AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS batteries are a perfect solution for any vehicle. Offering superior quality and unbeatable performance compared to other batteries on the market, AGS have made their mark as one of the best in this field. But what matters most is knowing the price of these powerful batteries in Pakistan. In this blog post we will take a look at everything related to AGS battery prices and how they compare to other competitors. We’ll discuss all relevant information such as available models, costs per unit, and even general tips on purchasing them all according to Pakistani market trends. So keep reading.

AGS Batteries in Pakistan with Prices

AGS Batteries are among the highest quality and longest lasting batteries available in Pakistan. With a focus on robust designs, superior performance, and unbeatable prices, AGS is setting a new standard for top tier batteries. Whether you need car or motorcycle batteries, deep cycle batteries for leisure vehicles, industrial level capacity batteries, or military grade reliability batteries AGS has got it all. They have an expansive variety of products designed to suit every customer’s requirements at prices. Whether you’re looking for a short term solution or a long term synergy, AGS has sure to have a battery that will fit your needs.

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

S.NOProduct Name & ModelPLATES PER CELLPrice
1AGS Battery WS 455Rs. 8,363
2AGS Battery CGR 407Rs. 9,338
3AGS Battery WS 507Rs. 10,062
4AGS Battery HB 46 L9Rs. 11,467
5AGS Battery HB 46 R9Rs. 11,467
6AGS Battery WS 559Rs. 12,127
7AGS Battery WS 659Rs. 12,965
8AGS Battery GL 5011Rs. 13,126
9AGS Battery HB 5011Rs. 13,484
10AGS Battery MF 50 L11Rs. 13,556
11AGS Battery CNG 6011Rs. 14,400
12AGS Battery WS 7011Rs. 15,302
13AGS Battery GR 6513Rs. 15,533
14AGS Battery GL 6513Rs. 15,533
15AGS Battery HB 6513Rs. 15,703
16AGS Battery HB 65 (Thin Pole)13Rs. 15,703
17AGS Battery MF 65 L13Rs. 15,786
18AGS Battery WS 909Rs. 15,821
19AGS Battery WS 8013Rs. 16,387
20AGS Battery GL 8513Rs. 19,522
21AGS Battery WS 11013Rs. 21,556
22AGS Battery GL 10015Rs. 23,208
23AGS Battery GR 10015Rs. 23,208
24AGS Battery WS 11515Rs. 23,455
25AGS Battery 6FT 12015Rs. 26,665
26AGS Battery WS 13515Rs. 27,007
27AGS Battery N 12517Rs. 27,904
28AGS Battery WS 15017Rs. 28,270
29AGS Battery WS 16017Rs. 31,090
30AGS Battery GX 13519Rs. 31,291
31AGS Battery WS 16519Rs. 31,727
32AGS Battery WS 18019Rs. 33,072
33AGS Battery WS 19521Rs. 36,412
34AGS Battery GX 16521Rs. 36,581
35AGS Battery WS 22023Rs. 38,288
36AGS Battery GX 17523Rs. 38,458
37AGS Battery WS 23023Rs. 44,259
38AGS Battery GL 19023Rs. 44,393
39AGS Battery WS 26027Rs. 50,253
40AGS Battery GX 200F27Rs. 50,317
41AGS Battery WS 27033Rs. 64,000
42AGS Battery GX 260F33Rs. 64,241

AGS Battery WS 45 Specification

12V 20AH(20HR)

AGS Battery CGR 40 Specification

12V 24AH(20HR)

AGS Battery WS 50 Specification

12V 24AH(20HR)

AGS Battery HB 46 L Specification

12V 30AH(20HR)

AGS Battery HB 46 R Specification

12V 30AH (20HR)

AGS Battery WS 55 Specification

12V 30AH(20HR)

AGS Battery WS 65 Specification

12V 35AH(20HR)

AGS Battery GL 50 Specification

12V 38AH(20HR)

AGS Battery HB 50 Specification

12V 38AH (20HR)