

Introducing the New Holland 640 Tractor a reliable and powerful addition to any farming operation. This 75HP tractor is equipped with a New Holland 8045.06 engine, featuring a 4 stroke direct injection diesel engine with four cylinders and a piston displacement of 3613 cc. The engine boasts a compression ratio of 17:01 and can deliver a maximum torque of 24.9 kgm at 1400 rpm. The tractor’s cooling system includes a five row, brass tube, and copper fin radiator with forced feed lubrication. With a power steering system, the New Holland 640 Tractor is a breeze to maneuver and control. Plus, with capacities of 54 liters for fuel, 11.5 liters for engine oil, and 18 liters for hydraulic transmission, this tractor is ready to tackle whatever job comes its way.

NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Specifications

The New Holland Dabung 85 HP Tractor is an impressive piece of machinery. Its 4 stroke, direct injection diesel engine, the New Holland 8045.05, provides maximum power at 85 HP. The engine boasts exceptional performance with its 4 cylinder design, 104 x 115 mm bore and stroke, and 3,908 cc piston displacement. Additionally, its 17:1 compression ratio and maximum torque of 29.7 kgm at 1,600 RPM make it a powerhouse. The dual plate, dry type clutch with separate controls allows for smoother gear changes and improved operator comfort. The tractor’s operating weight is a sturdy 2,865 kg, which gives it superb stability and durability. On top of that, the 7.50-16 front tires and 18.4/15-30 rear tires provide excellent traction on any terrain.

New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Specifications

The New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor is a powerful machine with an 85 HP engine and an operating weight of 2600 KG. This diesel tractor is equipped with a dual clutch type, 8 gear transmission, and a suspension and hydraulic driver’s seat for a smooth and comfortable ride. The tractor also features a hydrostatic power steering and oil immersed, multi disc brake type for a safer and more precise driving experience. With a mechanical axle engagement and parallel drive front axle type, this tractor is capable of handling tough terrain. Additionally, the tractor has a hydraulic lift capacity of 2200 Kg and a parking brake operated by a hand lever. All in all, the New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor is an impressive machine that can make farming tasks easier, faster and more efficient.

A Journey of Excellence: The Al Ghazi Tractors Story

The Al Ghazi Tractor’s journey is one of relentless pursuit of excellence. Established under the umbrella of Al Futtaim Group, the company has consistently upheld its reputation for delivering top quality tractors. Al Ghazi’s success is rooted in its unwavering focus on quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. With every tractor, they are not just selling a machine; they are building a promise a promise of unwavering performance and unparalleled service.

In A Nutshell: Why Al Ghazi Tractors Stand Out

In conclusion, Al Ghazi Tractors are more than just agricultural machinery. They are symbols of quality, performance, and trust that have been serving Pakistan’s farming community for decades. The company’s commitment to delivering high quality tractors at affordable prices, paired with exceptional after sales service, sets Al Ghazi Tractors apart. With Al Ghazi Tractors, farmers are not just buying a tractor; they’re making an investment an investment in reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.